Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Last Saturday my Aunt pass away. She died of Bone Cancer. She is the daughter of my Grandmother youngest sister, Toh Puan Halimah whose husband is Orang Besar 16( One of those Perak Chiefs or Lords-only Perak has a house of lords in their state) pls go to here http://www.perak.gov.my/sultan/english/16.htm those who are interested in knowing the sanitized version pof perak history please go to http://www.perak.gov.my/sultan/english/content.html These are the official history. By the way tabal Jinn the instalation by the jinns of the Sultan is given as tabal pusaka. Toh Puan Halimah was never close to us. I regard myself as the hillbillies while they were the beverly hills, although they live in the same neighbourhood as ours we feel unrefine compare to her family. She was the sister who got herself in trouble, and the son Majid would die at the age of 2 of diptheria. She has 5 kids, Majid, Wan Na( I don't her real name) Aziz (who run a eco retreat famous with the foreigners suka suka retreat or resort just key in at yahoo or google to find out more http://www.sukasuka.biz/Photo/displayimage.php?album=topn&cat=0&pos=8 ) Halim a lecturer and the youngest Emma. Majid and now Wan Na is now gone. We were not close but I cant help being sad. She was after all family, and she has been suffering for more than 10 years. It was under remmision for sometime but 3 years back she met with an accident. She was a victim of a snatch thief which made her fall and suddenly the disease came back. She got amputated but still it spread. She left 4 kids Zahir Martin Amoi and Aci. The last two were girls and all are still schooling the youngest is 16. When they took her home on Wednesday she insist she wants to go back on Saturday and sure enough at 1 am Saturday Morning she past away. I do not know her well, I knew she was working as a set designer with the National TV network and knew that her mother wanted to pair her with my still single Uncle but oppose by my grandmother, which is no diservice to her because like her Mom she was beautiful. May Allah Bless Her Soul and May She find Peace which she deserve, Amen.


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