Sunday, January 19, 2014

Apa Cina mau?

I am dismay at the non Malays in Malaysia. I can empathize with them but i cannot accept blatant prejudices.  I embrace racism if it goes back to the true definition of the word that means loving one race or one community. But I am against the blatant prejudices that colour the emotion of Men. I am a humanist and a Muslim. I don't see anything wrong in it.But it is wrong when we deny others their right be it in wealth or opportunities. I am all for NEP if it means helping the poor regardless of race. I believe social engineering is needed so identification of economic activities is not by race but by abilities. These 2 were the main thrust of the NEP. On poverty it has been successful but on the social engineering part it has fail. The Government has become more Malays than Malaysian. Private Sectors own by the Chinese mostly still would not employ Malays although a law was pass that 30% of the employees of all division whether Management to workers must be reserve for Bumiputras but this is not happening. Yet they complain the Government is only for the Malays. They forget to achieve NEP they too must sacrifice. Even in Singapore any advert for workers must not include the ability to speak vernacular language although we know in Singapore racism is there but regulated not blatant. Here in Malaysia if you open the papers you can read that Chinese language is a must sometimes they make it clear only Chinese is preferred. I do not support Vernacular Schools even Dr Khoo Kay Kim agree. Vernacular School should be abolish in fact better to have a hybrid Malaysian school  like it was before 2979 where Sciences and Maths were taught in English.

Sadly, for political reason both would never be done. The leaders are weak to bulldoze this idea through.Funny, in Singapore the mother of DAP, PAP government decides to do away with Vernacular School ever since 1965. Those that oppose it Lee Kuan Yew put them in Jail. ISA is still use by Singapore. Yet the prodigal son for political reason fought for these school and the abolishment of ISA in Malaysia.In Singapore 75% Chinese 14% Malay and the rest others while Malaysia has only 60% Bumiputra 32% and the rest Indian and others. Singapore should not be afraid but yet Singapore Chinese Government has ISA while we should be more afraid but we don't have ISA. Think! We are much more better off as a country then what people think. We have minor hiccups here and there but on the whole democracy is still alive here.By and large we do not enforce the rule that emphasize 30% employment to be given to the bumis.I smat a loss Apa lagi Cina Mau?

Don't test my patience, says Nazri

Friday, January 17, 2014 - 08:42

by SJK (C) Chin Woo to reject a government offer to pay a nominal rental fee for 15,000 sq feet of land has not gone down well with the Tourism and Culture Ministry.
The RM1,000 rental fee had been agreed upon by both parties in December after the school refused to surrender the land, which presently houses its basketball court.
The ministry had initially proposed to acquire the land for the Kota Warisan building and restaurant project.
"I don't care what decision they make. This is government land and the school's decision is not important," the minister, Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz, said.
He said the school had, in a letter dated Dec 24, acknowledged the land belonged to the government and agreed to pay RM1,000 in rental for 20 years.
"We had agreed on the terms and now I am informed that the offer has been rejected by the school during their recent AGM," he said.
"I'm not concerned with what they say. If they do not accept my offer, they can get out. I don't care!"
It was reported on Jan 12 that the school decided it would only pay RM10 annually instead of RM1,000.
"Asking for rent worth RM10 instead of the standardised government rate of RM1,000 is an insult," Nazri said.
He also challenged the school authorities to bring the issue to court.
However, Chin Woo school chairman Oo Tin Fuan told The Malay Mail the AGM was illegal.
"I did not approve the AGM as those organising it failed to adhere to the 14-day notice period which must be given to the board before a meeting is held," he said.
"The meeting was organised by one of the board members who was against agreeing to the government's terms.
"As far as I am concerned, we have no qualms on the offer made by the government.
I'm disappointed with certain quarters for damaging the school's reputation by making misleading statements."
Oo gave an assurance the school would comply with the terms set in the Dec 24 agreement.

