Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Picture of a Taiwanese Native Woman who is believe is from which the Malay Race descended from. Filipinoes Dancers and natives and not to forget the Maories all descended from the Malay Stock

Malay! What is a Malay according to Wikipedia A Malay is an ethnic group of a larger group of the Malay Race which is the Austronesian peoples. Hog wash! Why because Malays and malay race are the same! Sure when you talk about the Malay, 99% are muslim(according to Wikipedia) but when you talk about the malay race less than 30% are muslim! After all you are talking all of the Austronesian people that include the filipinoes and indonesians and not to forget the south islanders,( Maories, Hawaians etc).

Is there a conspiracy to say Malays are Muslims and never have been hindus or buddhist before! That is what happening here in Malaysia. My sister who is a teacher lament the fact that World History are no more taught in schools but a sanitised Islamic History is being drummed in the National School. No wonder the Chinese and Indians are shunning the National School and people talk about the polarisation of school and don't seem to know the reason, while the truth is they know but refuse to acknowledge!

The Malays and Muslim intellectuals must realise that we achieve our independence have nothing to do with Islam although the foundation of fairness that exist in Islam helps but it should not be connected with the faith and if you read the book Malay Dilemma by Tun you realise during the Japanese invasion certain so called enlightened Muslim told their congregation that it is the coming of the Armageddon! Blimey!!! How the Malays have forgotten that I do not understand I am for Malay rights but as long as it is justified. I understand the Malays plight, I emphatise with their sufferings but it must not be at the expense of other races! I am for positive discrimination but not wholesale. When Kennedy introduce affirmative policy for the blacks I applauded that in fact our new Economic Policy is base on this concept but even I understand too much "crutch" for the Malays is not good. They will not become competitive enough for the real world and what is done now here is creating a false idea of greatness and thus children now here in Malaysia do not posses the critical mind that is sorely needed to drive Malaysia foreward! I end here with a song sung by I think Mandy Patikin. It is a combination of two songs. Just look and listen!


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