Friday, September 05, 2008

This is a comment I posted on Che Det. This is my believe of what is happening now.

By wan zaharizan on September 4, 2008 4:22 PM

Salam Tun

I know sometimes we get frustrated but even under your administration you muzzle the media. But when you came to the office you held so much promises, your ideas was revolutionary but you also a man who does not brooch dissent. Papers under the control of your people muzzle any journalist of repute. The thing is what set you apart is that you are a leader while Pak lah is being led. You decide while he seek advice. You stand by your decision he wavers. He is too democratic a leader which serve no purporse. He is not resolute enough to lead but you choose him for his amiable ways. You decide through him you can influence. You were wrong for Pak Lah his family is paramount thus he made the mistake by listening to his son and his 'menantu'. Apa nak buat, whom could have guess Khairy could be his son in law, it was his bane. Sadly he is not you. You have a cotories of intelectuals with you, and you read a lot, he surround himself with lackeys who in the end would damage his reputation to no what. He sleeps through much of any taklimat given to him you ask too much question. His resignation would not solve the problem of UMNO it would ease but would not solve. The trouble is UMNO has lost her shine. Partly because of you UMNO has attracted not technocrat and brilliant malays to join it but Warlords of yore. In the youth eyes they are disillusioned by what they saw. To them UMNO is corrupted and vile. For that you are responsible. UMNO must have a paradigm shift, both in outlook and style. It must hanker to the old days where the members goes down and not fighting for position. If UMNO dont change bringing down Pak Lah would not solve the problem.

By wan zaharizan on September 7, 2008 2:24 PM

Salam Tun

Your blogs have too much commentators, I doubt very much you read them , and if you do have the time, you would choose and select. The trouble with UMNO is not that they play racial politics and I concur with Prof Khoo Kay Kim that racial politics in Malaysia will always be the norm here in Malaysia as long as identification by race in all forms are not erase. In Indonesia people are indonesian first. In their official form to be fill we are ask whether we are indonesians or others here in Malaysia the blanks are more. We are ask to tick whether we are Chinese Indian Malay or others not Malaysians or others. Vernacular school is supported and continue to strive, so before anyone call me others as racist look inward first. I am a racist but not a chauvinist. I am all for Malay rights as long as it did not infringe on other races rights. Racist is to me is a person who loves he or her race more and for that I am guilty. It is blasphemous of me to say I am not Malay but it equally wrong for me to take away people's wealth because I am a Malay. It is not wrong for me to fight for my race as long fighting does not cloud my emotions. I am against prejudices but i cannot help being one at times but my religion help me to guide me. It is my baramoter. What Datuk Ahmad did is not wrong because he is stating a fact and it was taken out of context. But he should also say he is also ada darah pendatang. Apa tidaknya darah India mengalir di tubuhnya. He is a Jawi Peranakan. What is wrong also was not to say he was sorry but he was not conciliatory.
Conciliatory is one of the budaya of the Malays which I am fond of. But being Jawi Peranakan dia tidak tahu adat. He could have said" I am sorry if my words have hurt other Malaysians but believe me it was said during a discourse of history and was base on facts. For that I can't apologize." Now by saying that it would have appease others and still keep his maruah. Sayangnye Pak Lah can't even keep this warlord in check. Yes, he is one of the famous malay warlords in UMNO whom I despise for being corrputed and uncooth. Orang Penang kenal sama Ahmad Ismail. But the thing was under you, this warlord were keep in check, one of the famous one is the late Datuk Attar Aziz the Batu Road UMNO division chief. If this warlord was necessary in UMNO then keeping them in check is important for UMNO president. Pak lah fail. Remember the late Datuk Zack, who built a palatial palace on a tol land? Pak Lah fail then too. So enough said to me the President has shown his weaknesses for all to see. And if the downfall happen it is because of him.


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