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Return or not?

It is a pity when the Malays Muslims play to the tune of the opposition. It make them look stupid and ignorant. It's better we remain mum if the issue makes us look bad. To me the Government has decided so leave the issue alone. What am i rambling about? No other than Chin Peng return. For me out of Compassion we must let him return. He is old and senile, let him die at his birthplace here.He fought what he believe was truth. It was a war not an insurgency, later, after we achieve independence it was. But by then, they has lost the war but still the battle rages on.In 1955 at the Baling talk, it failed because they were asked to surrender not to able to participate in the post Merdeka political arena. They cant accept that.The idea was taken up by others like Pekemas later morphed to Parti Rakyat and DAP. DAP now still there and still strong. For lovers of history the period of insurgency shows the cooperation that exist between the Marxist-Leninist lead by the Malay Group the 10th Malay Regiment and the Maoist under Chin Peng combine to form MCP.For me it was the first time a workable relationship exist between 2 different spheres of ideas work to pursue one goal to get rid of the British. i love to study that.In 1989 now old the MCP leadership came to sign a peace accord not a surrender in Haadyai. Somebody to prop the image of the mamak Tun, to upmanship Tunku came to this idea to agreed to the peace treaty.Once signed it cannot be unsigned. Once agreed as muslim we must abide. Sadly we did not. We still refuse to give him his right of stay in this country he did visit here but not right of stay. He could I think ask for a Thai passport and visit here and die but he wants his right as agreed. He has fail to get it from the courts, as a layman it is sad, a travesty of justice. As a citizen we have to uphold the law but we can appeal to let him come for humanitarian sake like many other commie leaders such as Musa Ahmad, Shamshiah Fakeh and her hubby even the irrepressible Hishamuddin Rais. Is it because they are Malays and he is Chinese? I wonder. As Muslim we begin our life by reciting in the name of God Allah the most Compassion and the most Gracious and Merciful. Where is the mercy? Where is the Compassion in us? I am sad.Why so much hatred, why so much vileness?
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Karpal supports Chin Peng’s return

P Ramani and Leven Woon | September 5, 2013
Even the Japanese were forgiven after twelve years of world war two but the communist party is still ostracised
PETALING JAYA: The Malaysian government should not be adamant in its stand against the return of former Communist Party Malaya (CPM) leader Chin Peng to the country, said DAP national chairman Karpal Singh.
Karpal fully supports the call made by former special branch deputy director Yuen Yuet Leng to the government to allow Chin Peng and other former members of CPM to return to the country.
He also reiterated that the call should be seriously considered particularly in view of the 1989 accord reached between the CPM and Malaysian government.
“The time has come for the government to be pragmatic and compassionate as well as to see the plight of a senior citizen,” said Karpal
Karpal also believed that the descendants of Malaysians killed during the communist insurgency will have a re-look at the position and the time has come to forgive.
In addition, Karpal described the Japanese occupation between 1940 and 1945 as being more serious.
However, diplomatic relations between Japan and Malaysia were established after just 12 years of the surrender of the Japanese in World War II.
“The communists laid down arms 24 years ago and this itself is a good reason for the Malaysian government to allow Chin Peng and his comrades to return back to the country in the twilight years of their lives,” said Karpal
Put it to rest, says MCA

Meanwhile, when sought his opinion on the matter later, MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek said the issue of allowing Chin to return home “should be put to rest” because it was a “divisive” matter that would draw both support and criticism.
“We cannot deny that during communist insurgency, many people were killed irrespective of race.
“As an ex-policeman, (Yuen) may have his reason (to make the call), which I don’t have. He may has his information which is not made available to me
“But the nation has enough divisive factors, there is no need to introduce a new issue to continue to divide us,” he said.
Asked why the British were allowed to visit Malaysia now despite killing several nationalists such as Tok Janggut and Dato Maharajalela in colonial era, Chua sidestepped the question.
“During the war, it’s either you kill me or I kill you. This type of issue is past history,
“We should look forward on how to make sure Malaysia remained competitive and achieve the target of becoming a high-income nation by 2020,” he said.
Yesterday, the former special branch deputy director Yuen Yuet Leng in an interview with FMT called for a genuine reconciliation and urged the Malaysian government to allow the CPM members back to the country.

