Monday, May 25, 2009

I am flabergasted last thursday during the Halaqah talk show on tv. I was stunned for the topic they use were swine influenza or H1N1 influenza which is now a pandemic around the world. As I suspected I got a earful of hearing them bashing the poor pigs! Even one of the speaker remark that the swine has now invaded south thailand and many are sick, last I know only 2 in thai have fallen ill. According to the report these two affected has just return from Mexico.

Two more countries--Thailand and Finland--confirmed their first novel H1N1 cases today, the Australian Associated Press (AAP) reported. Thailand reported two cases in people who had traveled to Mexico, and Finland also confirmed two, though few details were available. The four cases are not included in today's WHO total. [May 12 AAP story]

But it seems the speakers seems to alude and deceive the audience by saying many! This is the type of insensetiveness the reason many non muslim are turn off by Islam. Falsehood are simply regarded as facts. I was also amaze with one speaker by stating the fact that Iman Malik and Al Zuhri belief that what is forbidden is the meat not the skin or the hair! Why bring it up in the first place although to people like me it was something new for me to chew on but why clouded the issue. Pig meat is forbidden for us to consume, to many school of thoughts it is inclusive of everything. Period. Why is it forbidden, wallahualam for only he knows, he is all knowing and all forgiving. We can infer but we do not know why. We thank God that studies have shown that swine meat has certain viruses that cannot be kill by extreme heat. Cooking will not kill the viruses but to say it is because of that it is wrong. It is false. The speaker spoke that Muslim must eat halal and good food(berkhasiat) ie full of goodness that means abhoring junk food. the speaker spoke in Arabic but Pig Meat might be full of goodness after all one of the longest living human are those in Eastern Europe where pig meat are staple even here among the races the chinese live longer so it is wrong to infer pig is not good for your health, how stupid! Do you know the second people who live the shortest are the Afghan people?, Are they not muslim but why?, if they eat halal food do they die young?

So if you are not an expert remain quiet please, what is agreed is Pig is a dirty animal but it is god creatures. Pigs are just like your roaches and mussels etc. They act as a filtration agent that is why mussels are makruh for us, but I love my "Char Keow Teow" with lot of "kerang" but it must be cook well! Pigs serve that purporses they eat garbage and anything disgusting! For the Muslims it is a comandment of God but it not absolute, you can eat it under certain conditions. It is not a total ban and even then it is not the 7 biggest sin as describe by Mohammad pbuh.

I am not saying it is alright to eat pigs but I am saying eating one make you a fasik, it does not make you an infidel (unbeliever). You did a wrong, a sin and you will be punish for that trangressing act. Having said that kiling or maiming an Animal unnecassary is evil and a sin whether it be a pig or a dog, they are still god creatures. We as Khalifah must at all times show the leadership of a khalifah the guardian that was annointed of this earth thus behave like one. Sadly we don't, I shudder and was very angry when I heard my father's friend talking about hitting the dog that he saw with a car and was happy about it! How could a grown man be happy to hit an innocent animal!, it is not call by muslim to do that, one great hadiths told the story of a Prostitute whose only deeds was she gave a drink to the dog and she went to heaven for it. Than this hadiths reflect that good deeds done by a low person to a low creature in Islam gave her the right to be in heaven than it should have spoke volume to what is needed for the Muslim to behave.Sadly this is not so.

Those two speakers were idiots to touch on issue such as infleunza H1N1 and relate them to pigs. Really how do we achieve IMalaysia then? I must also relate one subuh day opening up the tv to hear the morning sermon I was aghast when I hear a speaker spoke about hadiths that say all kafir are our enemies! Please elaborate it because by saying it are you telling the Chinese and Indians are our enemies?What is meant by the hadiths must be read in the right context, the history being the hadiths must be explain because some of the prophet's friends and families were kafir. Among them were Abu Talib and Waraqah bin Naufal. Both were kafirs and are you telling us that these two were the enemies of Muhammad pbuh? This is why I lament these speakers who might be knowledgeble but lack wisdom (bijaksana) one of Muhammad's pbuh attributes. They will be the bane of the Malay world, really!


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