Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Evil pure slander

Yes I begin this with Bismillah because we should praise God and below is a Malay Ustaz sermon capture in youtube ridiculing malay prominent Islamic thinkers who don’t share his views. Most of what he says is slanderous especially on Dr Asri whom he mentions by name and lying to his teeth on what Dr Asri says about dogs. It shows very mu8ch the mindset of many Malays who thinks they know all especially those that wear the Islamic garb. I have encountered this type of person many times. In fact last year one commented in my blog and commented in an arrogant way asking me whether I know the verses I recite in my solat. I do, but it bewilders me what that have to do with my article? It is in Malay but those who can’t understand it I can’t help you but I wish you can understand.  These arrogance the Malays Muslims have is not part of the Prophet way. They are not humble, don’t have the hasanah, tawadduk, speaking truth and have the akal to warrant to speak!


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