Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Gillian Gibbons the teacher, pictures of a Woman whom was said to insult Islam!

I am going to Myanmar again this Thursday! I'll be gone for 4 days so keeping my finger cross everything will be peachy!!!! I am wondering aloud about Muslim name especially about the case of the Teacher in Sudan. Muhammad is an Arabic name just like David (Daud) Abraham (Ibrahim) etc. Muhammad can be christian too, which some people forget to mention. So what is Islamic name? It is a name which means good not bad. For e.g. Jamal which many Malay has mean Camel so Jamal is not Muslim although is an Arabic name so too Ah Kow which really means dog (depends on the dialect) or you don't call sai to someone which means death. These name are definitely not Muslim but Lilian or Swee which means a name of a flower and beautiful are Muslim names. So too Melur or Cempaka but definitely not Buruk or Yatim.In Malay the former mean name of flowers while the latter mean Ugly and Orphan.

So what happen to Gibbons in Sudan is sad that is why I am against Islamic Laws to be introduce and practise in Malaysia. In fact I am against any countries that subscribe to the idea of God's law as most time in the name of God certain acrimonious act are committed. I believe the moral compass of a person should be left private. I do believe the communities need to be protected but there must be a balance between private and public life. I don't see any harm done if consenting adult having sex behind close door but not in public. Public fornication is a no no and anything that disrupt the harmony of the communities should be punish thus adultery yes but if the person who was hurt is willing to forgive and even accept compensation so be it. Unless reported it should be left as it is. because I believe in the idea that the punishment would be meted by God in the hereafter. I remember the hadiths which is authentic and very well known. People who read this hadiths read it for the punishment meted out but not the underlying story.

The hadiths goes as this ,

Once there was this woman who came to Muhammad pbuh whom by then was the leader of Madinah and seek to be punish for she has committed adultery. He ask her to go back. She came again the next day and ask to be punish. Muhammad ask her to go back. She came again the next day and this time Punishment was meted out. A dig was built and she was buried upright until her bosom. According to Arab law stones would be thrown at her by everybody until she dies. All the tribe members start to throw stones,because of the severe pain pain she suffer she manage to crawl out from the sand and ran. The people want to chase her Muhammad says no, enough! That hadiths will be interpreted differently by others for me it shows the sanctity of life, that Islam is not for taking of life but for preserving it, punishment should be left to God's hand for in the hadiths Muhammad did say she will be punish by God.

What's wrong with people now is that the sanctity of life as proscribe by my prophet has got lost somewhere. I do not understand, how Islam got such a bad press is perhaps due to Muslims whom forget the value of Islam which make it so attractive in the beginning. If this is what is taught I do not want to be part of it. I value life and I value people of all colours and creed. There is a story told by karen armstrong. Ive check the validity and found it to be true, the story I mean. When Lord Gautama Buddha found Nirvana he was estactic, he met Brahma who told him to go back and spread the message to the people. At first lord Buddha refuse but he abide and thus he spread the word of dhamma for 40 years. It reminds me of the meeting between Moses and God at the Mount and also Muhammad ascendence to the heaven at the night of Isra' Mikraj. Brahma was always God, one, whom later would the priest,for the people sake divide him to Siva and Vishnu. Brahma the creator was forgotten but pure Hindus would tell you they believe in one god but the numerous gods are the manifestation of the power of the one god. I do not want to debate on that but as Muslim we are told they were 124000 Apostles that god has send and 313 were chosen and we must remember only 25. Is Buddha an apostle of God I do not know but he is a kind man. So too is Confucius, who taught the Chinese about piety and duties. What about all the gods that later would proliferate, my answer is simple, even in Islam Bidaah or ideas against our prophet teaching is promulgated as one that come from him. Men of Clothes be it Christian Jews or Moslem would invoke the name of the prophets especially to show proof of their own foolish ideas.

I am sad,that there is no more the idea of learning or searching for knowledge, as Muslim, one should always search for truth and question one's ideas is paramount in the search for knowledge. many of Muslim thinkers were Muktazillah or rationalist. They do not subscribe to any dogmas but always seek truth and awnsers. They reject hadiths as an integral part of the syariah but regard the hadiths as mere advice instead of taking it verbatimly as law. To them the Quran is enough and the understanding of the Quran and its message will be enough for Man to formulate her own law. That the Hadiths were just one of the interpretation of the meaning of God. Thus some of them did go wayward but many were the leaders of the Muslim Knowledge. They reach their zenith in the time of the caliphate Ma'moon of the Abbasid period. Syariah as we know it was only promulgated after the collapse of the Muktazillah. Laws were structured in such a way that ijtihad, that means deducing laws by the knowledge glean from the Quran was denied. Islam's beauty when one himself is answerable to our maker were made redundant. Priestly duties were introduce and Mullahs gain a foothold in the minds of Muslims. These chokehold defines the paradox of the Muslim mind. They forgot the revolutionary ideas of Islam where the adherents are responsible to God alone and thus will awnser to him in the hereafter. They is no middle man who talk on your behalf to God. You speak to him everyday during your prayers. God in Islam is a personal God, faith is personal and I appreciate that concept. It has got lost somewhere and it is sad. Very sad indeed!


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