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This is my continuous comment on American Bedu as paste below:

wan zaharizan, on August 30, 2010 at 12:06 pm Said:

This tirade for and against Islam is what i want to avoid. There is no win if we built a mosque if it create disharmony. I am a Muslim and might not be a good Muslim but i have faith in my religion and i seek solace in it. They are many people like me in the world in fact i believe we are the majority. Most of us Muslim just want to practice our religion in peace.

As I said again and again it is not about right but what is the wisest thing to do. I know it is 3 blocks away from ground zero but if our presence create disharmony then we should go. Even by right we did no wrong. I would like all Muslim to understand the fears and emphatise with these people who are not of your faith. We have to ask ourselves why do they fear us? Why do they hate us? Why do they look at us with suspicious?

We look at the country where we came from, Saudi Arabia India Pakistan etc how many of us blend in with their culture of our adopted country? During the Marshall Plan after the war jobs were aplenty. Immigrants from Morocco Tunisia would flock to France, Indonesians would flock to Holland Turks to Germany etc but after years of transmigration these people never blend in now they become the source of displeasure of the natives. Notional Front of Britain, LePen in France and many other parties and leaders exploit this hatred. But were they wrong?

When the Pakis and Indian Muslims first arrive the built mosque, people welcome them with open arms. Yes, they encounter some racism but you can find it any where even now in the States in Malaysia even in Saudi. But nevertheless they were welcome. But these mosque later on would teach the Muslim the idea of Jihad of hatred and that cannot be deny. All of you should remember the blind mullah from Egypt who was later deported from UK basically for the sermon that he gave. Will this occur in the so called Cordoba Mosque? I cannot say it won’t.

In France where democracy was first establish, she welcome the scowling face Ayatollah Khomeini in her country. Was he grateful? His tirade against the west and western people is well known. Why can’t Muslim be grateful, I can’t answer that. But I remember when the first hijra occur it was not to Medina which the Muslim take refuge it was to the country now call Ethiopia. Amru ibn Al As one of the prophet good friend who lead this hijra was so grateful to the Christian King for his protection but now we are biting the hand that help us. Why oh why my Muslim brothers do we do that?

Let’s look at Pakistan. Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a Syiah and Ismailiyah who would marry a Farsi or a Zoroaster lady to a Muslim they are fire worshipers. She converted true and she bore her a child , a girl who would later converted back to her mother religion!!! She is not staying in Pakistan. Her father is call Quid al Azeem, the founder of the nation but he like his wine and bacon. Pakistan suppose to be a modern Islamic Country but now embroil in civil war. Hmmmm….

Let’s look at my country. Recently data receive from the world bank show that our FDI or foreign Direct Investment has shrunk to 81% Why? We were one of the Asian Tigers before but now our FDI has shrunk tremendously. If you go to Malaysia, my country the news will make you cringe in fear. They would not say it but one of the causes of the outflow is the rapid islamisation of the country. If you go to my blog you can find stories that would hurt you because it goes again justice and being fair. (Under)During the British time mosques were built in the vicinity of temples and Churches but now to get a Church approve to be built it take years. In the morning active proselytizing is made on television and radio. At one breath which I happen to open the tv it took my breath away for the Ulamak or Muslim priest says Christians are our enemies and all kafir wish us ill so we should not tolerate them and this is the talk given in private circles for Muslim only. Yet they see no fault by saying that and smile at the kafirs as though the words that they utter has been forgotten.

We have IKEA here. It has a restaurant. The restaurant is halal but an organization of Muslim Consumers create doubt that it is halal. It has to close for a week to (under)go the Muslim cleansing ritual. When it was found this was false, the Muslim leader did not apologize perhaps it was beneath him to do so!

As for interfaith Many Ulamak are against it. Ler’s look at history. Akbar the great the Moghul Emperor was famous for trying this dialogue. To this day the hindu fakir and the sufi look highly on him. He built Fathepur Sikri and there he a diwan or hall for Muslim and hindoos to converge and discuss religion. It must be understood he rule whose subject majority hindoos yet they all love him. He call this place Din Illahi. To the conservative it is a new religion but those who understand the meaning it means Religion of God. He was panned for it. Now my history book omit his name, they praise Jahinger as a great leader forgetting it was because of him the Moghul emperor would collapse.

