Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well it still hasn't awnser why I am Wan? Well Im not Syed Jumaat that's for sure but a real Wan. Mohd Nor when he went back to visit his grandparents and uncle and aunts in Patanni they call him Wan Kecik or Wan Cik. This was his official name to his relative in Patanni. Patanni was a Malay Kingdom, Yala Narathiwat and Patanni in South Thailand was part of the Malay Kingdom. It must also be understood his father was the only one to move to Malaya so to them he is still Wan. What so big about wan nothing really it just meant to say we are of blue blood ancestry. In the malay Kingdom of Champa in Cambodia Wan would mean we are of Syed lineage i.e. related to the prophet but to the Arabs Syed really mean Tuan. The Kingdom of Champa like the Kingdom of Malacca has left her influences to the Sultanate of Patanni Kelantan Terengannu and Kedah. As can be notice their palace tradition are different than Perak Pahang and Johore which borrow much from the Kingdom of Malacca. Even Negeri Sembilan palace tradition show some influences of the Malacca sultanate.
Just so we don't lost our topic I am sorry to interupt I have to pull you back to the main topic why am I Wan. Well this is the tradition of Malay Elite including Jawi Peranakan (those that have indian blood), the pairing of children to be married. My Great grandmother(Grand Aunt another story) was one of the wives of Raja Di Hilir Perak Raja Mansur third in line to the throne of Perak, his son was Raja Kamarulzaman whom was the Aide the Camp(ADC) of the Sultan and was famous for creating the National Athem of Perak. The story goes that on visiting England the Sultan was ask what was the national Athem so the Royal Band can play and he turn to his ADC who was a musician and he proceed to teach them an Old Polynesian foklore song Terang Bulan and it became the National Athem. This song was later adopted with a slight variation to become the National Athem of Malaysia.
To my readers this song is ban here for the above reason. So back again to the story. Since My Great Grand Ma was also a very rich business Woman the pairing of the children was set. The intention may not be sincere but the goal was the same to keep the monies between the family. For my Great Grandfather I suspect the idea that he has, as normal with Malay elite of the time, if you don't send your 'Naughty' child to Mecca you get them Married so that they can be responsible adults. Why I said so because one my Grand Uncle was send to Mecca for that reason and now I have Saudi families and who insist to call me tut ( Arabs don't have the vowel "O" ) instead of tot as all the family members would call me.
My Grandfather never change as loepard do not change his spot so des he. He is still the Che Guevera of his time galloping to who knows what. He became an orderly in the hospital (for a short time) and his wife was a nurse. Their first born died during infancy and as the custom during those days shaman were call and decided this was due of not naming your children Wan as it is your heritage. For the readers please understand the malays love title it is not enough just to be plain uncle deference is made to the eldest and the youngest. Begining with Sulong (eldest) to Bongsu. Adding a prefix Pakcik (uncle) or Tok(Grand) to denote rank. So since the eldest one dies there is no Sulong in the family the second assume the post only so he is given the rank of Besar (Big) so my father is Pakcik Besar or Pak Chak to his nephews or Tok Chak to his grand nephews. To fulfill the requirement only him and his younger were wan the rest of the family don't have any title and as luck would have it only both of them have male heirs the others don't. My Fther was given the name Wan Zan and that is why I am Wan. Cherrio for now!!!!


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