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Our Country will celebrate Merdeka soon. Merdeka is Independence Day Malaysia. We achieve our independence on 31st August 1957. We are now 50 years old. We are still young compare to all the great nation and still a long way off where democracy is concern.

Our democracy is a hybrid one ,created and suited to the Malaya as it was and presently it has to change. But changes that need to be done is meet with recaltricant opposition both by Malays and non Malays. The Malays especially after been indoctrinate that this country is theirs by virtue of rights of abode by God is grossly mistaken. The non Malays too need to understand the concept of achieving independence which was achieve before unreasonable demands are made.

I found it disturbing being a Muslim and trying to reconcile the idea that this land is ours forever for as a Muslim we are taught this land is God's land and we are just the Khalifah ie the Guardian of the land which is temporal. we seek to do justice and as the root of islam means to serve him in all the capacity as Muslim should. We should not harm other human beings unless we are harm we are to dispense justice which is fair and reasonable to all concern regardless of colour creed or faith.

These are the fundamental values which a Malay must cherish and protect, yet the new Malays hardly portray that idea unlike their forefathers.My friends told me I belong to the old generation, of the Malays who believe in value before self, in honesty and chivalry. I am proud because I am so. At least I am the Malay Gentlemen as describe by Frank Swettenham minus the negative character! I am a Malay, I will always be one and proud to be one. I am a racist but not a chauvinist for I define racism as belonging to one race and identify as one. I hate chauvinism of any kind, I like to be just to all other races, to emphatise with them and I found that from both sides the Malays and non Malays lots of misconception and deep set prejudices that I believe will take years to crumble.

Malaya before the war was fragmented. The Malays were identifying themselves with their own state thus we have Perak Malays Selangor Malays etc. The Chinese from the Malays state were divided not just by clan Ghee Hin or Hai San but by tribes Hokkien Cantonese Hakka Teowchew etc. They also divided by allegiance to Koumitang under Chiang Kai Shek or Communist under Mao. The Straits Chinese were different ie from Malacca Penang and Singapore, they were sympathetic to Koumitang but they realise that their future lies here in Malaya. They were very anglophile and many were nyonya and babas where their lingua franca consist of a hybrid of Malay Chinese words, even their culture too assimilate the Malays in outlook, perhaps because of the intermarriage that happen.

The Indian who mostly live in the states also identified their nationalistic feelings to India where they follow closely the exploit of Mahatma Gandhi and Nehru. Some leftist celebrate Subha Chandra Bose. So although Malaya was home to these people it was not their homeland. To the Malays their homeland is the states that they came from to the Non Malays their Country is the land of their forefathers and which they dream they will go back too. Yet. among them a feeling of Nation hood or Malaya as the homeland did take root especially to those Non Malays who have made it here in Malaya. But it was the Malays who begin to identify Malaya as a nation for the Malays. Malays who are clever enough would be absorb into Teachers Training College Like SITC ( Sultan Idris Teachers Training College in Tanjong Malim Perak). These were ordinary Malays and not of the ruling class. The idea was to train these Malays as teachers for the Malay School so that the Malays could be given basic education, One British Administrator sum up as to train them to better fisherman and farmers not doctors or engineers!Please see

But having Malays from different state would result in camaraderie which never before been seen. Malays identification by state were getting blurred and lessons that were taught lead them to believe of a greater Malay Empire as one of yore as great as Malacca or Majapahit. So KMM the first national base political party was form in 1938 by Ibrahim Yaacob a lad from Termeloh (Kerdau) Pahang. Thus Melayu Raya or Indonesia Raya was the aspiration of the Malays but sadly the ruling class would look at them with trepidation. After all the ruling class were happy with the status quo. Jobs were reserve for them ,they were school in an elite atmosphere but compare to Tuan and Mem of the British they were far off but then again compare to the other malay race they enjoy a class distinction. So KMM the first National Base Political Party would die as expected not just because the British would deem them as leftist and communist and a traitor to the rulers but the Istana herself regarded them with disdain. The British did try to rope in many Malays not from the ruling class to enjoy or to turn into British Gentlemen. People like Dr Pandak Ahmad a boy servant who would later become the first Malay Doctor from Perak and Ibrahim Haji Mohammad alias Pak Sako a former Magistrate from Pahang seem fruitless. They would later turn against their White Tuans

