Friday, May 23, 2008

Well folks I am writing about Valentine's Day today, I must be crazy since Valentine Day has past therefore what i have to say is el passe but nevertheless it need to be said and put in writing. It has been lambasted by the Present Malay Ulamak (Clerics) that most Malays being idiotic as they are accept the argument without question. i do beg to differ.

What's wrong in celebrating Valentine's day? Tell me sincerely why can't we celebrate Valentine's Day? The argument put forth by these enlightened clerics is that the celebration celebrate a Christian holiday i.e. religious affair thus it is anathema for the Muslim to celebrate the same. Fine but is it really a Christian Holiday?

Basically it was celebrate during the Pagan time by the Romans and like any ancient society it is an agrarian society. And February 14th signals the coming of spring, the same with Ponggol by the the Indian Tamils, because it signify the planting seasons. So to celebrate the coming of spring which the Romans regard as the fertility period, a festival was created called Lupercalia which happen to honour their pagan God Lupercus on the 15th of each year.

And just like any ancient society it is just a celebration of the coming of the planting season in this case the spring. OK as time goes by the Roman culture decline, to be replace by the Christian Ideas thus culture of pagan time were Christianise making it palatable to the Masses. So in modern times Valentine day was attribute to Saint Valentine. And for the readers understanding they were three valentines who were canonise by the Pope the one whom I am concern with is Valentine of Roma who died in 270 AD which was where Valentine's day was attributed too.

By the way many Ulamak of Standing or Ulamak yang Muktabar or Muktabirrin regard Jesus or Isa as Muslim as Moses was and others. Because of this many Ulamak tend to believe that the followers of the Prophet Jesus was Muslim before the advent of Islam as also the followers of the Prophet David before the coming of Christ or followers of Moses before the coming of David. Given that scenario thus I can say Valentine is Muslim thus what is wrong to remember Saint Valentine. What? look Saint Valentine died in the year 270AD and Muhammad was born in 570 Ad and receive his prophet hood only in 610AD by that time I think St Valentine is just dust. Because given the analogy above he is a Muslim.

To insinuate that celebrating Valentine day is a christian holiday is debatable, as long the holiday is celebrated without any religious conotation I do not see a problem. Even then if I want to say a prayer to St Valentine why not? I admit the celebration of Valentine day with her crass commercialism is againts Islamic principle. That is wrong, but to celebrate your love ones is not. It is unislamic on the way it is being celebrated not the day itself. That is my belief, I myself treat the day as a treat for me to indulge in a little bit of romance and I think that is alright as long as I never forget my maker.

Romance in me is an idea especially a guy who love to chase or the art of chasing instead of getting the prey. I have never in my life got one although someone did fall in love with me but I never got one seriously. So Valentine day to me is a joy for me to celebrate unrequited love and I am happy about it. I wish cupid has struck someone but it is always I who was struck.


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