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I have not been updating my blog as frequent as before. I was wrapped wit other thots and now is much freer. At long last I'm off to Myanmar next month. It has been long overdue. I am there to help my friend get some elephants. His project has been two years in the making and only now starting to gel. An Elephant Sanctuary will be built in Bukit Belachan Selangor. Hopefully when it is set up by the end of the year it would be successful and I am happy to be part of it.

Here is a piece of an article publish in an internet news portal which I have a chance to give my comments on. It is sad that many people are not aware of history and skewered it to their own liking. I am happy what I have said seem to be true and was clarified further on the national tube where speakers concern spoke about the same thing and attest to the truth of what I said.

A question of privilege? – Koon Yew Yin

JAN 2 — I refer to the presentation of a memorandum to protect Malay rights to the secretariat of the Penang Yang di-Pertua Negeri on Dec 29 by members of the Yayasan Aminul Ummah Malaysia. During the presentation, YAUM president Md Radzi Daud was reported to have said that no one should question Malay preferential rights and privileges which had been entrenched in the Constitution.

Obviously certain groups have not yet taken to heart the results of the recent elections in Penang and in many other parts of the country in which at least half of the country's electorate — including many Malays — rejected Umno's approach to the issue of NEP and other aspects of so-called Malay entitlement and preferential treatment.

Why we cannot become a developed nation?

Only a few weeks ago, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad openly said that Malaysia will not be able to become a developed nation by 2020. All Malaysians must not be afraid to question why we cannot achieve this. Is the Malay preferential treatment the biggest obstacle?

The basic characteristics of a developed nation are economic well being, social cohesion, cultural freedom and political democracy.

An ethnic approach to wealth accumulation and distribution in Malaysia has underpinned national policymaking and implementation for over 38 years since the introduction of the NEP in 1970. In no other country in the world is there to be found a similar preoccupation with ethnic preference as seen in the longevity and wide array of NEP policies.

Many experts and laymen are of the opinion that continuation of the NEP — which currently affects virtually all aspects of the economy and human resource development — represents Malaysia's biggest obstacle to competitiveness, social cohesion and meeting the goal of becoming a developed country.

But what are the true facts of NEP achievement or under-achievement?

Bumiputera achievement

Based on conventional accounting principles, the Malays have already achieved the 30 per cent target of Bumiputera equity ownership. Bumiputera presence in all the major modern sectors of the economy including banking, plantations, aerospace, defence, oil and gas, energy and utilities has not only grown tremendously but is also well entrenched. A strong Malay professional and business class had been built up during the past 30 years at an unprecedented speed — probably the fastest ever experienced by any marginalised community anywhere in the world — and this group no longer needs special crutches. Policy emphasis should now be placed on nurturing competitiveness and excellence for all groups in the country, especially the SMEs, to enable the country to meet global challenges.

Broad base of Malay professionals

In fact, after over 30 years of NEP implementation, many Malays have already graduated and are more than capable of standing on their own merit without the safety net. Where are the large numbers of successful Malays to be found, some sceptics of YAUM may ask? The easiest way to answer this is for the government to make available the statistics on Bumiputera employment in the higher occupational categories and in the professions. Such a table showing Bumiputera achievement was included in the Third Outline Perspective Plan document, 2001-2010. That table showed that Bumiputeras had already comprised 63.5 per cent of the population for the Professional and Technical Category of employment by the year 2000.

Malays should be satisfied with their achievement and be willing to dismantle the NEP

The truth of the matter is that the NEP has been successful and the Malays uplifted. If this vital information were made publicly available, there will be less talk about Malay under-achievement and less insecurity within the Malay community that they are losing out to the other races. In fact they should be justly proud that they are most probably the majority ethnic community in many highly paid and prestigious occupations.

That this information is not disseminated is due to the lack of transparency of the official statistics provided to the public. Malaysia is badly lagging behind many countries in ensuring that its statistical system is accessible and transparent .

Let us remember too that Umno, the main beneficiary of the NEP, does not lead but dominates. The party holds 22 of 31 Cabinet positions.

