Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is an addendum to my posting below. For me it is better for Muslim to be given knowledge on halal and haram and from that to let them make their choice to eat or not. For example it is agreed meat neat to be kosher or slaughtered according to Muslim rites so that the meat could be halal as the way it is cook it uses certain haram ingredient like alcohol since there is dispute then we inform the Muslims ummah and let them choose to follow Qardawi or the present Ulamak as fatwa are merely advisory and not binding.

If the premises sells arak it is not halal but is it forbidden for Muslim to visit since he do not drink? So the premises might not be halal but Muslim, most only are makruh to visit the place so why do we want to impose a blanket halal on the premises? That is why I advocate pluralism in islam because it gave every muslim a chance to make his own way with the knowledge he has. It also let the Muslim to appreciate the diversity that exist in Islam that does not mean I abandon Sunni thoughts but I am able to make wise decision on knowledge available and not to be afraid of new things. We are individually responsible for our own action not our parents, our friends or our community but our action personally will affect the community and gave wrong perception to others on the beauty of Islam


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