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Someone else me about Zodiac. Whether it is forbidden or not. It depends. I am a Libra, my animal sign is Tiger. I read Astrology as a habit, i read it with a pinch of salt. Below is the awnser I gave to my friend.

Dear Friend

Yes, Taiping is my hometown. my family has his roots there. In fact my Mom, My Dad, My Brother, My Grandma and her mother and sisters is buried there. My Grand dad(they parted ways) and my Uncle both are buried in bukit kiara except my Aunt she is buried in Sungai Way.My Step Grand Ma who is also my Aunt is staying in PJ. She is still alive.

I am back to Puchong since yesterday and now I can answer you about Zodiac. Yes, can you read it, by all means do, have fun trying to find out what could happen but don't believe in it. Many Ulamaks would say haram for me it is makruh, best be avoided because it can lead to syirik thus haram. Do I read my stars? Yes I do, everyday and in fact I subscribe to an astrological site to give me the predictions. But I read everything and I read it with a pinch of salt, all the time. I feed on the positive and ignore the negative.

Remember this, all humans love predictions, they love if they can foretell the future but nobody can. At best they make a guess and sometimes very accurate. Do you know one of the feuds among Mukatizilah, Sunni, Syiah and Khawarij is the idea of fate. Muktazillah belief that we are free to decide our own fate the others don't. They belief it has been written before so our actions has always been fated. Sunni make slight differences by saying our fate might have been determine but through prayers and good deed we might be able to avoid what will happen and delay the inevitable but yet if it is fated it will happen. It is very convoluted, it make no sense thus Iman Ghazali nearly went mad in frustration until he look into sufism. Don't ask me what I believe, enough said that since nobody knows what is each one fate thus we should not try to debate this philosophical question which baffles many even now!

As for the future it is best we leave it up to God. I remember a story retold to me by my Ustaz about the olden days, Where Satan and his disciples could travel up the sky to read of Man's future at Loh Mahfuz. Now they can't, and everytime there is thunder and lightning, it means God and the Angels are spearing the Satan disciples with lightning rods, wallahualam!!! We now know better how lightning develop but we listen to this old man's tale and take a leaf to understand the mentality of Men then.We are ask to belief of our prophet ascend to the sky to meet God and receive his commandments. He rode Borak. There he also saw the future as what he saw, A glimpse of it. Read the story and you understand that predictions that was foretold to Muhammad. Yet in a famous hadiths narrated by Aishah which i always remember, The Prophet prays until his feet was swollen. So Aishah ask, Ya Amirulmukminin, why do you pray so hard? Were you not promise heaven and are you not ma'asum? He replied, he prays so that God would forgive him if he has fail in his duties as a man as a leader as a prophet. Basically he prays because he does not know the future and the future is God's domain. He will decide when and what happen to us not the hand not Zodiac not the animal sign but he alone.

You know my Aunt sort of, wife of the late Governor of Malacca, Raja Toh Puan Teh Zaitun is a very good palm reader.She studied palmistry. She always say, depending whether you are left handed or right, one palm reflect what you are born with, while the other palm reflect your potential. Whether you fulfill your potential or not depends. In my hand there is a fish and a flag. One denote wealth,which i am not in terms of monetary but friends yes,flag means you are famous, I am not although I can be very well known if chances have prevail. I got an overseas hand, that means my "rezeki" comes from there. It can be many things for example I should have been educated abroad as my intelligence line run across it. I did not. I am highly intelligent and I have a trident. Thus I would have reach the pinnacle of success in my career. I didn't. My Aunt basically was angry with me for not fulfilling my potential, I laugh, because God decide on the path, path I have chosen, not the hand. But if I have the push perhaps I would be able to fulfill my life potential but that is another story.

I hope this help. And if you google Nadi Leaves you will be more amaze. For in India it is said thousands of years ago, Hindu sages have written all that can be written on Nadi Leaves. So you and your life is written there, and you will be surprise of the prediction they foretold. But it is a prediction. You have in you to avoid it and to change it because the future is in God's hand,he decide your future,man proposes and he disposes. So read the Zodiac like I do and the animal sign and the tarot but read it with a pinch of salt and you never go stray. I do and always will.




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a believer thinks his sins to others humans are so big but other sins done onto him are so small, a hypocrite thinks his sins to others are so small and sins of others done onto him are so big.

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suara perempuan adalah aurat, kata rasulullah

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