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The 3 inportant Man in in charting the course of modern Malaya !) Tunku Abdul Rahman 2) Tun Razak 3) Tun Dr Ismail

I read in an article recently written by Fan Yew Teng a DAP politician whom have skewered the fact about the relationship Tunku has with Tun Razak. I am sad when history has been skewered to no end. Down below is an excerpt of the article as reported:

"After Merdeka in 1957, the public perception of the Tunku as prime minister and Abdul Razak as his deputy was that their relationship was one of great harmony. Some even characterised it has a father and son kind of relationship. But it was only valid for a while.
For none other than the Tunku himself had exploded the myth that his relationship with Razak was as harmonious as commonly believed. Writing in the 29 August 1983 issue of The Star (and later reproduced in his book Contemporary Issues in Malaysian Politics), the Tunku related a telling incident in this vein: “Once at the Residency, Khalid Awang Osman, the former High Commissioner to India, mentioned in front of Tun Razak that he (Razak) would have to wait for a long time before he could become the Prime Minister. I could see the shocked surprise on the face of Tun Razak. As it happened, after that day I noticed his attitude took a change.”
Well, well, from the horse’s mouth, so to speak. The myth of an almost perfect political and working relationship was, well, just a myth. In an article published in The Star on 20 February 1978, the Tunku said that Asiaweek’s M.G.G Pillai had alleged in the 17 February 1978 issue of that magazine that “many political figures still insist privately that the Tunku stepped down unwillingly in 1970 and that he was in fact pushed aside by Tun Abdul Razak.”
The Tunku commented: “As regards the late Tun Razak pushing me aside, he made no attempt openly to do so but it must be admitted that he felt a bit small to be my deputy for so long, and being an ambitious man, he would no doubt have liked to take over as prime minister. Only those around him wanted to take over dramatically and with a blare of trumpets.”
It may be true that Tun Razak made no attempt openly to push the Tunku aside. But did he make any attempt secretly to do so? And who were those around Razak?
Mahathir, Musa Hitam, Harun Idris, Syed Jaafar Albar? And some other Umno extremists or ultras?
It is interesting to note that the Tunku, in reference to what Khalid Awang Osman said, as mentioned earlier, had added: “I took the remarks as a joke, but soon after things began to happen.”
What things began to happen?
Well, in an interview with Asiaweek, published on 10 May 1985, exactly 16 years to the day after the fateful general elections on 1969, the Tunku actually blamed Tun Razak and other colleagues for his political downfall. In relating the charged atmosphere just before the 1969 general elections, the Tunku said: “It started when one of them (alleged communists) was killed near the airport, and they asked for a funeral procession to bury the dead. I would never have allowed that. But I was not there. I was away campaigning. But my colleagues, who were trying to make trouble for me, gave permission, and so when the communists carried the body, they stopped at every corner to harangue the people, to curse the government, to curse me…”
Responding to further questioning, the Tunku actually said that “My deputy allowed it”, meaning the procession.
To another question, the Tunku said: “I couldn’t have stayed on. To stay, you have to be sure of the loyalty of your friends and colleagues. I wasn’t sure. In fact I was very, ah, frustrated with the behaviour of some.”
The Tunku had often said that he wanted to be the “happiest prime minister in the world” - but how could he be happy when some of his friends and colleagues wanted to stage a coup against him?"
First and foremost how dare you to insuanate that what you did not know. Did Tunku fell that Tun has betray him, maybe? did he betray him, no, a big fat no! Fan Yew Teng tend to forget that Tunku has become irrelevent to the Malays. Many wanted him out, but it was difficult to do that. Malays have a tendency not to rebel, they epitomise the spirit of Tuah well and very few want to be Jebat! It was Tunku who has misread his welcome, his catnap and his indulgence to gamble and horsing around don't go to well with the malay masses. I remember in a TV programme in the late 70's 'Rancangan 30 Minit' Tunku who was invited to be the guest when he was ask about the Malay by the editors of the newspaper his awnser was vintage tunku. He replied without baiting an eyelid that the Malays need are basic, depa kalau dapat kenyang perut depa, cukup! otak tak kenyang takpa asal perut, orang orang Cina depa buat bierniaga jadi jangan peningkan orang Melayu yang susah nak peningkan otak baik depa belajak

