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Perak Crest, The Dashing Sultan Abdullah the father to Raja Mansur, and Sultan Idris the old man with the hat who was the Sultan when Perak Anthem was first sung!

I AM WRONG!!!!!! Ok slightly wrong!!!! The whole part about the national anthem as far as I am concern is true but looking at the facts below I might have done some injustice to Wan Abu Bakar. The truth was Raja Mansur was never the aide the camp or a d kong as the malays says. He was the eldest son of Sultan Abdullah. In 1888 he did acompany Sultan Idris to England. He was not married then yet as far as I know. The reason the Sultan when to England in the year 1888 was to retrieve back the Royal Regalia of Perak which has been kept in England after the Larut War in the 1870's. The dispute on the Royal Regalia was the reason the Pangkor Treaty was sign in 1874, which resulted in the coming of the British to Perak. Sultan Idris would also visit England again in 1904 or 06, I am not very sure of the date but he did go again. Let's get the story straight because according to the myth perpuated about the aide de camp and the Sultan,which I regard it as a myth because it can't be verified, for the only person to be the aide the camp of the Sultan as far as I know, was Raja Mansur son, Raja Kamarulzaman, who later would become the Raja di hilir but he was born in the year 1892. If the Perak Anthem was first introduce in 1888 then he can't be the one neither can it be Raja Mansur who never did become the aide de camp,so the myth keep on perpuating. I suspect that the myth got to do to show that the eldest son of the true monarch,Sultan Abdullah, who was still living in exile in sychelles is trying to show that the present Sultan is an ursuper to the throne and therefore the son could tell the Sultan to stand up when he hear the song played and reminding him that the song which originates from seychelles comes from Sultan Abdullah. These wayang or shadow play is well known to the malays and to show how slight the Sultan was the son The Yang Mulia Raja Mansur is said to be an aide de camp. In old malays there was no aide de camp. There is a boy servant and making Raja Mansur a boy servant make him as insignificant as possible. I think the myths and the reasons are left to be known to those people who has perpuated this myth and historian would always deal with facts and not fiction. How the song was introduce I am not certain but the fact remains in the original sheet, you would see Raja Mansur name is written as the lyricist. You would also know in the records that he was at one time the Sultan's Secretary. And all this are recorded and be verified. Other than that what I told about Negaraku stand! It is a folk song thus the song belongs to the people and no one has a right over the song just like Rasa Sayang Eh! which has no composer too.

Sultan Abdullah was implicated in the murder of the British Resident J.W.W. Birch and was therefore deposed and exiled to the Syechelles in 30th.March, 1877. He was a gifted artist and composer, including what was to become the National Anthem (Negara Ku) in 1957. He was married to :
(firstly) (divorced later) Raja Ampuan Besar Raja Tipah binti Almarhum Sultan Shahabuddin Ri'ayat Shah. (secondly) ca.1892, Raja Daud Ibni Almarhum Sultan Sir Abdul Samad Shah of Selangor State.He died in Singapore in 1922, and burried at Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, Perak having had issue eightsons and three daughters ;

1) Raja Mansur Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah, educ. Raffles College, Singapore and English High School, Malacca. Appointed Second Assistant to the Resident 1904, MSC. He had issue two sons and one daughter ;

a) Raja Abdul Majid bin Raja Mansur. Appointed as Malay Writer to the Sultan 1922.

b) Raja Haji Kamaralazam bin Raja Mansur, Raja Di Hilir (cre.1949), CMG (1.1.1955), OBE (c. 10.6.1948), born at Kota Lama Kiri on 28th.September,1892. Educated at Malay College, Kuala Kangsar. Previously styled Raja Kecil Besar (cre. 10th.May,1934), Raja Kecil Muda ( cre.1st.January, 1940) and Raja Kecil Tangah (cre. 7th.September,1940). Appointed as; Settlement Officer, Kuala Kangsar 1910, joint MAS 1917, transfered MCS 1927, Officiating D.O. Bentong 1932-1933 and 1934, Magistrate Seremban 1933-1934, Officiating D.O. Kuantan 1934- 1937, State Treasurer Perak 1938-1941, MFC 1936-1941, Cmsnd.2nd.Lieut. 1st.(Perak) Batalion MSVI 18/8/1926, prom. Lieut. 2/8/1929. He died at Taiping in July, 1962, having had issue one son and one daughter ;

i) Raja (Dato'Seri) Haji Azman bin Raja Kamaralazam, born at Kuala Dipang on 13th.July,1918 educated at Malay College Kuala Kangsar, Raffles College Singapore and Pittsburgh Univ. MSCI 1951-1970, Commissioner Lands & Mines Perlis, D.O. Kuala Langat, Cmsnr. of Lands 1970, State Secretary Negeri Sembilan 1960-1962, State Secretary Brunei 1962-1964, Sec.Gen.Ministry of Transport 1967-1971, Charm.Klang Port Authority 1971-1977, Director KTM 1978, SOCOIL D&C Bank, etc. Received SPMP (1975), DPMP, JMN (3.6.1964), SMS, PPT, PJK. Married to Raja Fatimah binti Raja Zainal Azman Shah, daughter of Raja Azman Shah bin Raja Sir Chulan, Raja Kecil Bongsu. He had issue eight children.