If the NEP is such an impediment to progress, why has it not been dismantled? The most obvious reason is that it is in the interests of the dominant elites that this policy be continued perpetually in its present form. The ruling party has enormous resources and tremendous capacity to co-opt or coerce dissenting elements that question the NEP into staying passive or compliant within the fold of the system.

Despite the official coercion backed by the notorious Sedition Act and ISA, many Malaysians have become increasingly restive, disenchanted and demoralised. Ethnic tensions are rising, deliberately stoked by those who want to keep their grip on power. To heal the division in the nation, the NEP, one of the main causes of widespread disaffection among Malaysians who voted in unprecedented numbers against the Barisan Nasional, has to be dismantled.

Current economic scenario

Various international and national socio-economic indicators show that Malaysia's economic future is getting more difficult and stormy. These indicators include recent global competitiveness, inward FDI performance, stock market capitalisation, government inefficiency, business inefficiency, government intervention in the economy and corruption level. Other subjective indicators such as the sense of material well-being and security, socio-political stability, civic freedoms, religious tolerance, etc also reveal a worrying situation.

The most important indicator is our GDP per capita. In 1970 when the NEP was first introduced, our GDP per capita was about the same as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. After 38 years, Singapore is 3 times, Taiwan is 2.5 times and South Korea is 2 times our GDP per capita. All Malaysians must have the right to question this poor performance of our nation and the policies such as the NEP that have been responsible for it.

All our political leaders must find out why and how these neighbouring countries can outperform us despite their lack of oil, gas and other natural resources.

The best way forward

All our political leaders, in both the ruling parties and the opposition, should play less politics and concentrate on improving our national economy. They must not be afraid to discuss sensitive issues, like the Malay preferential rights, to make radical changes. Only a new road map based on more equitable, enlightened and inclusive principles can bring out the best amongst all communities. Only a new social economic order based on national unity, equity, justice and growth — one in which marginalised and vulnerable Malays and non-Malays are provided equitable assistance, combined with a system of meritocracy that rewards the best, irrespective of race — can guarantee the future for Malaysia.

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Please continue the NEP
written by Siow Cha Boh, January 02, 2009
Very good article on NEP but how can you expect the Majority would willinglu let-go its "special & privileges" enjoyed for more than 30 years. I was informed that Malaysia is the only country in the world to have special plan for its majority. While the minorities have to fend for themselves. Bravo Malaysia.

TO be Fair...

written by lkchng, January 02, 2009
If the preferential treatment a right thing to go with in order to bring up the standards of malays in this country. one would just have to look at the negative aspects of it and ask yourselves this question, what has the current malay leadership done for their community? Nothing...I asked my malay freinds this quesiton. 100% would answered 0! To my Malay friends, get rid of corruption and always choose to vote for the correct principles..not only be blinded by party regulations of support..but you will not get anything at all by doing just that! There is where you get brainwashed, even when there is preferential treatment given to you. Your so called leaders are cheating you silly by asking for your support, and they are the ones who would be profitting from your support.

fly kite.

written by Wrong, January 02, 2009
In this world, everything can be question, otherwise there is something wrong with it. Personally, if someone say i cant question anything, it indicate that that 'someone' dont take me for what i am. That 'someone' may be telling you to go and die.


written by JaguhKampung, January 02, 2009
Good article but I believe it will be an uphill battle to convince the Malays to let go this policy. Why should they if they are enjoying it and it is the perfect strategy for UMNO to continue with its grip on power? (although the truth is only the minorities of the Malays are benefiting from it)

It will take something very drastic for UMNO and the Malays to realize the what they are doing to the country and consequently to change. Maybe something like what is happening to the US. But until that happens, why worry? Continue to enjoy this privilege until the time comes.

