Tuesday, September 20, 2011

This letter was written to the New Straits Time in respond to an article about Negaraku. It was not publish. I reprint it in full here.

Dear Sir

I read todays article about Negaraku. I know Mansor Abdul Aziz, whose mom is YM Raja Toh Puan Teh Zaitun. He always regard my father as a brother or as a relative to her. It just so happen my Great Grand Ma was the consort of YM Raja Mansur. I hope my take on Negaraku and the Perak Anthem is publish

Name Wan Zaharizan Bin Wan Zan
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I am a Nobody. I am not a product of the NEP and not a crony of anyone. I found it hard to reconcile myself as a Malaysian for I have seen how history has been skewered to fit one’s own hand. I am proud of my heritage, my race and definitely I am proud to be Malaysian. The story of our National Anthem has always reward me with a smile. It shows to me how subtle the malay mind works. How without ruffling any feathers the message was implied and understood. These hidden message is what make my race great. The Wonderful simplicity of the effect is made known. Yes you have read the story of our National Anthem it is much more. But first let us correct the misconception that it was compose by a French guy Pierre- Jean de Béranger. How do you compose a song which was already there. Like Rasa Sayang Eh or Surinam nam nam it was a folk song. Composer would just rearrange it to give it a new lease of life but never compose it! It is a song which belongs to the sailors who hum it, to the African fisherman who sang it but not to the French or the Americans who came out later with Mula Moon or the Indonesians who came out with Terang Bulan.

That must be crystal clear. Why the song is so important to understand the subtleness of the Malay? Because it shows how a dutiful son of the rightful Sultan make sure to those in power that the rightful ruler was still alive! Yes YM Raja Mansur then was just the aide de camp, unlike his younger sibling YM Raja Chulan whom the Brits preferred. He was not made the Raja the Hilir his younger brother did! His son YM Raja Kamarulzaman did manage to be the Raja the hilir but not him.

Yes when the Sultan was ask by the bandmaster the State Anthem of Perak it was his Aide de Camp who came to his aide. To me there were many other Malay folk song but why did he choose this Seychelles’ song? Because with a quickness of wit he made the Sultan and the Brits acknowledge the wrong they did to his father. They all stand to attention paying homage to the rightful Sultan that was illegally disposed of. So everytime a Perakian stand to attention he must remember what happen to the rightful Sultan. And that to me best illustrate the mind of the Malays.

I am telling you because it was Wahi Anuar’s mother in law who introduce him to politics. Yes his mother in law was YM Raja Mansur’s wife. She is noted for her beauty and very independent woman. It was her daughter whom she force to enter English school, mention briefly in Mustafa Hussain’s book. She was the first Malay nurse and the malay girl to study in an English school at treacher Taiping. But we are nobody. I am sad that many Malaysians do not know history and if do skewered it too much it does not reflect the truth. Mat Indera’s case is noted here. To me he is not a hero ,he to me is a tragic person whom through blinded hatred cannot see the errors of his ways. My Grandfather was a Communist leader and I say it here and now he is a communist. Some will hate me but I say it without malice.

Most people forgot that the Communist Party of Malaya was a legal party in Malaya until 1948. It is when they became militant hell bent in not respecting the law that it was ban. But then that is how communist work. To destroy the rule of law. To disobey and instruct people to distrust and create mistrust of the instrument of law and order. To create mischief and cast dispersion to the leaders of the day. To agitate the masses and provoke them by creating myth and stories. These are all Communist strategies and since Karl Marx was a Jew you can find similarities in how Zionist Israel works. Then that is why when I look at Tien Chuah charging at the police or hear Hishammuddin speeches I am not surprise because both were school in Socialism. To me what Mat Sabu did and what Anwar is doing is subversive. They to me are Communist as what my Grandfather was label by the British and many left wingers were. To compare Bersih to Arab Spring uprising is laughable. In Arabs and many despotic countries there is no way to change the government through the ballot box but here in Malaysia there is a chance. No country is perfect no ism is perfect too but here in my country that I love it tries to be one. The leaders has work hard and has listen and if the population feels it is not enough then go and vote them out as nearly happen in 2008. So why do we need always to question motives? , why cant we be thankful and grateful ?

Think hard and vote for the right leaders. For me I prefer those that deliver than those that keep questioning but do nothing!



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