Sunday, January 13, 2008

Man this is totally entertaining,this article with its wits is wonderful to read.

Doc Chua is indeed a 'strong and hard' man to keep down

Posted by Raja Petra
Sunday, 13 January 2008

Indeed, strong men do not disappear with a whimper, they can return with a bang. One cannot keep strong men down. Look at the Sun (Tuesday, Jan 8) this morning, page 5. The headline says it all - "Chua planning comeback!"
A political satire by Casey Sze Tho

Anyone who has viewed the DVD or read the 'blow-by-blow' blow job in the many political commentaries would agree that by any account, Doc Chua is a 'strong, hard man' to keep down. Throughout his entire performance – in bed and out of bed – he is without doubt a man of strong resolve. Strong and upright, he stood up when others stood down. While others ran away, he came out honestly frank and was vividly stark naked, even before the press conference. Even his partner, the florist ran away to hide, but not ole' Doc Chua. This wily old politician proudly and with much subtle defiance screamed at the Press: "I am the man in the DVD." Such forcefulness we saw in private is no pretence; this guy is the real Mc Coy. His mouth is bigger than her mouth. And he carries a big stick when he talks. When he wags you, you'll unbolt your mouth in absolute amazement.
His reputation 3 ½ years as our Health Minister is unconditionally confirmed; this 61 year old stud is certainly healthy in every sense of the word. Small wonder he was selected to head this portfolio. He has a head for such things.
In my local community, many old women were asking me where they can get more details of his sexual romp. And this is not an exaggeration: I cannot tell a lie. It might shock you to know that many toothless women between 65 -80 are busy sending SOS to their sons to see if they can get the revealing website address featuring Doc Chua so that they can bring their fathers out of hibernation.
Out of the blue this week, Doc Chua has brought hope to old, infirmed and the aged. In the squishy corridors all over the country, old folks are now whispering quietly, "there's life after 60". Doc Chua has brought renewed vigor and new found hope to the aged like no other health minister has done before him. Doc Chua has awakened sleeping giants all over. The man who until last week was only a health minister is today admired as a living incarnation of good health in every sense of the word. His name is reaching legendary proportions after his 45 minutes of fame. The fact he never once rested proved that there is hope for those over 60.
Indeed, strong men do not disappear with a whimper, they can return with a bang. One cannot keep strong men down. Look at the Sun (Tuesday, Jan 8) this morning, page 5. The headline says it all - "Chua planning comeback!"
Yes, old hardy Chua is not to be written off. He is making a quick comeback – in spectacular fashion too. The daily went on to elaborate that "Chua took a chance and is winning many sympathy 'votes'. This unexpected turn of events may have surprised even his distracters. For someone who commands a great deal of party support in Penang, Selangor and Perak, apart from his own power base Johor, it is not hard to figure out what Chua meant when he told the media just days ago that he would be invited to a walkabout around the country soon."
A comeback? For a guy who can come and come, I am not surprised. Were you?
So it seems our MCA strongman is not dead. Not only is he sexually alive, he walks still today a dangerman within MCA politics. He is in actual fact returning with a vengeance of such sheer magnitude, Ong Ka Ting better put on a helmet for himself and his brother.
I once used to think that if you are caught with your pants down in politics you are finished. Obviously, I was wrong. The truth is, if you are caught with your pants down, you must quickly announce it, admit it, tell the whole world about it. Then you are exonerated as quickly as you are caught. Then, like the Man of Steel, fight like hell back. And fighting back is what our local Johor man of steel is doing. He's bouncing back on a spanking new wave of popularity; he doesn't wear rubber to bounce back, he bounces back because he has no need for rubber.
Even more astounding is what a little bird has told me. The little bird has told me that the government is reconsidering a review of obsolete sex laws, so that these obsolete sex laws cannot be used against those who may have inadvertently broken them. Like Doc Chua inadvertently has.
You see under Section 377 of the Penal Code, carnal intercourse against the order of nature is an offence. Under this section, any person who has sexual relations with any other person involving the introduction of the sexual organ into the anus or mouth can be jailed up to 20 years. Additionally, the guilty party is also liable for whipping. However, much of the time, for an offence to take place, someone must make a police report. And this is the amazing part: Doc Chua has not made a police report. Since no one else has made one either, he cannot be charged for a sexual offence.
Never mind that the police has dusted the hotel down for fingerprints. Never mind Doc Chua has committed a sexual crime. This repulsive law only applies to Anwar; Doc Chua is a free man because no one has reported him and thus he cannot be charged.
And what possibly can he return as if he is successful in his political comeback?
My guess is, he should at least be the Senior Entertainment Minister. He was already a Health Minister, so he should get a promotion at the very least in another portfolio where he has already displayed great talent.
This could be an important new portfolio for Pak Lah to consider. After all, Doc Chua has proven he can work; he has proven he does not need to rest very much; he has proven he has lots of stamina under stress and he is without doubt a Minister of Steel. More importantly, he has demonstrated that he can be an entertaining distraction to sidetrack Malaysians from the other political core issues, such as widespread corruption, an unjust ISA, the indomitable Hindraf and the unrelenting Bersih organizations, and a failing judiciary. Not to mention a quickie erection…solly…election.
Going into erection… I mean election, Pah Lak needs only wave the picture of an outstanding minister who delivers and delivers. And you can be assured; thousands of amazed senior citizens will give him the sympathy vote.

My Question to all this is simple, to the Muslim malay Moralist like Subky Latif who condemn Dr Chua, well what about his leaders parties who married 2,3 and 4. Like P Ramlee movie Pak Belalang kahwin dua tiga atau empat is selalu(often) kadang kadang(seldom) jarang(rare) but happen, The crime Dr Chua made was to be caught in his hand in a cookie jar, he has no protection because the civil law on marriage and reform has been change in 1975. The court does not consider temple marriage thus making many who went on through temple marriage as mistreses. Let's face it the second and third wife of a Muslim generally are no more than that. If it was an affront and immoral for Dr Chua I beg to differ, both were consenting adults, they just screw their brains out and doesn't hurt anyone but gave both of them immerse pleasure I cant say much for the corrupt and inept officers and Ministers whose job is to line up their pockets with dollars which deprieve others of fairness that is too me much worse then fucking!!


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