(the truth is, UMNO will continue to hold on to power for a long time to come as 1. Malays are the majority and thus controls the voting result 2. In every society there is always this pyramid of poors at the bottom and rich at the top, so the Malays will always be the majority of the poor in this country. these 2 factors will always ensure UMNO's continued hold in power and its propaganda that Malays are left behind seemed to be the truth)

Until then we would have to wait for a leader that truly loves the country and have the strength to go though the pains and willing to take risk of being rejected by his own Malay groups for the sake of the country.


written by K.Y. Khong, January 02, 2009
The NEP is a very good policy to uplift the economic and financial status of the Malay. Most if not all my non Malay friends agree with me. But for the last 50 years the policy has not benefitted Malays on the street but more the greasing of pockets of only a few elite groups or individuals who are associated with UMNO and its top echelon leaders.
But luckily we have today a lot of capable and bright Malays who have gain professional status base on their own merits. They should not owe any favour to UMNO for being successful as the Party being part of the coalition Government has a duty to provide support in whatever ways possible to enable them and other races to succeed in life . Remember !! we or our parents are paying taxes , either in the form of income tax, excise duties, road tax etc for such purpose. So it s not free and why the obligation to the Government and UMNO. It is our rights!


written by swipenter, January 02, 2009
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. This truth is discovered by Umnoputras a long time ago and to make sure they enjoy such a privilege forever, they played the race card through the policies of NEP and Malay special privileges and rights. Umnoputras are always putting this idea into the Malays they are economically behind others; that they must unite under Umno politically otherwise the nons are going to marginalise them in their own country (but it is ok to be Arabised); always pitting the ordinary malays against the nons. When challenged to produce fact and figures of the national economic cake controlled by the malays, somehow they would deflect the issue. It is a danger to the Umnoputras to reveal the true picture bcos the income disparity and wealth of the nation is so lopsided btwn the rich and the ordinary and this disparity is even worst within the malay community. We are becoming a nation of a small class of ultra rich and a huge class of underprivileged bcos of the abuse and misuse of the NEP by the political elites and well connected. There is absolutely no reason for the NEP to fail if it was carried out judiciously. I am not too sure that we would be so lucky from now onwards to have so much resources to carry out such social engineering feats when our oil is depleted in the near future.

If we are not allowed to evaluate the pros and cons, the success and failures of NEP we have little hope of a united country. This equilibrium and staus quo have already resulted in our people be divided along racial lines and between the well connected and ordinary folks of all inter and intra communities.

it's a pity

written by batuapi, January 02, 2009
it's a pity that the writer is a much2 better if he is a malay...anyway it's a quite good article....if not better.....

Correct me if Im wrong
written by wan zaharizan, January 02, 2009
It is sad when readers are not aware of what is NEP. It was formulated as a tool to achieve fairness in economic distribution. It was never about race. The two prong ideas of NEP was eradicating poverty regardless of race colour and creed and the restructuring of society so that economic activities is not identified by race as it was in 1969. The restructuring of society means all races are involve in all economic activities such as Banking Sector, Agriculture and Manufacturing. As an after thought to help the Malays to achieve economic parity it was said that 30% economic pie should be the threshold for the Malays whom in 1969 only enjoy less than 5% of the total wealth of the country. The Indians whose population was less than 10% were far better off at 1.5% but sadly somehow the Indians seem to lose that edge and now enjoys 1%. The failure of NEP is nor due to the idea but the weakness of the implementor. It was a noble idea and still is and I believe the NEP is still relevant but it must be implemented fairly and equitably. Transparency is the key. To say the Malays are ready is foolhardy because majority of them still need the crutch. Look at the development of their mind which will show you their inherent weaknesses. How they rationalise things need enhancement. They have a perpetuity to look at everything in black and white and ignore the Grey. To me it shows the need to continue the crutch because development must include the mind of the Malays too and it need to be enhance.Most Malays are emotional and your article is regarded to many as an affront. To me you are ignorant of the fact and it shows clearly in an article which to me a bit chauvinistic. But it shows clearly that the education system has fail because your deep seated anger was never understood and explain thoroughly to make you better understand what NEP was all about. Blame the Implementor but do not blame the act please.
I got 0 for my comment hmmm it seems the newsportal too has hidden agenda
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wan zaharizan - grow up
written by Asam Pedas, January 02, 2009
It is time you grow up. Look at the Malays in Singapore. Are there worst off ? No. Many of them are more successful than the Malays here. They walk with their heads held high. They are like the minorities in Malaysia. They work hard. They fight hard for themselves. They stand up to be counted. We respect Singapore Malays because they stand up to be counted.

