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An Awnser to a Question

Its not a question of forgiving or not forgiving Chin Peng.
Its a question of whether we have a clear reason for not honouring the 1989 agreement with the CPM , which needs to be explained to the public.
The government can simply do away with all the emotional rantings by allowing the public to see the details of the agreement.Its unhealthy to allow people who have a political motive to make their own judgement about  Chin Peng's case , unless it is based on legal grounds.
According to a friend, a former IGP who signed the 1989 agreement , said  the government is bound to honour the agreement, which would allow the communists to return to Malaysia and the CPM to participate in politics after  renouncing the use of force.
Can we not find a way to discuss this issue without any emotional resort to race and religion?
Germany and Japan lost millions of innocent civilian lives during WW 2 due to deliberate Allied bombings on their cities and economic infrastructures, yet today the victors and losers  are the thickest of friends . There are many other such examples where deadly foes decided to make peace by forgetting the past and accepting the truth of what happened to their daughters, wives,mthers killed in hate by people who once were their neighbours and friends.In Bosnia, mothers  visit the graves of sons and daughters killed by the Serbs who are living across the street. Northern and Southern Vietnamese are living as friends , despite all the atrocities commited during the Vietnam war against each other.
I sometimes wonder why some people are making so much denial abt the Malayan communist insurgency . The truth is that whether we like it or not , the CPM is part of our history . There is no point denying that the Japanese conquests in S East Asia , which humilated and deflated the British empire and the communist uprisings after the war in Indo China and Malaya, which were based on the struggle against colonial imperialism  , changed the mindsets of  the British and French about their colonies . Malay politicians and historians will sound more credible if they understand the post war ideological changes which made the colonial powers realise that in order for the free world to stop the advance of Soviet and Beijing led communism into the vital region of S East Asia, they had no choice but to give independence to their colonies.The Americans in particular played a crucial role in persuading the British to give up India , as acknowledged by Nehru , India's first prime minister. When Ghandi went round theworld to fight for India's independence , he had the most warm welcome in N York and Washington. It was India's independence and the threat of communist insurgencies that persuaded the British to give independence to Malaya.
We shuld therefore accept that Chin Peng did play a role in hastening our independence and thank the British for saving us from the communists by giving us our independence.
Mohd Sheriff bin Mohd Kassim (Tan Sri)

My Awnser

Sadly we can't. The Malays has been totally indoctrinate to believe the untruth. We are taught to hate never to understand there is no spirit of reconciliation My grandfather was a communist leader. He was the head of the 10th Malay regiment. He was caught in 1951. He divorce Shamshiah Fakeh when he was in prison awaiting trail. Yes, he was suppose to be hang but commuted to life sentence. Most of the Malay far left then were indoctrinate by Marxist Leninist theory. People lie Tan Melaka tend to visit and establish a school in Ampang. One of the student was the late Aishah Ghani. Many of the leftist subscribe to the idea of social justice just like DAP in fact the foundation of PAP was founded by the socialist which then control the trade unionist. Lee Kuan Yew in 1964 purge all the socialist and put them in Jail with Tunku's help. If you read his book he describe Pak Samad as the most staunch communist he ever met. Why is this relevant, I just want to show they are many Malays of prominence who beleive in the idea of Karl Marx and engels. I wish the book Das Kapital is made available in the higher institution for the students to read but it's banned. Najib wants to create a glokal Malay but it is hogwash, how do you globalised the Malay if you keep them dalam tempurung?
Recently someone send an article on Indonesia here. Im proud of them. They do not have a siege mentality. They were not taught to hate but to explore thus in Indonesian society which consist of 85% Muslims they are more open more vibrant. Their works on culture, on history, on religion is full and worth reading. They are not afraid to criticize, there fatwa remains advisory not law.
So back to Chin Peng. We have demonize him to no end forgotten at the end of the war he receive 2 medals from the british, one even accorded to him in England. Yet we blame him for the Bintang 3 massacre. Recently in an article in New Straits time one malay wrote about it. Please understand Bintang 3 consist of many Chinese Communist cadre and sympathizers but it also include a smattering of Malays and Indians and Chinese who are non communist. They work with force 136. In the east coast Malays would play a bigger part. In pahang one of the Malays who work underground in no other then Ghazali Shafie even Tun Razak was part of it.
After the war before the British army came Bintang 3 went into a rampage in the west coast. Kangaroo court or people's court were set up to flush so call traitors who work with the japanese. It can be Malay Chinese or Indians. Many were killed only base on accusation. For the Malays many of them died, sadly it is because of the Japanese who treats the Malays favourably. That is why the first racial incidence occured in Sungai Manik, Parit and Bota. Many of both side die. Yet we blame it on Chin Peng he seem to be so evil even the Bukit Kepong incidence was blame on him. Chin Peng was a Maoist, indoctrinate in the Chinese School. After the war he was still not the head yet. He was just a mid level head like a branch division head. CPM general secretary then was Loi Tek, a vietnamese chinese who is a double agent. In 1947 many chinese communist head were captured or murdered during a meeting in Batu Caves. This lead to the dearth of leaders and when Loi Tek was expose as a British Agent by Chin Peng he would assume the post vacant and be the Sec General. Yet the people blame him for bintang 3 atrocities hmmm how has history been skewered.
How CPM is through cells and both work independently of one another. The bukit kepong incident was lead by mat Indera, the killing of Henry Gurney was lead by Chin teik (if Im not mistaken) and so forth, Chin Peng has very little power on their action but he is the face of CPM, he is their spokesman and if you read the star recently it is reported that he was ask whether he has renounce communism he look at the back to see his comrade Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin and then reply,we are all remain and believe in the communist struggle. This was in Hadyai. The killing of Tun Salleh and the CPO of perak for example was also the result of the renegade marxist leninist group who has disassociate themselves from CPM. Please read his book my story.
I have written in my blog many of these stories, in the spirit of reconciliation and compassion he should be brought back and buried here. Sadly Malaysia always suffer from chronic politicization. It has to stop.


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