Sunday, January 14, 2007

Today at this date 15 th of January 2007 begins a new day for me. For the Tamil which I am not, it is beginning of their new year. So this Pongal I made the resolution to begin writing on my blog. I like to talk about my roots of what I know and can be verified. I will not gloss over my ancestor as most Malays are prone to do. In fact many Asians hold the belief not to blemish the dead thus lot of the stories of our famlies have been sanitized to the extend they remain an object of ideas of the writers a fictional account of a real person.
So let's begin the tale, on my Maternal side of the Family we trace our roots back to Sulawesi. We are of Bugis stock, and as the readers are aware Bugis are seafarers, pirates and mercenary for hire. The Sultanate of Johore and Selangor have Bugis blood in them which is not a suprise as all Monarchs be it the West or the East were basically pirates.
In the 60's when i was still a young urn my late Uncle was courting the Selangor Sultan niece and it upset the royal family and when they made a search on our family tree they found out that our ancestors were responsilbe to elope with the Sultan's daughter to another state. Bedebah sungguh toknenek aku ye!, Ha! Ha! Ha!.......because the truth was he kidnap her and fornicate her(big words because it is the Sultan's daughter!)
Arrangements were made that during the engagement ceremony the couple would be 'berarak' aroud the royal Capital Klang as a welcoming ceremony. My uncle chicken out, he prefer to elope than to be subjected to these shenanigans! A pity it would be nice to be related somewhat to the new groovy Sultan although only in name, well what luck. I have to end this blog now because i got a meeting presently and i hate being late so cherio!!!!


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