NEP is equivalent to apartheid. This is the only country in the world that has race-based policy. No country in the world has this type of policy. Don't you think you are out-dated ?

What implementor are you talking about ? Is it right for a bumiputra to get 7% discount if the person bought a bungalow with a few millions ? Is it right for a rich bumiputra to get his children scholarship to study overseas ? These are policies. Not implementor ! Grow up.
And this guy got 8 unfair!
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Privelage? For UMNO, yes.
written by Seberang, January 03, 2009
Publish this article in the national newspaper and I am sure the writer's blood will be called. The UMNO led government wants us to remain separated by racist policy. The Chinese tycoons do not mind, because this will guarantee continous wealth with the Bumiputeras or rather the Malays will be on crutches and unable to stand on their own. Fact is many non malay businessman do not mind because this policy will stop the Malays from being a major competitor to them once the Malays are able to become independent and competitive.

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my awnser to asam pedas
written by wan zaharizan, January 03, 2009
This is not the place to talk about growing up since you are unaware to look at the history behind NEP. In 1963 (it was 1961)the then President Keneddy establish the affirmative policy for the blacks and our NEP was modeled to that idea. It was agreed by all races when it was formulated in 1969 after the riots. By Indians by Chinese leaders etc. not just the Malay leaders please take note. Even Professor Khoo Kay Kim has come out in support of NEP.
As for Singaporean Malays for once I like to add I am not a Singaporean and neither are you or maybe you are? but I like you to refer to speeches made by Lee Kuan Yew, Goh and even Lee Hsieh Loong(all were and is the former Prime Minister of Singapore) regarding the Malays and their state of affair in Singapore. Please read the book return by a prominent Malay lady who wrote a thesis about Malay in Singapore(Dr Lily Zubaidah Rahim :The Singapore Dilemma The Political and Marginality of the Malay Community). Find the book and dare to comment. As for the abuses readily acknowledge it but it does not say the NEP is bad.
As for race base policy it will be there as long as identification of race is allowed to flourish that is why the Razak Report in 1956 and prior to it report made by the British, advocate the abolishment vernacular school system but a progressive one education system as a step towards national building.
Ridicolous I receive a -1 for my comment! Aiyoyo!
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Message wan zaharian
written by Asam Pedas, January 03, 2009
You have not answered my question why a rich Malay buying a bungalow with a few millions is entitled to 7% discount. You also have not answered my question why a rich Malay is entitled to send his children overseas via a government scholarship.

Don't you think we need to help the poor Malays instead of the rich Malays ?

Am sorry to tell you that there is NO AFFIRMATIVE POLICY FOR THE BLACKS in America. Since when America has such policy ? Which website and history books that you read ? (how naive and stupid this guy is!)

Some Malaysia Malays left the country and work in UK and US, they are very successful. Do they need NEP ? Why are they successful ? Simple. They have to fight it out with everyone else. It is through competition that they stand to be counted.

As for your comments on Singapore Malays, I could see that you have no Malay friends or relatives there as well. Why don't you take a trip down to take a look at the Singapore Malays and see for yourself how successful they are ? They survive without tongkat. This is a race everyone will respect. Refer your quote on the book by Dr Lily Zubaidah, she is entitled to her opinion like everyone else. Facts do not lie.

If you would like to continue to live in a cocoon and need proctection, I wish you good luck because I do not think you will survive in any competitve world. The fallacy of a weak race will continue to make the race weak. I do not think Malays are weak.

If you love Malay more, you have to grow up.
This guy receive a 9! World must be turning mad!



written by Amirul HajiMOHAMAD, January 03, 2009
I refer to Koon Kew Yin's article line 16-18.
It saddens me that the learned writer have not heard about the two extremes vis-a-vis "similar preoccupation with ethnic preference" i.e. Affirmative Action in USA(POSITIVE) & Apartheid in South Africa(NEGATIVE).

