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I just do not understand the hatred that malaysian politician have with Communist. They are our past history, it is time for reconciliation here are articles to that effect please read, i am disgusted with this stupidity.

No place here for communists, says Rais

KUALA LUMPUR, May 25 - The communists have no place in the country because their sins for killing thousands of people in the then Malaya cannot be forgotten, said Information, Communications and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

He urged leaders who had expressed positive sentiments for the former leader of the Malayan Communist Party (MCP), Chin Peng, to state their stand clearly without hiding behind the cloak of their respective political parties.

"My comment is simple, Chin Peng and his commandos, who had killed many people in the past, certainly do not deserve any consideration from us," he told reporters after delivering a lecture on 1Malaysia to senior officers of his ministry at Angkasapuri, here today.

He had been asked to comment on the call by the Penang Gerakan that Chin Peng be allowed to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds.

Rais also called on Malaysians not to be hasty in following and supporting the innovations made by certain groups particularly bloggers who tried to idolise communism.

"The communists had abused this country and we had been shackled through killings and terrible actions committed by them. The thousands who had died at the hands of the communists should be sufficient for us to be remorseful so that we do not issue statements that can make us forget the atrocities committed by the regime then," he said.

Asked whether the government would take action such as those provided under the Internal Security Act (ISA) against those who tried to give a positive picture of the communists, Rais said he would bring the matter up at the Cabinet meeting later.

"The ISA is not under my jurisdiction, but I'm discussing with the minister concerned so that he too would be prepared to look at such a tendency," he said.

Recently, Penang Gerakan chairman Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan asked the government to allow Chin Peng to return to Malaysia on humanitarian grounds as the communist terrorism which was rampant around the 1950's throughout the world, including in China and Russia, had undergone transformation. - Bernama

No entry for Chin Peng, no exit for Mas Selamat

By Neville Spykerman

PUTRAJAYA, May 27 – Mas Selamat Kastari will not be handed over to Singapore and will continue to be detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA) because he is considered a security threat to Malaysia as well, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said today.

The Jemaah Islamiah (JI) leader had escaped from detention in Singapore but was arrested in Johor Baru on April 1.

Although he was a fugitive from across the Causeway, Malaysia has decided to detain him instead of handing him over to Singapore.

Datuk Seri Najib Razak said the decision to detain the 48-year-old militant was made by the Home Ministry.

He stressed the decision was not discussed with Singapore although authorities on both sides of the Causeway were in close contact with each other.

“He was a threat to both Singapore and Malaysia.”

On a separate issue Najib said Chin Peng would not be allowed to return to Malaysia.

The secretary-general of the now disbanded Communist Party of Malaya (CPM) has been living in exile since the end of hostilities in 1989.

Najib said that allowing Chin Peng to return would cause unhappiness among the families of victims who were killed during the Emergency.

My Comment

Maybe it is about skin colour or more importantly what Chin Peng represent to his community. He is hero to them he dare fought the British, he was decorated officer awarded a medal by the British after the war but refuse to cow under them. He was a warrior but in later life after we gain our independence he became a nuisance. His became a terrorist to many Malayan. He was no more a hero, he suffered defeat because he was so proud he would not accept the terms given to him by Tunku at Baling 1955. He acknowledge as such because he cannot surrender he cannot retreat, Read his book please. If he has surrender and accept the terms he might stand and participate in the election although not as a communist. Many Communist sympathizers did so among them Boestaman. They founded PRM or later PSRM which was base on the principle of communism. Communism is an idea by Karl Marx and Martin Engles. Das Kapitas was the book written by them in 1896 if i am not mistaken. It is a book on economic theories which opposes the idea of free market but espouch the idea of collective responsibility whereby you work for the states and the states will take care of you from cradle to the grave. It was a fallacy idea and proven unworkable.

It was about class struggle because Man are divided into different class and segment. The have and have not, the rich and poor, the colour of your skin and your intellectual capabilities. That is why it is very appealing but this ideas are fallacy. But many ideas of it are imbued in our system. The welfare state idea comes from this ideology.But having said that these communist believe in militancy and that is a problem.

