Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So in 1952 a working relationship was establish with MCA and MIC so UMNO by then could work towards independence. They won and trash IMP during the election of 1955 and so by then the British has to work with the alliance. Malayan even by then were not willing to work together as one unit but was very communal. Even now a party like PPP or DAP which es pouch multi cultural ism and multiracial tend to skewered to only one community.

People have ask me whether I am an UMNO member, I am not, I would have been a PRM member ( the people's party(a socialist party) if it still exist). But the President decided to merge it with PKRM (the people justice party) which to me was a cop out. Somehow or rather practicality got the better of principal. Yes, during her heydays the socialist party was strong. Headed by the late Dato Ahmad Boestamam, who founded PKMM, she has strong moral principal.

But people enjoy the good life, easy money and the alliance and later the National Front party (form in 1974 which consist of an enlarge member parties plus the former alliance party). The politics of hate which started in 1955 continue unabated. But during Malaya infancy we have people like Tunku although seem weak but very resolute and determine in his decision. Even Mahathir was firm but since then the leader seems weak. Too much playing to the gallery, too much being nice, too much smile. In Singapore, PAP remain strong, yet this Chinese control government brook no dissent against their policy. The Government remains autocratic yet the west are quite about the dismal human rights condition in that country. Racial discrimination remain unabated yet everyone knows in Singapore the talk of meritocracy and multi racial policy are just poppycock the truth is not so charming.

But then in Singapore the Chinese are 70% of the population and they control the economy unlike here in Malaya they are a minority. So they complain and rant that this country is unfair, that they were not given a fair share of the economy and discrimination policy are set against them. Yes, it is true I will be lying if I say no. But they forgot that in the private sector where they are in control discrimination on pay remuneration and upward mobility are continually denied by them to the Malays and Non Chinese. You can see advertisement on the papers in Singapore(now since last year was disallowed) and Malaysia where job placement requires the candidate to know Chinese!

This is covert racialism but yes Malaysia practice overt racialism. But this is because the social contract that was agreed upon by UMNO, MCA and MIC leaders. Ketuanan Melayu was the cornerstone that form Malaya and later Malaysia. It was agreed by the parties that represent the communities and which won the election. Fairplay and justice were thrown out the minute that the Alliance won the 1955 election. The people has spoken, IMP lost and Parti Negara failed miserably in the ensuing battle after independence. The people long divided by History and manipulated by the British wish not to inter grate but to coexist. Assimilation was never approach as the basis of Bangsa Malaysia or Malaysian Race but by embracing the diversity and differences of colour and culture of the inhabitants. All was fine in the beginning but the Malays who has now woken up from slumber keep asking more and more from the government. The government which started as a Malayan Government turn into a Malay Government. While the Chinese exert her control on the Private Sector the Malays in turn would fill up the key personnel in the Public Sector. The Indians were left wanting so much so that their economic cake has dwindle from 1.5% during independence to 1% now. Many Professional Indians have migrated due to the perceive lack of opportunities and mobility both in the private sector and public.

The Aborigines of Malaya and other minorities bear the brunt of this upheaval. They were worse off comparatively before independence and after. Yes, actions were taken trying to alleviate them but not enough e.g. the Eurasian community were now regard as bumiputra. But for the Aborigines their ancestor land is constantly being taken away. Precious timber that grow on their hunting land were harvested by unscrupulous Chinese Timber tycoon co hooting with the Malays Administrators. Yes when it comes to Monies everybody are friends! Malaya inherited a sound Government when the British left in fact I have to give Credit to the Ruling Party for up to Tun Huseein Administration rule of law was abide although there were abuses. But it was under Tun Mahathir the abuses were legendary. Tun Mahathir was the first Prime Minister who has not have any legal training and was the first to be graduated from the local University. I am not belittling his credentials but I believe a man's concept and ideas are influence by the surroundings around him.

So Tun Mahathir was a man in a hurry. Being deprive of going overseas and practically seeing first hand the plight of the malays, as a doctor in the 1960's, he has a sense of urgency. A person who breed no nonsense and practically abhors fatalistic attitudes and the lackadasial attitude of the malays he harbours the idea to change this mindset that plague the malays mind. I sincerely believe that the people who gave us our independence be it Tunku, Tun, Cheng Lok or even Sambathan was like minded. All of them wanted a free and independent Malaya where each citizens are equal and justice is for all, regardless of race colour or creed. The Malayan Government of that time reflect that atmosphere. It was a Malayan Government. Sadly in 1969 this change, the ultra Malays lead by Dato Harun fought for what they believe was the inherent rights of the malays to equal social status which they have been deprive from. They believe they were deprive to participate in the economic field which by that time the Chinese has usurp the vacuum left from the British Capitalist flight out of the country. And until now the Chinese like their counterpart in Indonesia controls the economy. Let's look at the documentary below i hope my readers would understand the story although narrated in Malay! Qnd if you look at the pictures of old the dream of merdeka is shared by all so we must never forget that. We owe our merdeka to them. (Merdeka mean Freedom in this case not independence)


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