Saturday, November 06, 2010

I am so busy!!!! I wish I could write on my blog. My routine everyday without fail is to wake up at 5 am to bath and then to pray after that at 6.09 i go down open the door to my shop sweep the floor and open the gates wait for the papers to arrive and by 6.30 the shop is open till 7.30 pm. I would later walk to the shop to read my emails and after that by 9 i will be back upstairs watch a bit of telly then go to bed by 12 am and that how it goes. On friday I close early at 12 wait for mysis to come and fetch me go to her house do my laundry for the week and go back by 9 and then the routine starts again. It is tiring, and if I have to go down back to KL like now, I could update my blog a bit.

But then tomorrow Im back in Penang, and the routine starts again. Long hours for a job that does not pay me but just to see that it works and that Malay can do it with proper hard work or might say being diligent for once. The businees is picking up and i am happy and if the venture works I am please as a punch for Malays in the west coast i hardly see them in the retail business. I come to KL for work so it is not a holiday but i have access to internet freely so I could write. In the meantime for the next month or so just bear with me. Until my internet is set up in penang I am unable to write and update my blog although i have lots of things to write. Please do come to my shop i am happy to meet you. Till then keep your finger cross!


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