Saturday, November 24, 2007

Food Glorious food. 2) My mates and I 3) Could you see my Amour?

Well sorry for the long delay, I just dont feel like it, i.e. to blog. Oh yes, last Nov 10 was my association school dinner, as usual it was held at a posh place, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and as expected the food was lousy, but who cares, I went there free as usual. Free food and good ambience and you cant get even better. It was a black tie dinner and some my friends would wear to the hilt. Not me I do not have any reservation but just to be me.

I am a person always againts protocol but this time I was at my worst. Usually I wear a batik but this time not. There was a rally going on in Kuala Lumpur which disrupt the traffic flow. A huge one in fact 50,000 turn up. It could have been more but the police manage to put a clamp on the rally, I believe 100.000 could have turn up. it was a show of force by the opposition after all election is just around the corner. It left a bitter pill to the Prime Minister and his Son in law whom only the day before, at the closing ceremony of their party and carried live on TV, challenge the organiser and they did take the challenge and came in full force. As for me I think their grouses were legitimate but the rally left a sour note. These people who took part in the rally were being use by persons who has no interest on them but their own selfish desire. Today for example another rally is taking place by the Indians asking for compensation for the British Government. It is ridiculous and petty and the promise that each Indian in Malaysia should receive USD I million as compensation is just ridiculous. I understand their grouses, indeed I have pointed in my writings that the Indian sadly is the only community of repute to loose out in the economic cake. Their portion of their economic pie in 1969 was 1.5% which sadly instead of increasing has decrease to 1% in 2003. Why? there are many reasons, it is not just they were discrimination, which I admit, but sadly, their leaders who lead them were a dissapointment.

Malaysia is the only country I know of institutionalised Communal Politics. It is different than blatant racism and more close to an apartheid of doing things. It divides her people into communities and the leaders of the communities are responsible for the well being of their communities. It is like the kangchu system which was introduce in Johore at the beginning of the 18th century by Temengong Ibrahim. It was also famous in other Malay states especially Selangor. The idea of kapitan or Chinese Warlords are part of the systems which has been proven effective in controlling the communities. So the Malaysian Political Scenario is of such nature.

The thing is when it comes to the Indians the leader has been there for 28 years and he is perhaps the longest serving leader of a political party in the world. UMNO tries to dislodge him but his hold on his party is unshakable. The Hindraf rally is perhaps due of their frustration and futile predicament stuck with a leader that they themselves are frustrated with. It is not the fault of unfairness but in all probability of the systems practice by the ruling party which is a coalition of all the community parties. Lesser leaders would have resign but he manage to strenghten more his power with the grudgingly asquesicene of UMNO. That is the dilemma but as I said someone is exploiting this grievances. The funny part about both rallies the 'bersih' and hindraf is the presence of the dubious character of the former Deputy Prime Minister who was sack for his alleged tryst with his driver and his abuse of power.He is said to be a homosexual and most damaging is he a spy to US? Is it true? Well, let's look at facts.

  1. After he was sack from the cabinet he cried that he was unceremoniously sack. He took to the street forgetting that the appointment of the Cabinet Members are on the discretion of the Prime Minister. Later he would be sack from the party but that is another issue.

  2. Al Gore at that time was the Vice President of the US, came to APEC held in Malaysia(Clinton excuses himself) and it was the first time anywhere where a host nation was insulted in full glare of live TV, by a visiting Nation. It was uncalled for, and whether or not you think the reform was right (it was being held all around Kuala Lumpur) diplomatic protocol and good sense and manners does not allow a host to be publicly humiliated. It was done during dinner given by the host country for visiting dignitaries.

  3. He went to jail release and went to work in the States, fine, suddenly we found him cited by the senate on the case of Wolfowitz and Shah Riza and the alleged abuse of power by the President of the World Bank. This website by the State Department spoke volume of the 'friendly' relationship of Anwar and the US, please visit the site.
  4. Who is Anwar, then. is he a leader or the lackey of the US. When he was the Chairman of the foundation for the future, he receive USD56 million. This fund is to promote democracy ala US. Hmmm suddenly when he came back and when the election is just around the corner we have the Bersih rally and the Hindraf. Who organise these people? Organising all of these needs money. A lot of monies! Was he there, yes, you could see his picture on the tube. Bersih a rally of NGO suddenly when it comes to handling the Memo to the Agong, the name submitted for approval to the palace and the actual presenter of the Memo was two from DAP and PAS and walla Anwar Ibrahim. The NGO name submitted who are not align to any political organisation disappear. I wonder why?

Anwar Ibrahim, a person whom I remember in the 1990's disrupt an international close door meeting on East Timor,APCET II, in Kuala Lumpur is a chameleon without balls and morality. I can spew forth my dislike but to you readers feel free to go to and . Some of the article is in Malay but it worth while to understand my loath for him.

Below I am pasting two interviews of him please be free to analyse what he say. He, the darling of the US would not publicly denounce Islamic State in Malaysia. He is full of crap!


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