I pause and take stock why? But my faith is strong but my faith on Muslim is not. As long as they submit to be herded like a cattle where their minds is control by few I see no future except harm. Pluralism of thoughts and ideas must be accepted by them and they must understand they and they alone are responsible for their own action and not to put the blame on others. They must understand that to respect a teacher does not mean they are not infallible. Just because they dress like Arabs and wear a turban like one and speak Arabic does not mean they should be deified. You are answer to your God like the rest of us Muslim and non Muslim. You will be judge accordingly. If we abhor Nazism and Apartheid then don’t behave like one.

So to your answer Should Cordoba be there? My answer is No because I cannot guarantee that some would use it to symbolize the wining of Islam against the infidel!

wan zaharizan, on September 2, 2010 at 8:59 am Said:

I read many of the comments, I am sad. It is nice to be opinionated like most Americans are. I am not an American, I am a Muslim who stay in the far east. Islam was spread here not by sword or conquest but by trade. Generally South Sea people are of the genial type. We have a perpetual fatalist attitude about life. Like Asians of these part we avoid conflicts. But time has change, the people now demonstrate, some like in Indonesia become professionals demonstrators. Capitalism and greed has change the racial landscape of the people here but if you ask any old Chinese Man and Indian they will tell you they miss the gentleness of my race. The openness, the smile that always in their face but now we see them wearing a beard with a continuous scowl in their face. That is sad. I too yearn for that and in VS Naipaul Book Among the Believers when he spoke of the far east he spoke of Malays who wish to capture the ‘image’ that they lost. The book is not without faults but get the book.

Yes this is an American Issue but it is publish in my sister’s(in faith) blog so I comment not on rights but on the wiseness of the building of the mosque. I told of what happen and what might happen base on the past history of Muslim countries. I am not surprise Iman Raof distaste of interfaith dialog many Muslims share that belief. When they talk about Interfaith they talk of Christian and Jews. All of them are Abrahamic religion they don’t think Hindoos Jainism Sikhism Zoroastrianism Bahia’s or Confucianism Buddhism etc as of equal status. To them this are all man made. So if you are an atheist you are scum. That is why Akbar the Great is regarded as an insult to Islam just because he has the nerve to built a diwan where hindoo sages and Muslims Sufi discuss Islam.

Have you all wonder why the so call intellectual Muslims only survive in the west? Why can’t their country of their birth or their parents birth accept their interpretation of Islam? Why? Because many would be hounded and killed of blasphemy! That is why i have no respect for them so just like one of the commentators wrote, Jay kactuz what he say is piercing but valid. In Muslim Countries intellectual discourse is not valid. Anything that goes against the council of Ulamak believe will be suppressed. Thus this intellectual flees to first world country and now hide behind them. So guys like me who yearns for openness and frank discussion are left wanting. Some loose faith like in Iran most become lost in an apathetic situation.

In my country Malaysia who pride himself as a modern Islamic country. Ever since the raising of the status of the Islamic court and the rapid Islamization of the country, things started to unravel. We forget that Malaysians are 45% non Muslims. Now Bodies are snatch from wives from families when death comes because these people were said to be Muslims before death occurs although the family or the wife are not aware of it. Imagine the grief! Children below the age of 7 were yank from the Mom because the father converted thus has the right to convert the children but what about the Mom’s right? Is this Islamic or just plain arrogance. I am Muslim, I believe in my faith but these transgression on my faith make me upset and I do not believe on Muslim whether you wear a robe or not they do have a fatten ego.

The tragedy of the mosque burning in Tennessee the killing of the cab driver in New York could be avoided if Imam Raouf has pull back from building a mosque in Cordoba House. He should just concentrate on building the interfaith that he want to do and perhaps do a small masala or a surau(it is like a chapel) for the Muslim to pray so not offend. His insistence put fire to things that can be avoided. Again it is not about rights but what is wise.

Now he goes to Dubai and proclaim this issue has been politicized which is true but you could have prevented it can’t you? I don’t want John Cusack to tweet or Sandy to say it is the American right but if it cause aspersion to your religion what right are you talking about? What about the right of other Muslim to live in harmony. To work to earn a living. Your continuous insistence are disrupting their livelihood, is it right?

A person wrote above whom I have forgotten about the FDI that Malaysia has lost. The 81% is compare to other countries in East Asia. Singapore, Cambodia Vietnam and Even Indonesia shows a positive growth vis a vis Malaysia which has continue to decline in FDI and that makes me worry. The Islamization is one of the source but is not mention in any report, but what is mention is the world crisis recently, the perceive political unstability etc. I hope this explain everything


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