Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I have always remind myself why I wrote this blog. It is to remind my family of their heritage and especially it is to remind myself values of which I must held dear. I have just read Abdullah CD memoirs (the first part). I found a few things about my grandfather I did not know, for once he attended a Marxist School in Jalan Ampang in 1946. Therefore he must in all account a communist not a socio-nationalist as he likes to proclaim. A big word for him. To his children he will always remain Walid the father who ran out from them. I for once never knew he was a journalist/reporter. He edited the newsletter Suluh(torch) the PKMM/MCP newsletter at t6hat time.
What about my father? I recently found out that he was the officer in charge to bust the diamond jewelery racket at Subang Airport. No wonder some gangster wanted to bash him up luckily we have an Uncle who was a leader in one of the triad gangs who protect him. It was in the late 60's when this thing happen all I remember and really after 1969 the amulets he carried for protection. Those were the days.
I also never knew that he really was well respected by his officers and subordinates. He is noted to fight for their rights and in the end he was put in a freezer in Malacca. That's what you get if you fight without thinking, it is a born triad in us and i too must keep my mouth shut. I am proud that he was listed in the Who's who publication in 1977 and am happy he did receive an AMN although he deserve more. And I am ecstatic that a road in the Academy Custom of Malacca were name after him. He did recieve his acknowledgment after all.


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