ii) Raja Alang Kamar bin Raja Kamaralazam. Appointed as Health Inspector Kinta 1948. iii) Raja Biazid bin Raja Kamaralazam. Born at Taiping, Perak 30th.January 1930. Educated at Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Appointed as Asst.Customs Officer at K.Lumpur 1956, at Kuantan 1958, Customs Officers at Seremban, and Butterworth 1962. Married to Raja Hanizah binti Tengku Khalid Shah.

iv) Datin Raja Teh Zaiton binti Raja Kamaralazam. Born in 13th.January 1928. Educated at Lady Teacher's Girls School Taiping and University of London. Appointed as Social Welfare Officer, Perak to 1957.

c) Raja Badiozaman bin Raja Mansur. He had issue ;

i) Raja Tan Sri Mohar bin Raja Badiozaman. Born at Kuala Kangsar on 23rd.February 1922. Educated at Clifford College Kuala Kangsar, Raffles College Singapore and Cambridge University (BA). Appointed as Secretary General Ministry of Commerce and Industry 1971, Director Gen.Federal Treasury 1971-1972, Chief Economist and Advissor to the Prime Minister, Chairman of National Advisory Council 1972, Chairman of MAS 1973, Received PMN ( 1.6.1977), JMN, PSM (7.6.1967) and SPM (Selangor) (1/3/1979), GC Order of Merit 1st.Class of Germany (1976), Order of the Sacred Treasure 1st.Class of Japan (1981). Chairman PERODUA 2001.

ii) Raja Ahmad bin Raja Badiozaman, born at Kuala Kangsar 23rd.March,1937. Educated at Clifford College Kuala Kangsar and St.John's Institute K.Lumpur. Teacher from 1956-1958, Police Inspector 1958-1958, Asst.Traffic Chief Georgetown, Penang 1961-1962, Asst. Officer Traffic Dept.Georgetown Penang 1962-1964, Platton Commander Ipoh 1964, Supt.OIC at Sungai Batang 1974-1976, at Sungai Petani Kedah 1976-1980, OC Marine Police (North) 1980. Received AMN. BCK, OSt.J. Married to Siti Julita binti Abdullah Arif. He had issue three children.

d) Raja Ali Shah bin Raja Mansur.

e) Raja Puteh binti Raja Mansur. f) Raja Samsiah binti Raja Mansur.

2) Raja Sir Chulan Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah, Raja Di Hilir (cre.1st.December, 1920), KBE (c.1/1/1930), CMG (3/6/1925). Born at Tanjong Brambang, 1st.July 1869. Educated at Raffles College Singapore and English High School Malacca. Appointed as Attache' Secretariate 1886- 1889, Settlement Officer Batu Kurau 1890-1894, at Parit Buntar 1894-1895, at Kinta 1895-1896, Acting D.O. Selama 1896-1897 and at Krian 1897-1902 and 1905-1911. D.O. Upper Perak 1902-1905 MSC Perak 1906-1933, MFC 1924-1933. Married on 18th.December 1899 to Raja Kalsum binti Paduka Seri Sultan Idris Murshidul'adzam Shah by his second wife Che'Nagh Uteh Mariah binti Haji Che'Sulaiman. He died on 10th.April 1933, having had issue ; a) Raja Zainail Azman Shah bin Raja Sir Chulan, Raja Kecil Bongsu. Appointed as ADO Selama 1933. He had issue one daughter ;

i) Raja Fatimah binti Raja Zainal Azman Shah, married to Raja (Dato'Seri) Haji Azam bin Raja Di Hilir Kamaralazam. b) Raja Aminah binti Raja Sir Chulan, Tengku Puan Indera Raja, born in 1900 married on 7th.May, 1925 to Seri Paduka Sultan Osman al-Sani Perkasa Alam Shah I, Sultan of Deli., son of Almarhum Sultan Amaluddin Perkasa Alam Shah II, Sultan of Deli, by his first wife, Raja Moheran binti Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah I. She died on 28th.January 1934. c) Raja Mentera binti Raja Sir Chulan.3) Raja Abdul Mailk Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abdullah Muhammad Shah. He had issue one son ; a) Raja (Dato'Seri) Ahmad Hisham bin Raja Abdul Malik, Raja Di Hilir (cre.1st.August,1978). Born in Kampong Durian Sebatang, Teluk Intan on 19th.August,1906. Educated at Anglo-Chinese School Teluk Intan and Malay College Kuala Kangsar. Previously sytled Raja Kecil Besar and Raja Kecil Tengah (cre.1962). Appointed as Asst.Supt.Police 1948, MSC Perak. Received SPMP, PJK. Married to Raja Noor Kamar binti Raja Salim. He died in 1997 and burried at Bukit Chandan, Kuala Kangsar, Perak.


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