Former Sodomy II investigator cries foul after barred from Bar

KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 — Former police investigating officer Jude Blacious Pereira is unhappy with the Bar Council for objecting to him practising law.
He said he had received a letter from the council in November withdrawing its objection against him being admitted as an advocate and solicitor.
However, he was surprised the matter was brought  up on Wednesday in  the High Court, which allowed the council’s  objection.
“It is not fair for the Bar Council to go against me and judge me based on the Brickfields case,” said Pereira, who was the investigating officer in the second Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy case,
“I did not act on my own accord but acted while I was under the police force.
“I will appeal and leave this to the court. Let them decide.”
Pereira questioned why he was allowed to go through seven months of chambering without any objection from the council.
“Up to my third call they did not object, so why is it that at the last minute they are the pulling the carpet under my feet?” he asked.
Pereira said he failed the first time he sat for the Ethics and Professional Standards examination organised by the council but passed when he sat for the paper again and obtained a certificate.
“I was looking forward to practising law. It is the only thing I am good at,” he said.
High Court judge Datuk Zaleha Yusof, who struck out the petition by Pereira to practise law, allowed the Bar Council’s notice of objection and notice of caveat against admitting him as an advocate and solicitor.
After retiring from the police force as a superintendent, Pereira had applied to practise in Ipoh where he completed his chambering.
Lawyer Pavendeep Singh,  representing the Bar Council, said the Bar had the right to object to Pereira because he was found “not to be a credible witness” during a human rights case last May, based on the Human Rights Commission inquiry.
The case involved the arrest of five lawyers at the Brickfields police station on May 7, which was later found to be in violation of human rights due  to mala fide (acting in bad faith).
Pereira was one of the two top police officers responsible, along with OCPD Wan Abdul Bari Wan Abdul Khalid.
-Published: Tuesday November 19, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM Updated: Tuesday November 19, 2013 MYT 7:42:23 AM

Move to avoid speculation and hoarding of fuel, says Ahmad

Published: Tuesday November 19, 2013 MYT 12:00:00 AM
Updated: Tuesday November 19, 2013 MYT 7:42:23 AM

Move to avoid speculation and hoarding of fuel, says Ahmad

by mazwin nik anis AND yuen mei keng




THERE is no need to announce the reduction of fuel subsidy early because this will avoid speculation and hoarding of fuel, says Deputy Finance Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan.
He added that an early announcement would also be difficult because the market price for petroleum and its products could not be predicted.
Their prices are based on global crude oil prices, which fluctuate daily, he added.
“We do not want people to hoard fuel because this is also a form of wastage. The rationalisation of fuel subsidy needs to be done carefully, especially in these challenging economic times.
“This is necessary so that the rakyat, especially those in the low-income group, will not be burdened,” Ahmad said in response to a question by Datuk Chua Tee Yong (BN-Labis).
Ahmad said subsidy rationalisation was implemented in stages from awarding it in bulk, which had led to leakages, to awarding it directly to target groups.
On a separate matter, Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Abdul Wahid Omar said not all Malaysians who migrated left the country due to social injustices under the New Economic Policy as claimed by William Leong (PKR-Selayang).
He said there were also other reasons, such as lack of career opportunities, significant salary differences, currency exchange and quality of life, that had spurred some to move abroad.
“While we do not intend to take away people’s rights, we do not want economic activities to be dominated by just a certain race. The New Economic Policy is aimed at boosting business and employment opportunities that are fair to bumiputras,” he stressed.
Abdul Wahid also said that according to a survey, the percentage of bumiputras holding decision-making posts in government-linked companies (GLCs) was much higher than those in the private sector.
According to the survey, 60% of those in high management posts in GLCs were bumiputras while Chinese and Indians made up 30% and 5% respectively.
Abdul Wahid said that in the private sector, bumiputras holding senior positions only constituted 20% compared to 70% Chinese while 5% to 10% of them were Indians.

