Thursday, January 25, 2007

Sorry for the long delays! Ive just move and now currently in Penang. Somehow or rather although not from Penang I love the Island and to me it is my kampong!!!My Mother was an orphan and she and my father were second cousins. She became a ward to my grandmother who took her in and schooled her. She have a brother whom we have lost touch with. It seems the Father side of his family who took him in abuse him. He ran away from home and the last time we manage to get in touch with him was when he suffered an illness and laying in the hospital. when he recovered he left us again and that was in the mid 80 s. And until now we have not heard from him. My Mom died when she was just 25 yrs old and I was just 2 1/2 years old. So I do not know her. I don't have any memories of her somehow I can't recall. Sometimes alone I would weep,after knowing or getting a taste of unselfish love but that is another story. For now let's go back to the family and their stories. My Grandmother was among the first Malay girl who studied in an English School in the Malay States. Her name was mention in the the memiors of Mustapha Hussein which you could read on line on Malaysia Today. Although he got the places wrong and the name not exact but the rest are true. She is Che Dun from Taiping who studied in the Treacher School. She also known as Misi Dun or Nurse Dun.Her adopted Mum the wife of Raja DiHillir Puteh Baidah was responsible for that. She was a woman ahead of her time an independent woman who drove a car a buick before it was fashionable for woman to do so. She was a great beauty in fact the last husband she married a detective Encik Younos was 25 years her junior! It was said that he was responsible for the ambush of PKMM officers during their meeting in Aulong which was held at their home by the British. Few people were caught including Pak Sako and Datok Ahmad Boestaman. She was responsible for her son in law interest in Politics and yet the other side of her is her tryst as Madam Fatale to two Caucasian Man Robinson and Crinkerback. She was a Diamond Merchant and when the war ended she was going to sail to England to visit her amour before tragedy struck she got a stroke.
After her Mom Tok Hitam past away in 1951 at the old age of 90+ she follow suit. She died in 1954 and both of them were buried at the Masjid Kota of Taiping. Although she provide ample luxury to her adopted child she never made her cut her roots with both her parents. My Grandma was aware she was adopted and she never forget her siblings.Her real Father was a watchman a guard at the nearby quarry. There were 9 of them and she have a half sister who was born when her father remarried after her mother's death. All of them have pass away except her half sister who was born in 1929. Her half sister Tok Su is an anglophile a clever lady a beautiful lady indeed.Her eldest brother was Tok Wa(tua) Desa who was a forrester and during those time it was one of the highest post available for Malays not of the ruling class.They were childless. One of them married an Indian and i don't know what the Indian did but she died young. She got a pair of children. At least ada juga Indian terselit but not my blood. I will love to continue but for the meantime this will do. Happy Reading


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