Another issue that the writer fails to highlight is the fact that in USA, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and many other countries the original inhabitants have been marginalised by the "new immigrants" via wars, deceit, treachery and the likes.

Since many people are in favour of economic equality without actually defining the parameters of equality...I would like to propose the dismantling of the NEP/DEB in favour of a more empirical/statistical approach.

My views on this matter can be read at a friend's blog:-
i.e. November 6 2008, 8.22pm

However, if I may add to my earlier posting - in addition to the division of the economic pie along actual race/population percentages(based on recent census) the various races should then contribute 10% of their allocated economic share to the free market for "market dynamics-laissez faire & foreign/overseas investors purposes". This would ensure economic equality based on empirical/statistical purposes....."EQUALITY FOR EVERY RACE BASED ON POPULATION PERCENTAGES....AGREE?"
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A Reply to Assam Pedas
written by wan zaharizan, January 03, 2009
Dear Assam Pedas
I do not hide under pseudonym like the coward you are. If you need to be a sour grape like the Assam Pedas so be it, it is after all a choice you can choose freely. As for the bungalow and the education scholarship perhaps you do not understand English , I have agreed there is abuses and I regard this as a form of abuses so this need to be ratified. You do not jump ship just because you hate the captain you just change the captain. In this case Amirul Haji Mohammad idea lets go for equality for every race base on population percentage, thus let's go for 60% economic pie for the Malays and why stop at 30%? (Bumiputras are 60% of the population of Malaysia)
As for Affirmative Policy by the United State please go here and read it yourself
* 1961 - Executive Order No. 10925 [10], issued by President Kennedy

Established the concept of affirmative action by mandating that projects financed with federal funds "take affirmative action" to ensure that hiring and employment practices are free of racial bias.
I hope this clarify and as I said read and read, "ikraq " baca dan terus baca!
Goodness me I got only a 1!
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written by eher, January 03, 2009
Dear Asam Pedas,

Since you are opposing NEP, what is your expectation for the Malays without NEP?Are they will be like Singapore Malays? Is there any absolute faith in you that Malay will succeed in absence of priveleges for the Bumiputras ie Scholarship,civil service, education...?? And I wish you to explain how the Malaysia Malays left the country and work in UK ans US fight it out with everyone else without any favour from NEP? Does NEP provide competition for all races in Malaysia to succeed?

I need your noble ideas to help every Malaysian live in peace and harmony because thats the way how we growing up as adult.

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Dismantle NEP?
written by flying dragon, January 03, 2009
Oh no it cannot be dismantled because UMNO leaders will not be able to have direct tender any more under the CAT system. It will deprive them to get rich quick.
However, I doubt the Government of the day will give the statistice of malays who have improved in various fields up to 2008. Why? Reasons are plentyfulls even though we are in the electronic age.
Best of luck if we have one soon.

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written by Bigjoe, January 04, 2009
The reason to dismantle the NEP must be for the interest of the Malays themselves. The bottom line is NEP is a qualified success i.e., it has not been a failure. It is a blunt policy that is bound to create a disaster eventually if its not dismantled. The original architect of the policy knew this and even the top leaders know this. Protectionism and hegemony don't work, it never has and it never will. Protectionism and hegemony is not protection of private rights and disadvantage. Protectionism is a mutation of protection of disadvantaged that eventually just become excuse not to accept reality. Hegemony at the core is thinking of people who think they are superior to others. They both work only temporarily at best which is what we had and it was a very qualified success.

By the end of this year, we will realise that our economy is dependent on govt larggesse and oil prices and will be for a significant long time which is what we had before the NEP was implemented, coming back to square one fundamentally. By the next GE, we will talk how vision 2020 will miss by a mile and the NEP will miss the target (as intepreted by UMNO and not the fair way of course) even after its original promise to end was suppose to be 20 years ago.

The issue of UMNO moving goal post will grow louder and louder. The moving goal post is the biggest proof of dangers that lurks under the NEP. Its equiavlent to postphoning credit card debt or Ah Long debt sooner or later, it comes knocking at the door with disastrous consequences.

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Message for wan zaharizan and eher
written by Asam Pedas, January 04, 2009
My reply to wan zaharizan

I am not a coward. If I am a coward I do not stand up to reply you and take the issues head-on.

