Saturday, September 08, 2007

Phew! It was a hectic two weeks for me. After flying off to Pontianak Kalimantan I was on the Plane again to Yangoon Burma. It was tiring but nice to visit new places. That is why I haven't keep ip with my blog. Pontianak is an interesting town and gor it's name from the she banshee or vampirela that roam the place a long time again. It seems the person who would later founded the Sultanate in pontianak was an Arabic Merchant who manage to frighten the banshee by firing the canons up in the air continoulsy. The kraton or palace is still there and rhe pontianak still exist somewhere........

In Yangoon i was suprise of the town, it reminds me of Kuala Lumpur in the 60's lot's of green and old trees,kind of nostalgic. I hate development where it means to uproot old trees and plant new ones, it is not the same! So Yangoon has a lot of it sadly we foreigners have to pay in US Dollars and do take note please bring in small note if not you will get some fakes one in return.

I have to end now because I'm off to Penang for R & R.


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