Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sugar the truth

Najib did the right thing, whether it cause hardship for the poor is a fact but there is alternative to sugar or cane sugar as we call them. The alternative is already there in the Market. Give me sometime to do a research on it. As a small nation we have the longest shoreline in the world base on land mass and that is a fact. Thus smuggling is rampant Sugar is one of the commodities that is sought by our neighbours Thailand, Indonesia and even Singapore. If we continue subsidizing, it is only the foreigners and the rich who will enjoy the benefit Not the poor. What is important is to increase the income.of the people and that is the concern of the budget. I also like the tax for Alcohol and Cigarettes to come down because the high price of those things result in lot of smuggling.

That is where GST comes in. It was planned way back in the 80's but delay until now. One of the proponent for her implementation was non other than Anwar Ibrahim when he was the Minister of Finance.Yet, now he oppose both, I think that's why hw is a failure as the Minister. Under him we lost billions in Forex resulting in the resignation of Bank Negara Governor. He was also the person who wanted to i,implement wholly the IMF policy during the currency crisis of 1997 which will result in no more subsides for basic items sugar, cooking oil and petrol. That what happen in Indonesia when Suharto implement the suggestion. It result in his downfall.

What really is GST it will rersult in fact many of the taxes be reduce especially Alcohol and Cigarettes.but progressively but eating out will be expensive so too drinking at pubs.This tax is good for high income nation which we aspire to be but we have to wait and see. We have 2 years to understand it better. For me it is a big step for the goodness of the country.


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