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The only white woman from scotland which has a stamp dedicated to her for her marriage to the Sultan.

Sultan Ibrahim in all his glory! Smashing Playboy isn't he?

Of all the Sultan that endears himself to me is Sultan Sir Ibrahim of Johore. He rules Johore after Sultan Sir Abu Bakar and in fact was the second Sultan that rule Johore from the Temenggong Line. His mother was half Chinese and half White and he inherit the features of a Caucasian and a true anglophile. He was among the richest Man in the world before the war and courted even Heddy Lamarr or Dorothy Lamour. A great sex machine his exploit is legendary and at the ripe old age of 70 he fathered a child with a romanian woman whom he married Princess Mariam and in the 70's Princess Mariam was a known celebrity. I do not know what happen to her but below is an excerpt from a newspaper in 1931 when he married a scotwoman

Scottish Sultana
Monday, Nov. 30, 1931

Vast Asia's southernmost tip is the Sultanate of Johore. Last week amid dazzling pomp a well-preserved Scotswoman of 41 was crowned Sultana of Johore. Highly pleased seemed her new husband, H. H. Sir Ibrahim, Sultan of Johore, 58, an earnest ruler who lists among his recreations "rubber planting."
Johore knows the new Scottish Sultana of old. Years ago she came out as the charming bride of Dr. William Wilson, who doctored the Sultan. Gradually the Sultan began to call Mrs. Wilson by her first name, Helen, and stage tiger hunts in her honor.
She reciprocated. The Sultan, to his vast delight, was made an Hon. Fellow of the Scottish Zoological Society. Finally Mrs. Wilson divorced Dr. Wilson and went back to Scotland. Fast followed the Sultan. In London last October they were married in Woking Mosque, were later received by King George & Queen Mary.
In Johore Bahru, capital of Johore, last week Sultana Helen appeared at her coronation in a Paris gown of shell-pink Venetian lace. Like Queen Mary's on state occasions, her bosom blazed with enormous diamonds. Her neck could not be seen beneath its ropes of pearls, and the diamond earrings of Dr. Wilson's former wife reached almost to her shoulders.
As the Coronation ritual proceeded Sultana Helen made her responses with a soft Scottish burr. At last, with the Lesser (female) Crown of Johore firmly planted on her Nordic head, she rode with swart Sultan Sir Ibrahim triumphantly around Johore Bahru, received the abject homage of its groveling, grinning populace.
Cooler than the nearby island of Singapore. Johore is just the realm for a Scottish Sultana. Officially the Sultan is "independent," but accepts a thumping yearly British subsidy and does as he is told. In greatest breadth Johore is only 100 mi., in greatest length 165 mi. Mostly covered with green forests, Johore supports an easy-going population of 337,000 who export rubber, import strong drink, including Scotch.

Major-General Sultan Sir Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar (1873- 1959). SULTAN Sir Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sir Abu Bakar, who ruled Johor for over 63 years, probably the longest reign in the country's history, was born in Istana Bidadari, Serangoon, Singapore on September 17, 1873.

Sultan Sir Ibrahim Sultan Sir Abu Bakar, the first Sultan to reign over his subjects for 63 years died at Grosvenor House, London on May 8, 1959 after a long illness.

What is the significant of sultan Ibrahim? He founded UMNO not to ask for independence but to safeguard his reign which has been curb by the British in 1946. He was suppose to be the first Agong but was upset that Malaya achieve independence that he spend the nex two years in London before meeting his maker. The Next in line was Sultan Sir Abu Bakar of Pahang but since the Sultan has eyes for woman too and just got married to Maira Menando a starlet the Majlis Raja-raja Melayu or the Malay ruler conference decided to ask the Negeri Sembilan to be the first Agong or King of Malaysia.

I am fascinated with Sultan Ibrahim and I will post pictures of this great malay libido when I can find where i put all the picture! By the way below is his divorce form the scotswoman as printed in the papers!

Monday, Apr. 11, 1938

To a Mohammedan potentate, divorce is scarcely any problem at all. Under Mohammedan law he can terminate his marriage simply by saying to his wife at three specified times within a period of four successive months: "Talak! Talak Talak!" ("Divorce! Divorce! Divorce!").
In Singapore last week the news came out that H. H. the Sultan Ibrahim of Johore, one of the wealthiest Mohammedan potentates and an international swankster who has presented $2,500,000 to His Britannic Majesty's Government as a contribution toward building the Singapore naval base (TIME, Feb. 21), has of late been saying "Talak!" Thus His Highness has ended one of the most notable marriages in the Mayfair set, and one which for seven years had given every promise of strengthening the already cordial relations between Johore and England.
His Highness came to the throne of Johore in 1895, is one of the few potentates of such undoubted bravery that it has been his custom to hunt tigers afoot—the usual way is from a howdah. Years ago His Highness was attracted by the Scottish wife of his youthful physician, Dr. William Wilson. She was 17 years his junior, the daughter of a comfortable Glasgow family.
In 1930 the Sultan, then 57, followed Mrs. Wilson, who had left Johore and obtained a divorce, to England, married her, and by Johore's influence was able to get her presented at Court to King George V and Queen Mary, averse in general to receiving a divorcée. Back in Johore, the Sultan & Sultana celebrated their coronation on Nov. 18, 1931 with maximum Oriental pomp. The jewels worn by Her Highness were worth over $250,000 by conservative estimate. The Sultana promised the high priests of Johore to adopt the faith and customs of this Malay state. In 1934 Their Highnesses made a round-the-world tour, were photographed with Mae West. Last spring they were in London for the Coronation, feted everywhere in Mayfair and received by the new King & Queen.
In Johore it was considered beneath the dignity of Sultan Ibrahim to announce last week why he had divorced Sultana Helen, automatically depriving her of her rank. His Highness has a son, Crown Prince Ismail Tunku Mahkota of Johore, by his previous Malay wife, and most of his native subjects were delighted to have seen the last of "the Scotswoman." A British civil marriage performed in London, where the Sultan also married Mrs. Wilson at a mosque, had not at latest reports been dissolved, in Johore has never been considered worth the paper it was written on.


Blogger Jenny Prattis said...

This lady Helen, was my great aunt on my mothers side. Helen is a Scot and it is worth noting; as Scottish people are of Celtic or Pictish race, they are NOT Nordic. Nords are a different race completely from the Scots. Nordic definition means: from the The Nordic countries, the northwestern European countries of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden), as well as Iceland and Finland. Your article however is interesting and especially to me as my mother used to talk of her aunts exploits in Malaysia.

6:01 PM  
Blogger wan zaharizan b wan zan said...

True but I did not write the said article 'the Nordic' words came from a newspaper report here published in 1938. I think the reports was trying to describe your Aunt whom I believe has golden fleece for her hair. To them it features prominently as Viking heritage thus Nordic. A gaffe, a silly mistake of yore.Take it as it is with a pinch of salt. I interspersed my writings with those i glean from other sources. He courted Heddy lammar never Dorothy lamour.

10:29 PM  
Blogger Lee Art said...

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6:41 PM  
Blogger Lee Art said...

It would be nice to fill up the symbolic coat of arms of Sultanah Helen since Coat of Arms is a strong tradition and trademark of the Scottish decentant.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Lee Art said...

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6:45 PM  
Blogger Lee Art said...

Since Sultanah Helen is of Scottish decent, do you have the coat of arms of Sultanah Helen while she is at Malaya during 1930-1938?

5:31 AM  
Blogger Brocade Blue said...

Finally I can read the truth about these johor royalty. I knew they were up to no good killing people on whim and hurting people because they said the wrong things at the wrong time

11:43 AM  

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