Saturday, August 03, 2013

 Ridicolous Absurd! How do you reconcile with the Surah Alkhafi or cave as mention in the Quran about a dog who went to sleep with 6 companions of the prophets. Why did god alleviate the status of a dog and what about the story of the prophets which talk about the prostitute who gave water to a dog and went to heaven. Why did 2 lowly beings as describe by the malays ideas of islam is use, is it not to stress the point of kindness when done would have their reward? I do not understand how to reconcile, tell me? I never deny that Dogs is najis mughalazah but i disagree that dogs are dirty. Najis should never be equate with dirty per se it is a loose translation, a cheap one at that,I know touching dogs and pigs when wet you have to samak which literally means clean, and do you readers know that Sheikh Yusof Al Zawawi the former Mufti of terenggannu  7.4.1953 - 22.11.1975 gave a fatwa which remain controversy until today that you can use soap to samak or clean yourself. I should know our family were his neighbours in Terenggannu.So what's wrong that Chatz using soap. The mufti keep a dog in fact he gave us a dog too to keep. Was it in bad taste, yes but she did the video for her friends who knows her in 2010 and someone upload it in you tube recently. Does not Islam values privacy in fact many Islamic laws emphasis on that,.I was sad later when I enter college I saw how the ustaz blasphemies Sheikh Yusof to no end. Is that how degenerate malays muslims have become? Oh yes there are also hadiths that emphasis Gabriel and the prophet disdain on dogs yet during a hunting season using bow and arrow a shot was fired and a bird was kill. The hunting dog went to retrieve it and the prophet regarded the meat as kosher. Was the video in bad taste, yes it is, but it is an affront to put someone in jail and charge her for that! She has apologies enough is enough! Do not make a mockery of Islam and justice as it goes hand in hand.And when did fatwa become law and when was to degenerate fatwa an offense in Islam. To argue about fatwa or religious edict is encourage. To dismiss that does not encourage understanding only fear and loath towards the religion. In this modern time and age fatwa must be inclusive. In indonesia fatwa can be issued by the majlis Ulamak and Nadahtul Ulamak and others. It does not in effect become law but here this has warp into trying to make the Malays be like cattle to follow and to obey and lead to the slaughter house. I have to ask the ulamak that during talqin as told after burial it is said we will be visited by 2 angels Mungkar and Nakir and they will ask questions and if we fail we will be wallop, could we say that we follow the ulamak thus you all be wallop for us since we are just cattle and you are our master? Why should we be punish for your stupidity? I agreed fatwa must be respected but do we need to follow if it goes against just and fair as required in Islam? I do not know just think about it!  

 Chetz insulted, mocked Islam, says Jakim

(Bernama) - The Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim) has decided that the “1 Hari di Hari Raya” video clip suggesting that Muslims could celebrate Aidilfitri with dogs has insulted Islam and an irresponsible act.
Its director-general Othman Mustapha said the video recording owner had clearly insulted the faith and provoked the sensitivities of Muslims in Malaysia who belonged to the Shafie mazhab (sect), which prohibited Muslims from holding or touching dogs and if they did, they must cleanse themselves.
He said the “takbir raya” which sang praises for the greatness of Allah but played in the background in the video recording while its owner was doing something unIslamic, had also provoked the sensitivities of Muslims.
“Such a video recording should not be made by a Muslim as he or she should respect the feelings of other Muslims.
“The action of the video recording owner appears to have mocked and challenged the Islamic faith of Muslims.
“Such a provocation is usually committed by a few non-Muslim individuals,” he added in a statement, here.
Othman said a police report had been lodged on the controversial video on Wednesday and Jakim was now preparing a report to be submitted to the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission for further action.
A 38-year-old woman, known as Chetz, has come under public condemnation after a video clip featuring herself with three dogs celebrating Raya three years ago was uploaded to YouTube recently.
The woman was remanded at the Segamat district police headquarters in Johor for two days until today after her statement was recorded by Bukit Aman police yesterday.


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