When stupidity reigns supreme

January 17, 2014
Faridah Hameed

Faridah Hameed, MM
Just how much ridiculousness can a country tolerate before it becomes unhinged? Why does it feel like when the subject of faith is on the table, we speak in forked tongues and stand on ‘hollowed’ rather than ‘hallowed’ ground?
Right now, it feels like our screws have come loose and all that’s standing between the peacemakers and the mad men at the gate is a wobbly door.
So, when it all got too much for me, I took refuge at my neighbourhood ‘spa’ for some pampering. And there, in the story of a young Vietnamese girl called Lina, I learned just how much silliness has seeped into our so called tolerant culture.
Lina is a 20-something extremely bubbly girl from Ho Chi Minh city. She fits the comedic stereotypes of Vietnamese manicurist you find on YouTube — in a good way. In under five minutes, she convinced me to do a full mani-pedi (manicure and pedicure) and by the end of the hour, had even pre-sold me on another product.
All this from a girl who didn’t speak a word of English before she came to Malaysia five months ago. But it is her experience with her Malay-Muslim roommates that embarrassed me on how we continue to speak with such insensitivity to those of other faiths.
As we talked about her experience in Malaysia so far, she tells me that she has a good boss and stays in a house with two Malay-Muslim girls. What she says next, just makes my toes cringe.
“I cannot cook in the house,” she says. “You don’t know how to cook?,” I ask. “No,” she answers animatedly. “The girls say if I cook, they cannot eat.” I look surprised. “But why?” I ask in surprise.
“They say I’m not Muslim. They cannot eat food not cooked by Muslim.”
Oblivious to my rising anger at the ridiculousness that she’s been fed, she continues. “But it’s OK, I cut the vegetables and help them prepare the meals and I wash up.”
Though I tell her what she’s been told is absolutely wrong, my words sound hollow even to me. All I can hope for is that she realises we’re not all a bunch of idiots hell bent on showing just how silly we sound to the rest of the world.
Like many Malaysians who grew up in the 1970s and 80s, I have experienced nothing but kindness and understanding from my non-Muslim friends. During Chinese New Year or Christmas, they would ensure that they didn’t serve pork in our presence and would even go so far as cook in a separate pot.
In college, in the US, the cafeteria management cooked eggs separately for Muslim students so that it wouldn’t mix with the bacon and eggs served to the rest.
When others go out of their way to show us respect, why is it that some reciprocate with abject disrespect?
This led to my searching of whether there was such a thing as a ‘Stupidity Index.’ Are human beings truly becoming more stupid or are we simply hearing a lot more stupidity spewing in the media and the airwaves?
This is what I found. Research shows our intelligence as a species is diminishing. The first such known study was done in 1976 in the aptly called ‘The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity’ by Italian economist Prof Carlo M. Cipolla.
He made four key observations but two hit home:  Always and inevitably, everyone underestimates the number of stupid individuals in circulation; Non-stupid people always underestimate the damaging power of stupid individuals.
More recently in 2012, a study by Dr Gerald Crabtree of Stanford University and Dr. Jan te Nijenhuis, Professor of Work and Organisational Psychology at the University of Amsterdam, concluded that we no longer need intelligence to survive unlike our ancestors.
Within the last 3,000 years or about 120 generations, they estimate that we have sustained two or more mutations harmful to our intellectual or emotional stability.
Nobel prize winners psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger found that people tend to have “overly favourable and objectively indefensible views of their own abilities, talents and moral character.”
“For example, a full 94 per cent of college professors state that they do ‘above average’ work although it is statistically impossible for virtually everybody to be above average,” said Dunning.
So it comes to this. Science tells us that the universe abhors a vacuum. Unfortunately, in human terms it tends to be filled with a lot of hot air.
It’s time for the Non-Stupid people of the world to unite. We may all have a few screws loose, but like it or not, it’s in our hands to ensure that what intelligence we have doesn’t go the way of the dodo bird.
* Faridah Hameed is the creator of the Language of Power for Women training programmes. Connect with her on Facebook, LinkedIn or her website


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