Sunday, October 23, 2011

I AM AGAINST ANTI APOSTASY LAW! Ah I've said it. In the Quran it is stated there is no compulsion in religion thus I abide by it. The late Tantawi says those who apostate let them be, as long as they live in peace we leave them alone but it is Qardhawi and people like Hadi and harusani who wish to put them to death. I explain many times in the olden days where 'Islamic' State rule then apostasy is a crime against the state, they were regarded as traitors thus it is accepted that those who betray the 'country' deserve capital punishment but now the Islamic state of yore is no more thus the reason required for capital punishment has ceased! I know the link in wikipedia will be frown upon by those readers who still am adamant to put them to death but at least take time out to go through the list of books that is stated in wiki. Here is the link .

Please the himpunan sejuta umat was a laughing stock. Of 100,000 was suppose to come but according to AFP only 2000 turn up. On TV3 10,000 other newspaper 8000. It shows like thinking Malays understand the rights of individuals to profess their own belief although they might not be happy but they do accept that inherent right. Years back without the internet perhaps it was easily to influence now many can read. Many knows that creating fear is not the right way. Demanding without understanding the issues seem to be paramount of leaders like Hurasani etc. We Muslims might not be happy of our sisters and brothers who apostate but if we ask them, the other religion to stop proselytising Muslims, then we too must stop trying to convert them.If our religion is so true do we need those who don't belief in our flock or let them go? Is it our right to punish them or shall we live it to God? Here is a piece of news that was transmit all over the world by a blog which of all things promote islamicphobia.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Moderate Malaysia: Muslims hold anti-Christian rally

The peaceniks are at it again.

And so is the media. Check out how they describe devout Muslims: "Right-wing Malaysian activists."

MuslimsMalaysianRally-apMuslims on Saturday staged a rally against Christians who 'challenge the sovereignty of Islam', amid fears of growing Islamisation in the multicultural nation. -- PHOTO: AP

Malaysian Muslims hold anti-conversion rally Straits Times

SHAH ALAM, Malaysia (AFP) - Right-wing Malaysian activists on Saturday staged a rally against Christians who 'challenge the sovereignty of Islam', amid fears of growing Islamisation in the multicultural nation.

The gathering of about 2,000 people in Selangor state follows allegations of Christian proselytisation in the Muslim-majority country after religious police raided a Methodist church event in August fearing Muslims were being converted.

Newspapers linked to the ruling coalition have also alleged that Christian groups are secretly trying to convert poor Muslims by using welfare such as housing, food and cash.

'Apostasy violates the wishes of Allah, there is no bigger sin,' Yusri Mohamad, the event's chief organiser, told the crowd in Shah Alam, the state capital.

See what happen when we do things foolishly!

In Malaysia, the Malay population is defined by Article 160 of the Malaysian Constitution as someone born to a Malaysian citizen who professes to be a Muslim, habitually speaks the Malay language, adheres to Malay customs and is domiciled in Malaysia. So if you apostate you are no more Malay. Is that not enough to punish those that wish to renounce the religion!



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