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‘Let Chin Peng come home’

Alfian ZM Tahir | September 4, 2013
Veteran anti-red fighter Yuen calls for genuine reconciliation
KUALA LUMPUR:  A national hero has called on the government to allow the return of Chin Peng and other former members of the defunct Communist Party of Malaya (CPM).
“The war is over and true reconciliation is long overdue,” said former Special Branch deputy director Yuen Yuet Leng in an interview with FMT. He was referring to the 1989 Haadyai peace agreement between Malaysia and the CPM.
“If we don’t reconcile, we lose the peace we’re supposed to gain after the war,” he said. “Isn’t peace what we are all looking for after all?”
The octogenarian Yuen, who spent a large part of his long police career spying against the CPM and fighting their guerillas, said he no longer harboured hard feelings against his former enemies and expressed a wish to visit them in southern Thailand.
“I hold no grudges against any of them. I wish we could meet and talk about what we went through.”
Some CPM members were allowed to return to Malaysia as soon as the 1989 accord was signed, but not Chin Peng, and other leaders of the party. They now live just north of the Thai-Malaysia border at a place known today as Peace Village.
Chin Peng, who was the party’s secretary-general and whom Malaysian authorities used to call Public Enemy Number One, has made unsuccessful requests to return, saying he wanted to die in his hometown of Sitiawan.
In May 2009, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, in the midst of media debate on the issue, confirmed the government’s ban on his homecoming, saying it would “cause unhappiness” among the descendants of Malaysians killed during the communist insurgency.
But Yuen appeared to reject such an attitude, saying it was important for the nation to move forward now that it was free from the communist threat.
“Although I fought the communists almost throughout my life,” he said, “I was able to understand them.”
Yuen once infiltrated a communist camp, living with the terrorists while sending secret messages to the Malaysian police. He was nearly found out, but escaped in the nick of time.
“We were fighting a war because we had different ideologies,” he said. “But the important thing to remember is that the CPM members and us were countrymen.
“Who is right and who is wrong, nobody can tell. Of course, I feel I was right.”

‘Tiada maaf bagimu, Chin Peng’

