Monday, January 15, 2007

Let's continue where I left off. On my Paternal side of our family we came from the Kingdom of Patanni. That's where the Wan came from. My greatgrand father was somehow related to the royalty of Patanni. His family was instrumental to prepare the "Bunga Emas" an offering of Gold made into a flowering tree to the Kingdom of Siam every three years as an act of subsevient to them. I think he got enough of it so in the late 19th century (1800"s) he decided to move to Perak Malaya and reside in Kuala Kurau the Northern part of the State quite close to Penang. He became a big landowner has his own driver who later would become his son in law to drive around visiting his land. He only has two children the eldest was a girl and the youngest was my late grandfather. My Grandfather was spoilt rotten and he would quietly as I was told by his late Friend Pak Mat would push his father's car out of the garage in the middle of the night and travel north and have a very jolly time enjoying themselve in Penang.
Sayang!, and those of you who've seen the film anakku Sazali would have understand how dotting the Malay parents are to their sons. It didn't help if you only have two children and only one male as Asians are nuts about male heirs, don't know why something to do with carrying their name as though they be around forever but it is an Asian thing i suppose most of us are Male Chauvinist. So I do understand the current Prime Minister dillemma he has only two children and now his wife has past away he would not brood any insunuations or criticism on his children not even his in laws!
My Great Grandfather when he made his migration decided to throw his Wan heritage, to the people of Kuala Kurau he is known as Tuan Haji Awang. His Son he gave the name of Mohd Nor it means one who is full of light to be exalted,like that lah! Did he live up to his name well depends he was a ladies man for sure! But other than that nah! He is an irresponsible Man, why? Because he left his family while the Mother was still nursing a baby on the crib. All of you might read about him or come across his name in the history books. He is known as Wahi Anuar a name he coined which mean A man who brought message like lightning,macam tulah! to those who don't well let just say before the Late Rashid Maidin hold the post of the 10 Malay Regiment in MCP it was Wahi Anuar. He was the husband to Shamshiah Fakeh who fathered the children who were born in the jungle and said to be left to die(Not true)!
He was nearly hang was caught by the British in 1952 or 51 branded as a traitor by the Communist intered in Kamunting and later release by the government and work as a special secretary to the Agriculture Minister. He owe this debt of gratitude to Aziz Ishak whose brother was Yusof Ishak the President of Singapore. Aziz Ishak was famous also as the first vice president to be fired from UMNO!He work as a shadow writer to Tunku Tun Aziz Ishak Ghazali Jawi and last was Pak Khir. I end it here now so I hope you would continue to read. Sleep tight and good night


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