Thursday, June 24, 2010

My comment in American Bedu again

One of the most common questions I receive via emails from a foreign woman who has fallen in love with a Saudi is whether or not she should convert to Islam. She says she wants to please him. Or he has told her that it will be easier to acquire the governmental marriage approval or his family may accept her easier…if only she will convert.

Many of us, whether male or female, muslim or non-muslim would likely do a lot in the name and for love. However, changing a religion in the name of love is not a wise idea. Neither is changing a religion to (allegedly) facilitate a governmental approval or in the hopes of a family acceptance. Changing a religion for any reason other than believing and submitting to a specific religion is tantamount to coercion.

If ones heart is not in the true place of a religion, a spouse and family will know. In turn, the woman who changed her religion will lose much of her credibility.

Playing devil’s advocate, if a Saudi man asks a woman who has been true to another faith to change her religion for love of him, try asking him to convert instead. Listen carefully to the reasons he provides.

It is critical for a couple who follow different faiths to have an honest discussion on the topic and especially when one half of a couple is a Saudi man who would like to take a foreign wife with him back to Saudi Arabia. Islam is intertwined and a part of the Saudi man. It is difficult for someone who has not been exposed to Islam and not living in a Muslim country to see or understand the implications. Yes, a family may “accept” a foreign woman easier knowing she had converted to their religion, Islam. But how long will that acceptance really last?

My Comment

wan zaharizan, on June 20, 2010 at 10:51 am Said:

Many parts of the world to marry a muslim you have to convert. In the western countries where secular law are practice this is not the case. A friend of mine who adopt a European country citizen is a Muslim but his wife is not. Although he is back here in the country and apply as a second home thus not a citizen enjoys that privilege.

Our former Lord President the late honorable Suffian whose father was a kadi married a british wife whom never converted. She was also a jew. But that was during the early days!!! His wife who died before him was tragically converted under dubious situation by his brother against the explicit wish of Mrs Bunny Suffian where she has wanted to have her body cremated. The honorable Tun (the highest award that a civilian can achieve in Malaysia) Suffian was broken hearted and later died of cancer a few years after but alone surrounded only by the grand niece of our first Prime Minister. He was given an honorable burial by the Sultan of Perak who succeeded him as Lord President for a while in the Royal Crypt.

As you can see Muslims has become intolerable as time passes. The quid al Azeem the founder of Pakistan Jinnah love his brandy and bacon. He is an Ismailiyah!!! He married a Zoroastrian woman a Parsee who converted and bore him a child. She the daughter would later converted to her mother’s religion and married a parsee too!!

What is the point here! Marriage is personal. Living together and sharing one love’s need sacrifices!!!! Understand the meaning of Islam and being Muslim which really mean one who surrender to God thus many are Muslims not in beliefs but in deeds!!!! And many Muslims are Muslims in beliefs but never in deeds!

In the quran it is said the different between Man and Woman is their “deeds” to me. I leave it at that so think carefully please!!!


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