Sunday, November 04, 2007

Hooray for you tube! Now i could paste the video here how wonderful! One of the greatest Malay hero and Malaysian Heroes to my eyes is Tun Abdul Razak. He is our second Prime Minister who died in office. As those who have followed my blog would have known Tun Razak was the surrogate son to my cousin's Grandfather but due to difference of political opinion they drifted apart. It has nothing to do with Tun Razak's character but more to do with Dr Ahmad stubbornness. He cannot accept Tun Razak idea's about Malaya and the need to open Malaya to other races. Dr Ahmad was oppose to the idea of English law and the white man's way of governing Malaya. Dr Ahmad was a proud man, he even insist to make some of his children to study in a Malay school to show the superiority of the Malay school which sadly in later years prove folly. Tun Razak try to make amends but to no avail. Tun Razak was a practical man.

He was born in 1922 although the son of a Malay Chief from Pahang he did not live in the lap of luxury. His father took in a second wife and he was send packing to stay with his grandparents, it was there he met Dr Ahmad who took him in and sometime would help him out with some pocket monies to go to school. It was said that he walk barefoot to school as was the norm in those days.

He excel in school so much so that when he reach 12 years old he earn a place to study in the Malay College partly due to the fact that he was the son of a Malay Chief. Malay College Kuala Kangsar was like Eton in England and hear he renew his relationship with Dr Ahmad, who has move back to his hometown. He use to pay a visit quite often. He earn a place to go to Raffles Institutiton and his contemporaries is Lee Kuan Yew. He earn a scholarship to study law in England and he went and there as I think as many student do embroil himself in the student union. It was there that he horned his principle and beliefs.

He became the Deputy Prime Minister for 13 years and never did he go against Tunku. He serve Tunku faithfully just like Hang Tuah who never betray the Sultan, he never betray Tunku! In 1969 after the racial riot he heads MAGERAN, the body that rule Malaysia because Emergency has just been announce.

In sept 1970 he assume the post of the Prime Minister by then he knew he was suffering from Leukemia. He sworn his doctors to secrecy and he went to see his old friend Tun Dr ismail who himself was plague with Heart disease and recurring cancer to ask him join back the cabinet as his deputy. He taught he would leave first but Tun Dr ismail who has taken an oath of secrecy too pass away in 1975. He cried his heart out , he was in despair for he saw no one who could suceed and perhaps understand the policy and ideas that he and the early cabinet members share about Malaysia. His vision on Malaysia has not been fulfilled and fully understood. Most people taught he was a Malay Chauvinist, nay, he loves the Malay yet he understood the rights of all Malaysian. He once said in a speech that one day the Malays need not have affirmative action anymore, once they can stand tall with others, the malay rights will simply disappear. He serve the nation well nobody knows he was suffering from leukemia not even his wife. He argued many times with his wife who sometimes wish to have things that a woman of that standing could have but could not. He abhor abuse of powe and when he died in all regards his family were poor.

I sometime think he could have leave and not assume the post of the Prime Minister after all he knows he was dying but he has too because they was no one Malay who was capable and accepted by the Malays who at the time was disappointed with Tunku and the Ultra Malays lead by Tun Dr Mahathir and Musa Hitam has somehow manage to influence them.


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