Monday, April 07, 2008

Hi long time no hear! So who is Geet Wilders? Do anyone knows him, I dont! Has anyone sen the film, I have! What do I think!, It is misleading but i am not angry because part of the problem is the Muslim themselve! What? Yes the muslim ummah themselve are part of the problem. When the Muslim clerics denounces The kafir using quranic verses, what they say is true, although the verses were taken out of context but when this was pointed out by Geet the Muslims are angry!! Below is the Movie see for yourself

So what's give with all these Muslim. Look we rant and curse them, we qoute the verses out of context many a times. We did that knowingly especially when the clerics try to substatiate their sermons with the quotes. None of us question it, none ittleigently, just recently a couple could not get married because the families were of different political parties. And until recently Muslim in malaysia, some of them refuse to pray together because the Iman was from the government and the 'fatwa' religious edict of the opposition islamic party leader the infamous fatwa Hadi Awang which condemn the UMNO members as infidels and until now he refuse to retrct the edict thus that make people like me who does not support him could be killed or put to death(luckilly we are not in Afghanistan). Why cant we admit our faults, why cant we have intelligent talks like below. Think if they said we are violent do we need to show that we are violent! Why cant we do the opposite?


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