Both this people would support KMM. Taiping at that time was the State Capital of Perak became the town where Malay Nationalism grew in fact My Great grandmother house became the venue of their meetings. Hatta and Soekarno even met Ibrahim Yaakob at the house to discuss the independence of Melayu Raya in 1943. You can not blame the Malays to be frighten of the Non Malays after all in Penang a Non Malay member of the legislative council would question the idea of Malaya is for Malays but most non Malays in the federated states left no doubt which is their homeland.

When CPM or MCP the Malayan Communist party was founded it garner the support of many chinese students from Chinese school. The party was founded in 1928 or 1931 depends on the book you read. It influences manage to seep through all the Chinese School throughout Malaya. Most Chinese practically adore Sun Yat Sen but abhors Chiang Kai Shek of the Koumintang. Through AEBUS an organisation created to channeled money to China during Sino Japanese war in 1937 the communist idea manage to seep through. Under Lei Tak or Loi Tak the first Secretary General of the party who was not even Chinese Malayan but Vietnamese it manage to grew. But Loi Tak was a famous double agent and in the 50's would be kill in Vietnam by the Vietnamese Communist Party after his treachery was found out. Ong Boon Hua or Chin Peng would assume the role of the Secretary General.

But again the idea of CPM was never the independence of Malaya as a primary motive but the abolition of all things Colonial Masters. It set to make Malaya a satellite State of China, subservient to her call and whims. It has no concrete agenda for the nation and receive all her instruction from Mainland China. MIC or Malayan Indian Congress was an offshoot of the Indian Congress Party in India. It was form in response to galvanise the support of Indians to fight for the independence of India. It was form in 1946 with John Thivvy as the first President. Tun Sambathan was not the founder but was the fifth President see

That was how it was in Malaya until UMNO rallying cry was change to Merdeka in 1951. Each race was only thinking of themselves and although Malaya was home, nationhood was not yet fully understood by all except few. Yes they were Malay heroes like Leftenen Adnan and non Malay heroes like Sybil Khartigesu but these people fought for British Malaya. Malay warriors like Datuk Bahaman Mat Kilau or Datuk Mat Lela were fighting British for their States or basically because they were angry that their way of life to collect taxes etc was taken over by the Tuans.

KMM and later PKMM was the first party that ask for Merdeka(Independence) but their idea of Merdeka has no place for the Non Malays. Malaya was for Malays only, luckily they did not receive the blessing of the Sultans if they do than Malaya would not be as today. She will be Monotonous and grey. Suprisingly UMNO was founded at the step of the Istana by Sultan Ibrahim the Sultan who is famous for chasing Dorothy Lamour and in the 1930's was regarde as one of the richest man in the world. When Sir Harold Mcmicheal was send by the colonial office to make at last Malaya a colony not a prectocterate, the Sultan knowing the impossibilty to fight British ask his adopted son or godson Dato' Onn to galvanish the Malays againts Malayan Union which he has to agreed to earlier. In Terenggannu for eg the Sultan was force to abdicate (Sultan Ali) and his uncle Sultan Ismail Nassaruddin was put in place,so too was Perlis which during the japanese time the uncle was sworn in as Raja. Coercion and sometime challenges of abdication was made to force the Sultan to sign and they did with tails behind their back.

