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A reply to a retired Major

Attn:     Wan Zaharizan

I am so glad to read your article and very explicit explanation of what happened as far as Chin Peng was concerned.  I also read an article contributed in the STAR about Mr TOO and some other Chinese personalities who gave their explanation of what contributions the Chinese made or sacrifice in the early years.  In the midst of all these articles to clear the misconception of Chin Peng and the role he played as part of the history of Malaysia, an army retiree from the Commando had to come up with a report in the STAR to blame Chin Peng in his killing of Malays in the country and therefore he should NEVER be forgiven!  It was to me a shocking statement by a retired army man.

I joined the army in 1955 and I have gone through all those emergency years doing what any soldier would do; serve the King & Country.  When a man is in uniform and is carrying out his duties, he should perform his duties & responsibilities without any reservation.  It is shameful and dis-honourable to keep the 'hatred' through out one's life.  Did we also not fight the Indonesians during 'Confrontation'?  As soon as the Prime Minister announced the cessation of confrontation, Malaysian soldiers / officers were invited by  the Indonesian counterparts to meet and be friends.  Many of us did just that!  Because the 'war' is over!  

Reading between the lines, the retired Commando  seemed to be more angry with the Government or Ministry of Welfare for NOT helping out retirees, wounded personnel etc.  He should NEVER have brought up Chin Peng for publicity to achieve his own ends.  Chin Peng is history.  He played a part in our Malaysian history and he should be forgiven and given a place where members of his family and/or friends, admirers can continue to pay their respects to a dead hero of sort. The latest obstacle being highlighted is that he is NOT even a citizen in Malaysia.  Any contribution to 'kill' this statement made by Mahathir?  All I can remember is that he was staying in a bicycle shop in Penang as a young boy.  Was he a Straits born Chinese?  If so, there are many Penangites who were automatically British subjects and they became Malaysians after Independence.  I am one of those types also!

I hope my contribution will help clear the air.  God Bless his sole.

Major (Ret) Teng Lim, Thomas Oh    
 Attn Major (rtd) Thomas Oh

Thank you for your email. Im sorry for replying late as I was waiting for others to comment. As usual Chin Peng topic is to those who fights for freedom of speech, is taboo especially among those Tan Sri’s and Datuk that is within the fraternity of our school. They are, as I suspected mostly cowards for when it comes to the truth which they sung in gusto in their school rally, seems to escape them. For they are not brave or  truth!
Chin Peng was not a Straits Settlement Chinese. He was not born in Penang but he was born in Sitiawan. If he was born in Dinding he might have qualified as a Straits Settlement Chinese but not so. So he is not British Overseas Citizen but British protectorate person. I hope someday when you come down to Penang you will meet Khoo Salma and she can enlighten you of these. The rights of both are different. The Chinese and the non Malays who resides in the Malay States were guest of the rulers and to all account remain the citizen of their country unlike those in the Straits Settlement. Chinese Schools in the Straits Settlement were funded by Koumitang while those in the Malay States were mostly Maoist.

Like all person under British protection and administration Birth Certificate were strenuously recorded, and identity cards were introduce in 1947. I am not certain whether Chin Peng has an identity card but a birth certificate yes, and definitely a passport, for he travel to UK to receive his Victoria cross medal. As his book my story says that when he entered the jungle permanently in 1948, he left all the documents and safe to say it has been confiscated by the authorities. In 1957, part of the agreement made with the British was to grant citizenship to certain categories of people. Which include the principle of Jus Soli. He fulfill that category but sadly the government which to harp on the issue of citizenship.

Chin Peng could very well come back here using Thai or even Chinese Passport. He could come back here under second home and die here but he fought for his right until the end of his life. He was deny the government has no intention of giving him that dignity. What was promise by the Haadyai agreement was never kept. It was meant to show a PM presiding then, was better than Tunku. I feel ashamed. And the Malays with the help of the Malay press bought it. Hook Line and Sinker! So yes, Mahathir was right, technically, for Chin Peng fail to show proof beyond reasonable doubt, under a tainted judiciary.

But then that is Malaysia that we inherited by a so call Malay who lie through the teeth in a National Geographic Documentary. In the 1990s at the height of all these lies he insinuated in a Japanese Paper that he was the founder of UMNO through Seberkas. But People forgets as he says Melayu Mudah Lupa. I stop for now and any question that you might like to ask please do put forward your question.


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