I am glad to read that you agree there are plenty of abuses of the NEP.

I am also glad that you quoted the so called Affirmative Action for the Minorites in America. This policy was to help the displaced Blacks and Hispanic who were the minorities. They are still the minorities today. It also covers gender inequality. This policy was introduced to alleviate the Blacks and Hispanics economically when they were made slaves and unjustified discrimination because they were Blacks or Hispanics. That is, education and government contracts should NOT be awarded based on race. Under this policy Blacks and Hispanics are required to be given EQUAL opportunity. However, some part of the policies have been outlawed since 1989. That is, Blacks and Hispanics are treated as equals.

This policy is TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM NEP. Malays are the majority race here. NEP gives all Malays and Bumiputra carte blanche the advantages without differentiating the person is economically or educationally displaced. NEP specifically discriminate against the minorities. Malays were not discriminated because they were/are Malays ! Malays were also not the slaves in this country, in fact under UMNO they are the TUAN. Why a TUAN must have affirmative action for the whole race ?

Imagine if you are a minority and see that your classmate who is a Malay with poorer SPM results automatically get a chance to go to university, and the poor minority has to slug it out via STPM. Back in 1980s, if a minority without at least 2 Bs and 2 Cs in STPM they would not get a chance to a local university.

My reply to eher

We need a policy to help the citizens (read citizens) based on needs. Whoever needs help in economics and education, we should render the help.

All displaced citizens (Malays included) should be helped. However, there should be carrots and sticks to the system. Once they are able to be on their own, it is time to let go.

In education, if the person needs a good education and he/she comes from a poor background, we should render the help up to the university level. After that, the person has to be set free. He/she needs to fight it out in the open world.

In agriculture, we need to stop the rent-seeking attitude. Poor farmers and smallholders if they farm themselves they should be helped. They should be exposed to the new techonolgies to make farming more advance such that they could earn a decent living. For the fishermen, it is time we get them to do fish farming a big way. The world needs fish as a staple of protein. There is a huge market here.

For those interested in business, we should introduce micro-credit scheme. There are two models of micro-credit such as introduced by Grameen Bank in Bangladesh and Thailand governement.

The taxi permits should be given back to individuals or cooperatives. They should be given incentives to buy new cars such that we bring new life to the taxi business.

All rent-seeking policies must be abolished. For examples, AP system. Contracts for bumi only. Taxi permits. Foreign labour licenses.

Similarly, once they have made it on their own, they have to let go to survive in the open world. There should be a timeframe set for any help rendered to anyone even based on needs.

We have to introduce meritocracy into the system in stages. Promotion in civil service, judiciary, police are to be based on merits. The university entry exams need to be standardised.

For those who are super smart, they should be helped irrespective of economic condition. They are assets of the country. We should nurture the brains for the country. They should be sent to the world best universities and they are required to come back to work for the government in key areas. A scheme must be designed to ensure that this group continues to do well in their career. We should learn this from Singapore.

There should be major overhaul to the civil service system. No more minum teh, main golf and unending meetings culture. The civil service must be run like private sectors.

Finally, we need a transparent and accountable government. All contracts must be tendered albeit some form of positive discrimination. The country needs to bring in the strategic thinking and economic sense in every major initiatives.