So the birth of UMNO was never to fight for the Malays and in fact Sultan Ibrahim was dead set againts independence. He spoke out at a dinner in 1955 where Tunku and alliance leader were present and which they later would stage a walkout.,9171,869059,00.html. So UMNO who under Tunku change the slogan from Hidup Melayu to Merdeka, although it seems that history has been rewritten by alluding the slogan was first mooted by Dato Onn, which amount to blasphemy to Tunku's memories. in the begining of 1950 Dato Onn wanted to open the door of UMNO to the Non Malays as non voting members and instead of independence wanted to go for self rule. This was not offend his Godfather Sultan Ibrahim who vehemently oppose Merdeka. He wishes was sideline and with the British help he form Independent Malayan Party. IMP in fact was the party use by the British to disunite the Malay supporters but to no avail.

Yes, Tunku has his fault. He never deny he loves his drink and his horses. He loves his siesta in the afternoon but he was the prince that represent all the races in Malaya. He epitomise the Malay Gentlemen. He won people over by his goodness and sincerity. He was a reluctant leader yey he has geuine love for his race and Malaya as a whole. He was invited by Tun Razak and like minded individuals who understand that Malays were feudal in nature. Without the ruling class behind them UMNO would die a lingering death like KMM and PKMM as before. So he reluctantly agree and in a fight with Mustapha Hussein for the post of the presidency of UMNO he won. And from that time onwards the ruling class would rule UMNO, and much later on would be dispatch off by the new nouveou rich Malays who were more ruthless and uncouth in their zest for power.

Under Tun Mahathir new rich Malays emerges which were more corrupted and vile. They were ruthless and cunning. I remember that Tun Ismail and Tunku was never found of Mahathir. He lack the social graces of the Malay blue blood although he was married to one. Yet it was under him that Malays make good stride in the economy. But what about the Aboriginies or Orang Asli (Original People) of Malaya. They were always been regarded as the ruler's subject. To be protected and guarded. Their loyalty to the ruler was paramount to their survival. I allude to the oath of allegience made by their forefathers Demang Lebar Daun in Sejarah Melayu or Malay Annals by Tun Sri Lanang to that effect. In fact the Geliga Embun or the Crystal Orb which form part of the part of the royal regalia was their gift during the oath of allegience eons back. But somehow the Malays and their kerajaan (government) has forgotten that oath. They, who live at the fringe of the jungle seems to lose everything to the might of greediness that plague the Malays now.

Let's go back to Merdeka. The British was reluctant to give way to UMNO and Tunku. They were worried about the Chinese and Indians who are basically their subject thus have right under their law Pop. (1955 est.), 6,058,317 (Malays, 2,967,233; Chinese, 2,286,883; Indians and Pakistanis, 713,810; other groups, 90,391). see

If the new independent country refuse to accept the Non Malays as citizen British would be swarm by these people. This was one of the sore point of the 1997 question pose when Hong Kong has to be return back to China. Yes, this was the 1950's where prejudices are still strong. Just imagine British with 1 millions plus immigrants after the war slinted eyes and brown skin,of garlic and curry powder in the British Isle. It would be a disaster even now British are grappling with coloured immigrants. So British would never grant Malayan independence unless this problem can be solve and their business intact. It was Tunku, his stroke of genius made it possible. Many regard Tunku as a bufoon but to me he was an extremely inteligent man, although he loves life but after all he is the Malay Gentleman as epitomise by Swettenham. He decided to from an alliance and not open the door of UMNO to the non Malays as Dato Onn wanted. but an alliance with other rascist base party. The MIC (Malayan Indian Congress) and MCA (Malayan Chinese Party).

In 1955 Federal Legislative Assembly election IMP under Dato Onn which receive support from British were routed. Out of 52 seats the Alliance coaliton won 51 losing only one seat to PAS (Islamic Party). MCA which was form in 1949 feb 27 was a direct response to UMNO and MIC which have been form earlier. MCA founding President the Baba Nyonya Tun Tan Cheng Lock a Malacan knew that the future of the Chinese belongs in Malaya.With KL Devesar the then MIC president they work with UMNO under Tunku to demand for independence. Tun Tan Cheng Lock was anti Communist which has by then seep through all the labour union of Malaya. I have to continue on another scroll it is getting too long.


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