Monday, August 24, 2009

A fan of my blog phone me up and ask me is it Thamar or Khamar? I honestly do not know because it is an Arabic word for wine and honestly i do not know, but i do know is that a famous hadiths said in heaven wine is plentiful and it flows like the river! What is Wine, Whiskey or Guinness? It is fermented sugar that is derive from plants and fruits. Sake or Tapai is Rice Wine and wine could also be made from Watermelon Sugarcane and dates! Yes, so maybe during the pre islamic era wine were mostly made from dates beside grapes and that is why thamar?, mean dates too! Guinness is made from fermented Barley and whiskey from wheat, all I know they are bitter and i don't like them although air Nira(Palm juice) is sweet and can be alcoholic but like toddy it is a drink I can enjoy before it get fermented. I hope my fan now understand, the law is a different matter and it takes time and lengthly explanation to get into it. Oh yeah lest i forget those who love apple juice or zappel once it get fermented it is known as cider!

He also ask me where is the Popiah in question well here is the address and the person doing it in question

Pak Sharip Dol . Hp no: 0134674234 di Wangsa Maju berhampiran(next) to the LRT station (at) kat Alpha Angle.
Its surely nice although hang cakap nampak tak sedap.
Ini Pohpia "Pinang Sebatang" dari (from)Penang lah..


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