Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Imagine being sick for the past three weeks! I got Asthma and since nearly a month I've been havinh a bad cough. Infact it has been none stop coughing for the past three weeks. Yes' I did spit some blood but that was not that frightens me, I can't breath normally and this cough induce asthma. I was totally bedridden safe for my mobile. I dread this cough episodes and now i have been suffering it yearly instead of once in a bluemoon.

It perhaps will be my death, god forbids but i have resign to it , I suppose. I have always use my asthma to my advantage when I was young. And the truth is I was my own doctor when it comes to my disease. Since losing my mom when I was 2, I somehow took care of myself. To avoid being sick I would religiously take Tedral and later Tedral SA, a tablet bitter as hell, which has been ban worldwide now. It contain Theophylline and Ephederine which cause your heart to beat faster and insomnia. It also gives you boundless energy and ussually I take it once or twice a day.

Funny thing about my family my father believe that if one pill is not enough you take more. He and I nearly overdose because of this dogma. Yet his Mom was a nurse and the first malay nurse in the Malay States to boot! My Aunt always get terribly annoyed with his brother but no pain no gain so that is our motto. I remember he too could be a bit daft, once while working in Port Sweteenham (now Port Klang) his car ran out of petrol and since finding a petrol station was a bit far he decided to pour kerosene and wallah the car sieze! He wasted his car and burnt a hole in his wallet but at least he learn.

Now I am on Theophylline or Nuelin 250SR twice a day with ventolin tablets 4mg at times plus my inhalers a sabultomal Ventoiln to be use as and when required Pulmicort a steroid budosenide 4 puffs twice a day and Saravent use mainly for Emphysema 2 puffs twice a day. They want me to buy a nebuliser machine to be on standby. Crikey! this is too much and also now since moving to KL and after my father's death I got severe eczema plus my hair turn sudenly white.

Life must go on until then I have to pen off getting a bit tired.


Blogger Yusf said...

your immune system is weakening by the day. plz take care of yourself, plz.

7:21 AM  

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