That is Tunku, he is not wrong but he has I repeat become irrelevant. He refuse to change and he remind me of a father who are set in his ways! It is difficult for him to understand the needs of the Malays whom by the time because of him, has gone forward! Has gone to the Universities yet can't find a job. It is a fact even now the malays find hard to compete with the Chinese in the private sector. In Penang for example qualified penang malays cant find a job and had to migrate to Kuala Lumpur whereas Penang malays are the most cosmopolitan of all the malays in malaya. But it is a fact that since the Penang Government is chinese and the private sector are chinese control the environment is stiflling for the Malays to earn a descent living and the myth of meritocracy that the non malays espouched is totally false.

Was they disagreement between the top leaders, yes but not to the extent that Tun would oust Tunku. It is a known fact that Tunku favours Tun Dr Ismail as his deputy. He is flamboyant and a dresser compare to Tun who has doer face. But Tun Razak is worker, a brilliant technocrat and wise enough to understand the need of the nation as a whole, In fact he believe, like most like minded Malays of that time to a Bangsa Malaysia which one day would be a reality! How far UMNO has gone from that lofty ideas is perhaps blame on Tun Mahathir whom Tunku dislike but Tun Razak decided otherwise. It is also to note that Tun Dr Ismail also dislike Tun Mahathir and never regard him as a Malay but Tun decided to keep his enemies within after all, all of them basically love the Malay race!

If Tunku think he was betrayed it was justified but not by Tun. He wish Tun has fight for him, but deep down I think he has inform Tunku many times of the undercurrents that exist againts him but Tunku did not heed him. He was surrounded by lackeys and he trust them too much. People like Khir Johari, Senu etc paint a different picture to him and this was his weaknesses and when he fell after the 1969 racial war, the happiest Prime Minister is no more! in the Sun as reported the late Tan Sri Lee Siew Yee remembers Razak word when he helm MAGERAN the commitee that overseer the emergency after the racial clash "My Main Job is to make myself out of business- I am a dictator, I rule by decree. It is an unplesant business,it's best to get it quickly over and done with."

Why I think Tunku fear is unfounded is because before he was made Prime Minister, he learn about his leukemia. He was given not more than three years to live he survive more than 6 years. He went to see Tun Dr Ismail, Tunku's favourite whom by that time has retired to ask him to be his deputy and confided in him his sickness whom beside his doctors is the only one who knows this secret. He cried unambashedly when Tun Dr Ismail past away before him because whom can he turn to to make the dreams of the founding fathers a reality? Yes, people also point out to me that he could have ask Tunku to stay but the Malays could not have him, Tunku knows he has to go. Why he did not confided in Tunku because Tunku whose mind is still lock in a time past would made a mistake by choosing his lackey!

Tun as far as I know has always shown respect to Tunku and always use patek when spoken to him. Fan Yew Teng do not know history is very sad!! A former Member of Parliament and a SUARAM member should know better. When Tun Dr Ismail past away, Tun at that time was in Canada. He instructed Sardon then who was Minister of Works to buried him at the Heroes Mouseleum(the first one to be so). Sardon disobey Tun and decided to bury Tun Dr Ismail outside the Heroes Mouseleum. Luckilly as luck would have it Tun who has hurried back thanks to the Canadian Governement who has loan him a plane was stumped. Sardon who is noted not to be a liberal when ask why he disobey he told that the Mufti was againts muslim to be buried under a roof. Tunku was so so sad by this remark for it seems to say his forefathers who was the Sultans of Kedah were not muslims enough. Tun quickly ask the workers to break the marble floor of the mouseleum so that his friend and Tunku's could be buried and given a heroes burial. Does this not speak volume of the relationship of Tunku and Tun!!!!

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