Jamilah Kamarudin | September 5, 2013
Perkasa berkata tangan bekas setiausaha Parti Komunis Malaya itu berlumuran darah rakyat Malaysia.
KUALA LUMPUR: Pertubuhan Peribumi Perkasa (Perkasa) hari ini membidas cadangan supaya bekas setiausaha Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) Chin Peng dibenarkan pulang ke tanah air selepas 24 tahun menjadi pelarian di Thailand.
“Tangan Chin Peng berlumuran darah rakyat Malaysia. Kita mungkin boleh terima pengikut dia kembali tetapi bukan Chin Peng,” kata Presiden Perkasa Datuk Ibrahim Ali.
Beliau mengulas cadangan bekas Timbalan Pengarah Cawangan Khas Yuen Yuet Leng agar Chin Peng dibenarkan pulang selaras dengan perjanjian damai Haadyai 1989 yang ditandatangani kerajaan Malaysia dengan PKM.
Cadangan Yuen itu disokong Pengerusi DAP Karpal Singh yang berpendapat rakyat mungkin sudah mampu memaafkan pemimpin PKM itu,  tambahan pula keadaan Chin Peng sudah semakin uzur.
“Itu pandangan peribadi Yuen. Chin Peng kena melalui proses perbicaraan mahkamah Malaya dan dibicarakan kerana kesalahannya.
“Ada yang boleh memaafkannya, tetapi Perkasa dan polis masih tak boleh memaafkanya,” katanya.
Sementara itu, Naib Presiden Perkasa Datuk Zulkifli Noordin mencabar sasterawan negara Datuk A Samad Said menyerahkan semula secara sendiri gelaran sasterawan termasuk sijil dan wang yang diperolehinya semasa mendapat anugerah tersebut kepada kerajaan.
Beliau mengulas kenyataan A Samad yang rela gelaran sasterawannya dilucutkan selepas insiden kibar bendera ‘Sang Saka’ di Dataran Merdeka malam 30 Ogos lalu.
Beliau turut mencadangkan supaya kerajaan meneliti semula peruntukan undang-undang sedia ada yang membolehkan seseorang dilucutkan kerakyatannya kerana ‘menderhaka’ kepada negara.
Dalam perkembangan lain, Perkasa memberi amaran keras kepada Ketua Wira Perkasa Irwan Fahmi Ideris yang mengkritik kepimpinan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak dalam laman blog.
Ibrahim berkata, pihaknya menerima penjelasan Irwan Fahmi, dan mengakui ianya adalah pendapat peribadi Irwam dan tidak ada kaitan dengan pendirian Perkasa.
“Mana-mana anggota Perkasa yang mahu mengeluarkan pandangan kritikal selepas ini perlu melalui mesyuarat Ahli Majlis Dewan Tertinggi.
“Jika tidak ia dianggap peribadi semata-mata dan tidak ada kaitan dengan Perkasa,” katanya.

‘Malays will never forgive CPM’

Lisa J. Ariffin | September 6, 2013
Do not stoke the ire of Malays who suffered at the hands of the CPM, warns an Umno leader.
PETALING JAYA: The Malays, especially descendents of security forces killed by communists during the Malayan Emergency, will never forgive the Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) for their cruelty.
Cheras Umno division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee said this today in response to a call made by former special branch deputy director Yuen Yuet Leng to allow former CPM secretary-general Chin Peng and other former members to return to the country.
DAP national chairman Karpal Singh yesterday agreed with Yuen’s call.
“The people and country suffered during the Malayan Emergency because of Chin Peng’s cruelty. There is no reason for a communist leader to be allowed back into the country,” he said.
Syed Ali said the government must stand firm on the issue to ensure peace and stability is preserved in the country.
“This is also to prevent threats of communist ideologies and subversive movements from affecting the sovereignty of Malaysia.
“The government is facing numerous political issues, including treason by some of its citizens… the ban on their return should be maintained,” he said.
“Nowadays there are youths especially the non-Malays who are not loyal to the country. Their actions are against our culture and laws. There are some who dare insult Islam and our royals,” he added.
‘Don’t politicise issue’

Syed Ali said that the cruelty of the communists cannot be forgotten simply because the movement had disbanded, and the war is long over.
“It is not about whether or not communism has ended, but about the pain and suffering of the victims, especially the policemen and soldiers who will always be a part of our bitter history,” he said.
He urged Karpal not to politicise the issue and said the return of former CPM members had never been welcome by the public.
“I urge DAP not to politicise the issue. This is not about whether humanity can be bought or sold, this is about dignity and self-esteem attained from the sacrifices of our nation’s heroes.”
Yesterday, Malay right-wing group Pertubuhan Pribumi Perkasa (Perkasa) also opposed the proposal to allow Chin Peng back into the country, saying it would hurt the people.
Perkasa vice-president Zulkifli Noordin said the cruelty of Chin Peng and the communist terrorists, which caused the death of thousands, could not be forgotten.
Zulkifli said if Chin Peng was brought back to Malaysia, the former CPM leader would have to be tried for his past offences.
Earlier yesterday, Karpal said the Malaysian government should not be adamant in its stand against the return of Chin to the country.
He also reiterated that the call should be seriously considered particularly in view of the 1989 accord reached between the CPM and Malaysian government.


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