Saturday, March 06, 2010

I am a floater! There I say it! I could float in any pool of water be it at sea or in a swimming pool! I could float for hours and my family could attest to that! My friends from school too know of it! I could float since I was young! It was a natural thing! I did not learn it from Java or any pesentren, or be-quested to me by a Tok guru! In fact maybe I got it from a Nagoor in Transfer Road, Penang! The Mamak with the wearing a dhoti, everything white came to me in a dream! Hmmm a mamak who knows how to swim! His Makam is still present or maybe i got it from Datuk Koya! Maybe the food of Penang gave me the ability or maybe I got it from Terenggannu! We did stay in Batu Buruk where Main Pantai was once held! I could only remember someone stool floating when i went to swim in the 70's! Maybe because of that I could float!

I do not know why? But i know this the body is a funny tool! I read in a entertainment news weekly report about a lady in South Africa who has the same ability way back in the 70's and I found it does happen frequently. It is a natural thing! It seem these people have a higher buoyancy than normal thus are able to do it! It is nothing to do by being fat but more on the buoyancy level that you posses. I am fat but I was able to do it since young! Although I have always been heavy but definitely not as heavy as i am now! When my parents were staying in Melaka we have access to use the pool nearby. I use to swim and test my ability. I was fascinated by the news of the lady that she could stand in a horizontal position without getting drown and so I did and I can do it! Although to be fair the woman has melons and since I have melons too now maybe it can be better!

I could read books easily and able to cross my legs and also wrap my hand under my neck without drowning! Well If TV3 or Bernama or RTM wish to record my ability I'm happy to oblige, perhaps we could have a reality TV to know who is the best floater! I only request Yusanani Yushak to interview me which is quite fair I think!

From the Star

Sunday March 7, 2010

Surfing’s a snap for senior citizen Dion

ALOR GAJAH: The next time you log into social networking site Facebook, check out 66-year-old Dion Bakar who “floats” out his life story from the sea.

The senior citizen, whose real name is Abu Bakar Mohamad, has the ability to go online while keeping himself afloat at sea – sometimes for hours.

In a demonstration at 11am yesterday, the Malacca-born stayed afloat in the water while doing three things – surfing Facebook, speaking on the phone and reading a newspaper. He was in the water for almost an hour.

Multi-tasker: Dion demonstrating how he can multi-task while staying afloat in the water. He is seen here surfing the Internet. He can also read and make phone calls when in the water for hours. – Bernama

Reporters had met him earlier at the Pengkalan Balak beach in Masjid Tanah near here.

The former pilot said he received his education from a pondok school in Demak, Central Java, Indonesia when he was 10 years old. It was there that he learnt how to float.

Dion, who said he was working with a member of the Pahang royalty, claimed that he had successfully stayed afloat in waters near Pulau Jawa for three days.

The multi-lingual Dion also has several films under his belt, having acted in a Hollywood film titled Beyond Rangoon and local films such as Bisikan Cinta and Driving School, as well as gracing the cover of Her World magazine in 1977. — Bernama



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Maybe because of your bones are less dense and your muscles are minimum.

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