What do you think ?
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NEP was not about race
written by wan zaharizan, January 04, 2009
It seems the readers are still thinking that NEP was about race. It never was. It was about eradicating poverty regardless of your colour, creed or race. It was colour blind in its essence. It was about restructuring of society so that economic activities is not identified by race. Understand that concept please. 30% quota was the said target because Malays at that time who consists of 53% Population only share less than 5% of the economic pie. The target 30% was set to help the Malay so that when this is achieve the idea of affirmative action for the Malays can be abolish.
There were abuses no doubt but it doesn't mean NEP is bad. It is a good idea because it was suppose to help the poor regardless of race colour and creed. Last year Singapore Government banned the advert of racial requirements when advertising for jobs such as Chinese speaking only requirement etc. In Malaysia this is still not implemented thus able Malays are not able to find jobs in Penang in the private sector that befits their qualifications but nobody harp of the Mainly Chinese firm as racist but when the government gave them jobs or create jobs for them the government is deem as racist.
Protectionism and hegemony is needed, even Bush (US) still needs to protect their automobile and agriculture industries from competition. Too much of protectionism is bad but how much depends on the countries development status and it's effect on the economy.
Moving the goal post as mention by Big Joe is a political issue but the fact is helping the poor and protecting the malays is needed. Many countries such as Singapore Australia and even the US the original people achievements lack behind from the population at large. If you readers seek to be fair let's talk about the marginalized communities of the indigenous people which in Malaysia needs to be look into and where the government of the day has fail tremendously to upgrade them although they have some successes but overall many things need to be done still.

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Message for wan zaharizan
written by Asam Pedas, January 04, 2009
On one hand you said NEP is not race-based, on the other hand you said "...but the fact is helping the poor and protecting the Malays is needed."

You are contradicting yourself !

Chinese speaking is very much needed in the business world because that is the business world here. If you are a Malay and can speak Chinese, you will be employed. That is the economic value of mandarin.

The protectionism in US is by sectors, not based on RACE or bumiputra.

The original people (?) in Australia, US and Singapore are minorities. Malays and bumiputra are majority in Malaysia. Based on your theory, the minorities in Malaysia need protection and not the majority.

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written by swipenter, January 04, 2009
Dear Wan Zaharin,

You are right that NEP was formulated to be race blind but in practise it never was and this is really the saddest part of the NEP. No doubt the NEP has helped and uplifted the educational, economics and professional status of numerous malays but it can never help nor support all the malays all the time for the simple fact ( but ignored) that the country's resources are finite and have its limits to support such affirmative actions. Can you imagine a scenario that when the economy stops expanding or worse contracts but the population of the malays keeps growing. What will happen then? That is why race based policies must be replaced by a needs based policies. Tell me why the NEP cannot be reevaluated openly for its effectiveness or otherwise.

After 37 years are you still telling us that the beneciaries of the NEP are not able to fend for themselves, be competitive and be counted as equals. The educated, professional and financially independent malays should not be entitled to the benefits of NEP. They should compete as equals for jobs, fund their childrens' education, pay the same amount for houses etc. like anybody else but if this is not the case this where the NEP fails miserably. I am not saying that there are no malays who dont make use affirmative actions when they dont need them .

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written by kniht, January 04, 2009
I want to share few things here:-

1. I agree NEP isnt a blind race policy but privileges go to Malays the most. (I say Malays, not Bumiputra)
2. Dear Chinese, Indian and other minorities. Please be noted that there's no specific race under the bumiputera.
3. Bumiputera and Malays are totally DIFFERENT. We, Bumiputra (Sabah and Sarawak) don't receive the same privileges as those Malays in Peninsula. Only to a very limited privileges.
4. I would like to recall the saying of Datuk Donald Stephen of Sabah on 10th August 1961 at Singapore, "If we join Malaysia, the people who will come and take most of the top jobs will be from Malaya." And what he said come true. All the major position in Sabah and Sarawak are taken or seated by those Malay.
5. Tunku's agenda for the forming of Malaysia is only to stable the race proportion in that time. He was afraid of the losing of Ketuanan Melayu.
6. Please not regard us in Sabah and Sarawak under this NEP because we never have that privileges as those Malays. NEP is all about Malays.
7. The fact is, out of 100 percent of Sabah's product, 95percent goes to Federal which is Malay, 5percent goes to Sabah. Is 5 percent enough to develop a state which is equal to 4-5 states in Peninsula?
8. I admire Chinese people for their hardwork to develop the economy.
9. To Wan Zaharin and Malay reader the most, the current government is still here today because of the Borneo people. We promise to fight for our rights.
10. Malays are blinded because they are comforted. They'll continue to support government if they're spoon-fed. Government aware of this. That's why they deny NEP success.

