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I am sorry for nearly a month I have not updated anything of value. i have wanted to comment on what I have updated but I was lazy this month. It's difficult to go back on the groove after a long lay off. Lot's has happen! Around the world we have a new President of the United States. Obama won and everywhere I hear that a black man has won and only in America can it happen. Most of them complain of Malaysia forgetting that this country of ours has elect more mix breed than US has ever did as our Prime Minister. If we say that Obama is Black because of his father was black than I dare say Our former PM Tun is Indian and a blackie because his father was Indian from India Master Mohammad Ali Kutty. And as far as I know most of Our Prime Minister has mix blood. Tunku's Mom is a Siamese while Tun Hussein Onn the third Prime Minister Grandma was Turkish(Caucasian) and even Paklah's Mother is half Chinese. Therefore as far as I am concern we have never discriminate races only they have to be Malay or masuk Melayu itu saja.

For me Obama is as white as another one even though his skin is black if he upholds white ideas about governing the world than he is a white American as far as I am concern. How he govern when he assumes office will be examine closely, that will prove if he thinks like a black man or a white one. I have to report a sad note that on the 14th of November on Friday Che' Gu Salleh bin Ahmad pass away suddenly. He was the son of Dr Ahmad and he pass away at 6.45 pm after complaining of chest pain watching the telly. Alfatihah and may Allah took him to his bosom. Below is a news article that I would like keep for posterity to show the stupidity of fatwa at times in Malaysia. For me to advice is better than to ban. Mengharamkan patut dilakukan as a last resort. It should be makruh not harm in this case but then I am not a mufti but I know I am the one who will answer to God.

Fatwa council bans yoga for Muslims

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 22 — The country's top Islamic body today ruled against Muslims practising yoga, saying it has elements of other religions that could corrupt Muslims.
The National Fatwa Council's non-binding edict said yoga involves not just physical exercise but also includes Hindu spiritual elements, chanting and worship.
"It is inappropriate. It can destroy the faith of a Muslim," council chairman Abdul Shukor Husin told reporters.
He noted that clerics in Egypt issued a similar edict in 2004 that called the practice of yoga "an aberration."
Though the council's decisions are not legally binding on Malaysia's Muslim population, many abide by the edicts out of deference, and the council does have the authority to ostracise an offending Muslim from society.
The fatwa reflects the growing strain of conservatism in Malaysia, which has always taken pride in its multiethnic population. About 25 per cent of Malaysians are ethnic Chinese and 8 per cent ethnic Indians, mostly Hindus.
Recently, the council issued an edict banning tomboys, ruling that girls who act like boys violate the tenets of Islam.
The fatwa council took up the yoga issue after an Islamic scholar last month expressed an opinion at a seminar that it was un-Islamic.
But yoga teacher Suleiha Merican, who has been practising yoga for 40 years, called yoga "a great health science" and said there is no religion involved.
"We don't do chanting and meditation. There is no conflict because yoga is not religion based," Suleiha, 56, told The Associated Press.
There are no figures for how many Muslims practise yoga, but many yoga classes have a sprinkling of Muslims attending.
Putri Rahim, a housewife, said she is no less a Muslim after practising yoga for 10 years.
"I am mad! Maybe they have it in mind that Islam is under threat. To come out with a fatwa is an insult to intelligent Muslims. It's an insult to my belief," Putri told The Associated Press.
In a recent blog posting, social activist Datin Marina Mahathir criticised the council for even considering a yoga ban, calling it "a classic case of reacting out of fear and ignorance." — AP
Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tomboys, Yoga...what next?
Coming soon:
Fatwa on yogaOct 29, 08 4:08pm,
The National Fatwa Council will be issuing a ruling soon relating to yoga exercise, which is deemed to be deviationist in nature for the Muslims.An announcement on the matter is expected to be made soon by the fatwa council's chairperson Prof Dr Abdul Shukor Husin.This was revealed by the deputy director-general of the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia (Jakim) Othman Mustapha, reported Bernama today.Yesterday, UKM lecturer Prof Zakaria Stapa advised Muslims who have taken up yoga - a widely popular exercise which has its roots to India and Hinduism - to stop practising it for fear that it could deviate them from their belief."Yoga originated from the Hindu community and it combines spiritual as well as their religious aspects. They believe it brings them closer to their god," he was reported as saying in Berita Harian today.Zakaria was reported to have said that more Muslims were resorting to yoga exercise to find a balance in their hectic lifestyle.He added that they should instead apply the Islamic teachings such as prayers to find peace and good health."If the Muslims want a healthy body, prayers are the right choice... why must we find alternate ways... a single mistake can deviate our teachings as yoga movements follow the style and tradition of Hinduism," he was reported as saying.Ban on tomboysThe perils of yoga to the Muslims is learnt to have been discussed at the recently held fatwa council meeting in Kota Baru, Kelantan.At the fatwa council meeting, the religious scholars have also decided to issue a fatwa against females from dressing or behaving like men and engaging in lesbian sex.Council chairperson Abdul Shukor had said that many young women admired the way men dress, behave and socialise, violating human nature and denying their feminity."It is unacceptable to see women who love the male lifestyle including dressing in the clothes men wear," Abdul Shukor was quoted as saying.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------I'm just waiting for the National Fatwa Council to come out with fatwas against corruption, violence against women, cheating etc. Instead they have these.Do they know anything about yoga or is this a classic case of reacting out of fear and ignorance? Yoga may have spiritual roots but most of us do it for the exercise, both for the mind and body. It helps you to focus and in fact helps you to focus when you do your prayers. The one thing it does not do is make you want to beat up anyone, call people nasty names or issue fatwas on things you don't understand.If prayers are the only thing you need to be healthy, why are there so many unhealthy Muslims? Is this an indication that they don't pray? If all you need do is pray, why do sports or eat healthily?If they have ever found any Muslim who has converted out solely because of yoga, they should produce evidence instead of speculating on the 'weakness' of our faith. If it is 'weak' at all, it is because people like the Fatwa Council have done nothing to make it strong, constantly weakening it through fear and ignorance.And what is this thing about 'dressing in clothes men wear'? If I wear a pantsuit (which incidentally covers very well), am I dressing like a man? If I cut my hair short because it is easier to upkeep, is that forbidden? Will we now have the Fatwa Council scan the fashion magazines and make rulings about which clothes are 'masculine' and which are 'feminine'? (And what is there to admire about 'the male lifestyle' when males are represented by the men on the Fatwa Council?)I know, I know...someone is going to tell me to shut up because apparently I don't know my religion. Well, that is a matter of opinion. The Islam that I believe in is just and fair, is compassionate, loving and peaceful.Someone tell me that's the wrong Islam.
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