Thursday, October 04, 2007

Well I went to Padang again last week and this time for the three days I was there I got involve with a Quake. When I reach there on Tuesday a quake hit the town at 4 in the afternoon. I was there in my room discussing with a lawyer. It was the first time for me to fell a quake. I heard about it but never ever feel a temor before but that day it was something new. The chair shake for a few moments. You could feel the room swaying and kind of cool really. The hotel I stayed in, at the heart of town suffered major damages before because of big quake previously so we got a major discount not knowing why?

Although in Indonesia the hotel is regarded safe but being Malaysian you tend to doubt it. The quake was reported to be 5.6 on the richter scale. The next day this time at night around 10 pm local time or 11 here a quake hit us again. I was on the bed and it was rolicking like when you making love so it was kind of nice. This time was longer and it hit again at 1 in the morning. Luckilly we left padang in the morning back. At the airport we read the local Newspaper and it said that the Quake was at 6.5 on the richter scale this time. Phew! but to the locals it is normal, to them quake is a normal occurence almost daily since the big Quake which hit Padang just before the begining of the holy month of Ramadhan. Expects say that Padang will be hit by a major quake soon.

I hope it be over soon. I kind of feel a bit worried because I might be spending more time there soon after the Eid Festival. Touch wood. I was in Myanamar and what happen now is sad for me. I guess the people are poor and beside having the junta as thegovernment they have to contend with the embargo that is impose by the west. I always maintain the people will suffer and since the price of oil has gone astronomiclly high and the government can't afford to subsidise the oil anymore the people suffer. Mind you Burma has oil and gas but can't be exploited. I am able to get an oilfield for myself, yes, there is courruption but I think it is everywhere.

Even in the states especially those who follow the states history will noted during the 30's how corruption profilerated inthe US government even now. It is unfair the people has to suffer but I know that by doing business in Burma it will eleviate the people standard of living. Jobs can be created and at least burmese can work. I never like politics but it must be look in the context of creating work for people and as Maslow theory state the basic human needs are basically food and shelter. we need to fulfill that first if ever we want to help. Don't talk about human rights if the basic rights can't be provided for.

Here's a letter I wrote to a dear dear of mine. We haven't met but we have been in touch for the last 27 odd years. She be a Grandma soon and I myself am not married yet how times flew.

Dear Christine
I hate to talk politics but sometimes we should. Any embargo against Myanmar would only burden the people. I remember when embargo were made against Iraq during Sadam Hussein the one that suffer was the Iraqian People.
Now the one that suffer will be the people of Burma. There is no quick solution to the problem, trouble with the west they always looking for a quick solution that would result in more hardship and pain. If the west is truly interested than just come in and overthrow the government, in short invade, why create unnecessary hardship?
But that is the trouble with UN and the rest diplomacy don't work and economic embargo won't because the Generals are rich I know I am dealing with them. I will still continue business because i know at the end of the day the people will have some benefit although little.
There is a lot of Grey areas in the world today,nothing is really black and white. It is easier to paint everything in black and white and to compartmentalize people as demons and angels but most of the time they are neither totally angelic or totally villainous, Humans are like that, they can be vengeful to their enemies and doting father next.
I am sorry so let's not talk about Myanmar the point is we try to show a little kindness to be more charitable and god's willing it will go a long way to help others, that is what we should do and strive for. Ihave to go now and i am still waiting for your measurement and send David's one too. Maybe I get him a Batik Shirt done.



Yes she call me tot I have to go now my birthday was last two days on the 3rd of October so I am getting old. I am tired basically.


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