Sunday, September 04, 2011

I have to write after so long of not writing, I am compel to write. It is about Mat Indera. If you Google him you will out his full name is Ahmad Bin Indera. He was born in 1920 which make him younger than my Grandfather who at that time was heading the 10th Malay Regiment in place of Abdullah C.D. who was found guilty for having lovers tryst with one of the Chinese woman. Wahi Anuar then was his Commander.

Both were active in PKMM and both went into the jungle around 1948 somewhere in Temerloh. as I have said before there were the Malay leftist which many was rounded up and their party ban by the British. The fact was those who might not have the ability intellectually would found themselves fighting the British alongside the PKM. These Malays sometimes were knowledgeable in Islam, Nevertheless many found Marxism ideas to be compatible with social justice that Islam advocate. They do not hold the idea of religion as an opium of the people as stated by Marx but the idea of all man were servant to states and the state is the protector of man appeals to them. Some like Musa Ahmad and my Grandfather were school with the idea of Marxism at a school in Ampang. Please take note too that Tan Sri Asiah Ghani was an attendee and did very well in that school. She left later due to the opposition by her parents.

So does that make them Communist? No I don't think so, they were as my Grandfather says Sosio Nationalist,the term make famous by Sukarno. They just the same goal to drive out the British they might share some similar ideologies but definitely they fought for the total independence of the country not to be a satellite of Peking! If you read Shamshiah Fakeh memoir you will read her disillusionment with the party. She was jail during the 1966 Cultural Revolution, Chin Peng do not offer any help. She suffer all because she holds divergent views with CCP under Mao. There she learn the son she had with Wahi Anuar whom she has to gave away to PKM agent were later murdered by them!!

Yes there were many tragedies, and many like Shamshiah and Wahi who has good family background i.e. very Islamic would still be branded as a communist. So to me Mat Indera being a Hafiz do not surprise me. His hatred towards the British were real just like the hatred of many against Barisan which make people blind of the truth. Somebody remark that Mat Indera was kebal and this does not gel with his so call Islamic background. I am not sure if he is kebal, many said the same about my grandfather but I just saw an old man. There is one legend of a kebal warrior in the 10th Malay regiment, his name is Wan Ali. He was shot and die in a river in Jerantut early one morning. He went back to visit his house and wife and he still got kill so where is the kebal?

As for leading the Bukit Kepong raid he might be guilty of that but as my Grandfather say it was a tragedy. In Chin Peng words the loss of PKM in the so call war against the British was due to them not getting the support of the Malays. It got the support only from Chinese whose studied in Chinese Stream School! The Bintang tiga massacre in 1945 after the war when they rule Malaya before the British came back caused mayhem everywhere. The Bintang Tiga was bloodthirsty, many were kill. They went on a rampage took vengeance on those people whom they thought betray them. Malays whom were said to be the lackey of the Japanese were brutally murdered after a kangaroo court found them guilty.
Racial war erupted everywhere, so who could forget Sungai Manik incident or those that happen in Parit and Bota?

The killing was a tragedy to PKM. The massacre of Bukit Kepong police personnel seal them forever in the Malay minds as a brutal and Chinese chauvinese rebellion. It might be lead by Mat Indera, the soldiers were Chinese. 200 PKM members who were lead by a Malay did not heed their own Commander. They brutally murdered the police personnel and wives and children of some of them. I it said that Mat Indera try to help the police personnel and victims but were powerless. Some would be burn. These brutality seal the PKM fate. Who open the fire first does not matter but to kill 20 people for a mere police station shows the unreasonableness of PKM. So tell me how can he be a hero, to me he is a tragic person who cannot control his charge and he has to pay for it by receiving the death penalty and was hanged in 1952 in Taiping.



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