Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hopefully the begining of the end of Mahathirism in UMNO

Im breaking my mantra in not talking about politics. But I have to comment on the recent conclusion of the UMNO election. I wish there were some changes especially in Wanita but overall Im happy the hawk lead by Muhyiddin and the Dove by Najib has clip the wing of Mahathir influence although his influence still matters in UMNO. They manage to thwart his son ascending to the throne. I think it is fair. Mukhriz has done not enough to rightfully win the vice president seat although he won the popularity vote. I think his father is incensed. I am please as a punch! I hope those Malays who support Mukhriz for whatever reason must understand that no living ex Prime Minister has witness the son ascending in the political world but the Mamak in Mahathir would point to Khairy but Khairy is the son in law. Najib and Hishamuddin both entered politics after their father's death. They make their mark before ascending the hierarchy. Mukhriz looks quite and very humble it reminds me of Anwar whom I despise and dislike so I am wary of Mukhriz. He must show his mettle before I can believe him.I hope this would be a new begging for UMNO to run from the shadows of Mahathir. The relief was shown at the joint press conference so we wait and see!

Najib entrenches power as reform drive fades


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