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written by wan zaharizan, January 04, 2009
I am not contradicting myself, Malays which is 53% still holds up to now 21% of the economic pie and that is a fact. The failure to achieve the target shows the weaknesses of the Malay as a people. The distribution of wealth among them left much to be desired. Majority are still poor and that is a fact. So affirmative action policy would help Malays more generally because the poor among them are more but that doesn't mean they are no poor Indians and Chinese.
As for the indigenous people of Sabah and Sarawak and the orang Asli the failure of the government of the day is shameful and I agreed with kniht. But you should not blame NEP, you should blame the implementation of the Act which has been abuse. Anyway many forget that NEP is no more since 1990 what we have now is DEB which was introduce to replace NEP. Yet again this piece of legislation which is good will no doubt be abuse again by the leaders that be. As for our leaders they are much aware the need to overhaul the DEB to make it more transparent and implementation of it to be more fair than it is now.

As the economic value of Mandarin,it is overrated for me it should be superseded by English as English is the lingua franca of the business world and even Chinese from China are learning it. If you think because China is a big giant that has just been awaken then you forget India and Indonesia (sadly which is still sleeping) as the next economic miracle, then I presume you must speak Hindi and Bahasa Indonesia, if your argument holds water Assam Pedas. Again this shows your lack of understanding. The Affirmative Policy by US is a model for the NEP. It should not be regarded as the same thus while there are many differences in the wording but the spirit was the same so that is why I call it as a Model to NEP. Perhaps you can only speak Mandarin thus are only able to understand that language for that I am sorry.

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message for wan zaharizan
written by Asam Pedas, January 04, 2009
I can see that you have a closed mind. You twisted the facts on the Affirmative Policy for Minorities in America and claimed that it is the same as NEP.

I wish to repeat my statement earlier that if you wish to live in a cocoon and continue to seek for protection, I wish you good luck because you will not be able to survive in a competitive world. No lost to other races afterall you chose to be there thinking the world owes the Malays in Malaysia.

I rest my case here.

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Best way to stop corruption
written by Koon Yew Yin, January 05, 2009
I am the author of the article. I must thank you for all your comments.

I wish to reproduce this paragraph so that I can point out the best way to improve our economy quickly.

The most important indicator is our GDP per capita. In 1970 when the NEP was first introduced, our GDP per capita was about the same as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea. After 38 years, Singapore is 3 times, Taiwan is 2.5 times and South Korea is 2 times our GDP per capita. All Malaysians must have the right to question this poor performance of our nation and the policies such as the NEP that have been responsible for it.

All our political leaders must find out why and how these neighbouring countries can outperform us despite their lack of oil, gas and other natural resources.

The best and most effective way to improve our economy is to stop corruption in giving out big juicy contracts and concessions without open competitive tenders, e.g. the 2nd Penang Bridge. If open tender was called I am sure we could save millions of ringgit.

We cannot get the best price for any deal if the contractors or concessionaires were not selected through competitive tenders. Everyone can see that negotiations involving large sums of money would encourage corruption.

Privatisation of the Selangor supply to Puncak Niaga is a classic example. After consumers have been paying higher water rates according to the terms negotiated by the previous Government, the current Government is trying to undo the damage. Otherwise, the water rate will be increased by 38% from 1st Jan 09.

Yet negotiated deals like the new Penang Bridge costing about 4 billion ringgit can be approved by Parliament and no one, including the ACA can raise any question. That is why more people have shown their frustration by voting for the opposition in the last general election.

Only about 2 weeks ago, after many political leaders and the public objected, the cabinet postponed the privatisation of IJN. The fact that the Government is considering the proposed IJN privatisation only shows that the Government has not learned the bitter lesson.

I suggest the Governemnt select some projects for only Bumiputera contractors to tender. The open tender system will make contractors more efficient to compete. As a result, the Government can save money.

Koon Yew Yin

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Well said Wan Zaharizan
written by Joe the Plumber, January 05, 2009
Well said Wan Zaharizan... your have left me with nothing to add!

Asam Pedas, whoever he/she is, has now backtracted from his original baseless narrow minded & bigotic views.

Asam Pedas, I advise that you buy & read some complete idot's guide to malaysian history.


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