Sunday, February 18, 2007

I have been branded a Communist by my mates in school. Trouble was these people never knew history as I see it. Most of those who were branded as communist by the British were never really one. They were I maintain were merely nasionalist, many were unschool with very basic education. The appeal of a classsless society where everybody will work for the good of the community was very appealing especially after the stock market crash in 1927. The effect reveberates to our shore, many people were out of job just like the appeal of reformasi that envelop the country in 1997 it is easier to blame the ruling class for the deppresion. They don't know about Das Kapitas written by Engel and Karl Marx but those ideas forward in the book were very appealing. The Ulama at that time has no awnser to the basic problem that face the community as shown in the book The Malay Dillemma by Mahathir Mohammad. I believe none was mention in the book about God but religion as a whole,yes. Religion was regarded as the opium of the masses please do not confuse by believing in God it just that when one talk about religion one talk about codefied views unshakeble unbending thus defeating the purpose of mental evolution.
I believe if one is a hindu a christian a jew etc one does not have a monopoly of God. So a Muslim is not the chosen people as the jews are but just a disciple of God. The root of Islam is to surrender and the Muslim must learn to surrender themselve to God before he could judge others. Sorry to digress but I am not trying to defend those Malay Communist Leaders but trying to make people understand. It is wrong to label them as atheist although all along we were taught that all Communist were one. They are those Capitalist too who have become atheist but you don't label all of them as atheist do you? It was easier to label people the trouble is the world we live in is not made up of black and white they are grey areas that need our consideration. I do not condone the emergency period many live we lost. But than man has always been stupid and that is why war is stupid.My Grandfather was one of them who has more brawn than head. He was not in love with the person he married and he never took his marriage responsibly so just like Rashid Maidin he left his family with a baby still on the cradle to fight injustice as he saw it. Just like UMNO using the Chinese as the bogey man PKMM and MCP use the gwailos as the bogey man and any of their lackeys were regarded as traitors.Collobrators to the Japanese were also regarded as traitors.And so even up to now it is how UMNO retain her power. One thing about UMNO it is a chameleon, if it means to trumpet Islam to retain her power she would and that is why in recent times Islam has become important to UMNO. Her leaders at one time comfortable with wine and cards are now took comfort in sermons condemning evil. I pity the people for they do not know what they fighting for. To the Malays who now clamour for Justice think religion is the awnser yet they themselve are not for justice as required by Islam. Is it fair to have favouritism for the malays? Is it fair when the Chinese Muslim wishes to have her own Mosque continously being denied as publish in the local news recently? What gives? At least during the British time the Indian could built their own Mosque and one of their Mosque is the famous Kapitan Kling Mosque in Penang. Why the fuss? I am sorry this is my pent up frustration I will go back to my stories soon.See Ya!!!


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