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I am appalled that it seems I am ban to give my comment in Malaysian Insider. I must have ruffled certain feathers so be it. I receive news yeaterday on the4 death of Natrah or Maria Hertogh. She was responsible for the Riots in Singapore in 1950's. Her story parallels Mohan and the rest, it just that in Natrah case it concern a Muslim. I hope the Muslim would look at the hikmah of the incidence and ask themselves the wrong they did to non muslim and perhaps maybe thier heart can be soften. Two prominent people of Natrah was the late Professor Tan Sri Ahmad Ibrahimand Lee Kuan Yew. In Lee Kuan Yew case he defended the rioters while Ahmad Ismail defended Natrah.

Ahmad Ismail life would take a detour later. He has a falling out with Lee although he was the first Attorney General of Singapore. He later became naturalised Malaysian. Here's a snippet on how Lee's Singapore works
NOW to draw aside the curtain, to show you the true picture. Some history is needed to show how the legal system was systematically undermined by the prime minister after the People’s Action Party (PAP), came into power in June 1959. The senior crown counsel, Ahmad Ibrahim, was promoted over the solicitor general, A.V. Winslow, to the top office of attorney general. Ahmad Ibrahim was a Muslim, and his presence was useful to the prime minister, whose political objectives included merger with Malaya. A.V. Winslow, on the other hand, was a Ceylon Tamil, the first Singaporean in the colonial legal service to reach its topmost rung. The prime minister, however, saw him as too closely tied to the old colonial administration, and therefore politically unreliable. Several years later, Winslow was elevated to the high court bench but, significantly, was never assigned to try sensitive cases.

Meanwhile, Ahmad Ibrahim -- who had become a political liability but whose tenure of office was protected under the constitution -- was sent overseas as ambassador to the United Arab Republic. This lateral promotion is reminiscent of the practice of Chinese emperors getting rid of awkward officials by sending them out to govern the far-flung provinces.

Another significant move was the designation of Justice Wee Chong Jin -- a relatively recent recruit from the bar -- as chief justice over the more experienced acting incumbent. Like Winslow, he was also identified with the old order. Wee's political acuity and industry had recommended themselves to the prime minister, who once again ignored the claims of seniority and experience to further his political agenda.

Now back to Natrah, I am sad at least she is at peace and I pray that God has mercy on her soul. Here is the piece of news and my comment which now will not be heard!

1950 child custody figure Bertha Hertogh dies

KUALA LUMPUR, July 9 – Bertha Hertogh or Nadra, who made world headlines in 1950 when she became the centre of a legal conflict between her Dutch parents and a her adoptive Muslim mother, died at her residence in Huijbergen, The Netherlands yesterday.

She was 72. Hertogh or fondly known as Nadra when she lived in Singapore and Indonesia, died of leukaemia, according to a statement from Malaysia’s ambassador to The Netherlands, Dr Fauziah Mohd Taib that was e-mailed to Bernama here, today.

After the judge assigned her to her Dutch parents, riots broke out between Muslims and Christians in Singapore, which resulted in 18 deaths and 200 hundred others injured.

Dr Fauziah said for many people, Nadra, who was born in Bandung, Indonesia, remained an icon in the battle against British imperialism and an example of what religious differences could lead to.

She later returned to The Netherlands, but her heart always remained in Malaysia and Indonesia, Fauziah added.

In 1999, Nadra returned to this region for the first time since the riots to film a documentary for a Dutch television station.

“According to Hertogh, her childhood had been the only period in her life that she was really happy. Bertha Hertogh is remembered as a loving and caring woman who continuously dedicated her life to others. Her own happiness always came in second,” said Dr Fauziah.

At the moment, a motion picture titled Nadra is in pre-production stage in Singapore, Malaysia and The Netherlands.

The film captures the perspective of Nadra and the events that led to the riots and how she became a victim of religious and colonial conflicts.

The film is directed by Ben Sombogaart and is expected to be released in the fall of 2010. – Bernama

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written by norizan, July 09, 2009
My heart cried for her. She used to live here in my home town with her adopted mum who loved her dearly. She even went to the school in Chukai Kemaman when they spotted her performing on stage. It was unfair to her to end in such a way that robbed off her happiness and joy, all because of the pride of one man, a westerner that felt insulted having a white girl living with a peasant Malay. May God be with her..amin!

Wan zaharizan comment
Norizan what happen to Natrah was sad but now this is what we are doing to others like Mohan Singh, Indrani etc. These are also sad. If we talk about fairness isn't it's time for the muslim to be fair to others! Two wrong doesn't make a right and we are still making wrong decision all the time. I wish the Malay Muslim would take a leaf of what happen to Natrah where a bad decision was made and stop making one too!


Blogger Yusf said...

She was married to a malay guy, before she was taken to Holland. But for me, a muslim must love God more than his or herself, otherwise he or she a muslim only in name. Many malays are muslims in name only

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