Friday, July 18, 2008

a)Dato Harun Idris

b) Encik Aziz Isahak the former Minister of Agriculture

c) The Devil Anwar Ibrahim

d) Aziz Ishak and Tunku in 1958

e)Justice the late Dato Hashim Yeop Sani who met out the sentence to Dato Mokthar Hashim

You know this is the third piece i am posting about Anwar. The fact of the matter is, I just can't find in me why so much the Malays are trap in saying that there is a conspiracy!!! Why him?, why can't we analyze it carefully without getting emotional about it. Why so special about him? Politicians come and go and if unfairness is the key then he is not the only one who was treated unfairly.

From Encik Aziz Ishak former vice president of UMNO and Minister of Agriculture, who left UMNO in 1963 and detain under ISA in 1965 to Datuk Mokthar Hashim who was the Minister of Culture Youth and Sport in 1982 who was arrested in April that year and was charge and convicted for killing Datuk Mohd Taha Talib the State Assemblymen for Gemencheh Negeri Sembilan. Injustice has all been there but they believe in the rule of law. They do not create aspersion to the rule of the land although some were draconian but as former lawmakers they were gentlemen compare to the action taken by Anwar. He does not deserve the Datukship. Please go here for a piece of Aziz Ishak story

The case of Mokthar Hashim is worth mentioning because he was tried with the flimsiest of evidence. What Justice? he was suppose to be hang yet later commuted to life in prison. He was later pardon by the King.Datuk Taha was allege to be shot with the gun that he own, the eyewitness to the act is said to be nearsighted and can't see well at night yet he could make out Datuk Mokhtar in the night when there was no moonlight! The late Judge Datuk Hashim Yeop Sani decided to accept that evidence although no bullet was found and the gun was reported missing few weeks before the tragedy happen.
Here is a site about the judge
To find out more try to get the book by Alias Mohammad The trial of Mokthar Hasim Insular Publishing.
I saw him in Pudu Jail during my visit there. You should see with his prison cloth still proud but accept his fate. By the way for your information Anwar was a cabinet member then. What about Datuk Harun? another vice president who was caught for corruption. See here for his biography Dato Harun was cited by Dr Kua Kia Soong in his book on May 13 as responsible for the racial war as he was then the Chief Minister where the crowd of angry supporters of UMNO gathered on the night of May 12 1969 before embarking on a rampage of mayhem in Kuala Lumpur. I am not going into the rights and wrong of may 13 but enough said after that to many UMNO supporters he was a hero. To curtail his popularity the power elite wanted to send him to United States as other comrade like Khir Johari was send to in order to clip their power base. He refuse so in 1976 he was charge for corruption and jail by the admin of Dato (Tun)Hussein Onn and later release by Datuk (Tun) Mahathir Mohammad the fourth Prime Minister. When he went to the hospital during his ailment I still remember him being handcuff to his hospital bed although a convicted criminal he was not accord any special treatment.

But what about Anwar who rile the people up during te height of reformasi. Anwar refuses to abide by the law, he prefers anarchy then peace. To dispel any notion of his guilt or to reduce the Malays asking about his wrongs he purporsely creates trouble in 1998.Reformasi hooligans were all over the place. Business was disrupted during the Queen's visit which he stirs more trouble, all because of allege conspiracy! Even it is true as a leader he has no right to bring the country and the government into disrepute. Who can forget the uncouth Al Gore during the APCET dinner in Kuala Lumpur. Al Gore has the audacity to snub the host just because of him! I can't forget the day of his arrest my brother was there.He was part of the crowd and what he told me reflect the cowardice in him. At the height of the mayhem at PWTC when the uncontrol crowd start to destroy pictures of the former leaders of UMNO he ran pillion on a scooter presumably back home to his house the crowd later would march to the Prime Minister house yelling burn let's burn that man housethey were only stop by the water hose of the FRU. My brother was drench that day and that night he was apprehended at his house.Yet during his brother's and mother's funeral he was given a leave from his cell this is after sentence have pass, to attend their funeral. What about him not being handcuff just like the rest when attending court trial. As an accuse he is suppose to be handcuff but exception were made. People forget the first charge was abuse of power under the corruption and abuse of power act that he was sentence to. In fact the Appeal Court, the highest court in the land concur to the High Court sentence so there is no doubt that he abuse his power. Even during the trial he abuse his power of recognition so that he enjoy privileges unseen before like not getting handcuff.

Yet now he abuse the Malays mind by distorting facts to suit his own end. Those that appeal or has good persona and could pose a threat to him like Syed Hamid Albar who is the Minister of Home Affairs are warn not to say anything that can be prejudicial to the case. Why can't he? He is after all the Minister who are responsible for any police investigation as police department are under his purview. He is afraid that the portly Syed Hamid who has appeared on CNN and BBC is seen as sincere thus defeating the conspiracy theories that he is insinuating. He is crafty and the Malays who are his supporters dumb. Sadly there are many of them.


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