Chin Peng lost the war. Now Ong Boon Hua wants to return. If he return as Ong Boon Hua so be it. He is old we have sign the treaty but it is still up to the government remember he was never a citizen of Malaya, he was a citizen of British Malaya. We(tunku) only gave citizen out to Chinese and Indian after 1950's. 1 1/2 million citizenships were given by Tunku to fulfill the requirements of gaining our independence. Prior to it all were British subject except the Malays who were both (the Sultan and British subject). He left to fight the war in 1948, the principle of Jus Soli cannot apply because he never submit his citizenship papers. No doubt his IC was taken away but he must prove that he is a citizen. That is difficult because it is 60 years now and impossible to do.

As why he did not apply after hadyai I think that covers it because he knows the fact. I suggest he comes as M2H programme but first he must show he has renounce and not a threat to the nation. Abdullah CD and Rashid Maidin never did come back and Rashid Maidin and kamarulzaman Teh is buried in South Thailand where the ex communist has a village given to them by the Thai's. Abdullah CD is still alive. For me they are old and they might die today next year or the next. Base on Humanitarian ground only let them come back. we must start to have some reconciliation with the past. we must start somewhere. It is long overdue!

Bahaya sentimen Chin Peng, propaganda halus komunisme — Utusan Malaysia

MAY 27 — Kenapa Pengerusi Parti Gerakan, Pulau Pinang, Datuk Dr Teng Hock Nan meminta kerajaan membenarkan Chin Peng pulang? Apa kaitan musuh Negara itu dengan gagasan Satu Malaysia?

Kita berasa pelik dengan tindakan beberapa pemimpin bukan Melayu dan penulis blog yang “bersemangat” memperjuangkan Chin Peng @ Ong Boon Hua sejak kebelakangan ini.

Adakah mereka berkongsi ideologi yang sama? Ini yang sedang difikirkan oleh banyak pihak yang pastinya tidak dapat melupakan kekejaman Bintang Tiga pada zaman dua fasa darurat dahulu — dari 1948 hingga 1960 dan 1968 hingga 1984.

Dari semasa ke semasa bagaikan ada satu gerakan untuk terus mencanangkan nama Chin Peng daripada dilupakan oleh rakyat.

Daripada usaha menjadikan pemimpin Parti Komunis Malaya (PKM) itu sebagai pejuang kemerdekaan hinggalah kepada tuntutan untuk membenarkan beliau pulang ke kampungnya di Sitiawan, Perak.

Kerajaan Persekutuan beberapa tahun lalu membuat keputusan tidak membenarkan Chin Peng kembali. Malah Mahkamah Rayuan tahun lalu juga menolak permohonan bekas Setiausaha Agung PKM itu.

Tetapi, nampaknya usaha membawa masuk pemimpin itu digerakkan dari dalam negara pula melalui media cetak dan blog dengan membuat penilaian dan peranan baru terhadap Chin Peng.

Jadi adalah tepat apabila Menteri Penerangan, Komunikasi dan Kebudayaan, Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim menyifatkan perbuatan pihak tertentu itu sebagai durjana jika cuba menggalakkan kemunculan semula komunis di Malaysia.

Secara mudah, cuba kita bayangkan keadaan dan suasana negara kita hari ini jika PKM berjaya menggulingkan kerajaan pilihan rakyat melalui perjuangan kejamnya.

Komunis ialah musuh kita dan kita berjaya mencapai kestabilan politik dan ekonomi seperti hari ini kerana mengalahkan mereka. Janganlah diungkit-ungkitkan lagi tentang Chin Peng. Apa ruginya kalau kita tidak memberi pujian dan bernolstagia dengan komunisme?

Pihak-pihak yang “memuja” parti politik haram itu patut sedar bahawa Chin Peng bukanlah pejuang kemerdekaan negara ini. Sebaliknya dia seorang penderhaka yang mengetuai sebuah pergerakan yang membunuh ramai orang tidak berdosa.

Chin Peng dan PKM sebenarnya masih berdegil untuk membubarkan pergerakan komunis walaupun mereka telah menandatangani Perjanjian Damai dengan Kerajaan Malaysia di Hatyai pada 1989.

Dalam perjanjian itu mereka cuma setuju untuk memberhentikan perjuangan bersenjata, maknanya ia boleh diteruskan kemudian. Perjuangan PKM sebenarnya adalah perjuangan kejam, tanpa perikemanusiaan dan penuh tragedi berdarah.

Ingatlah kepada para balu, anak-anak dan ibu bapa para anggota keselamatan yang terkorban demi mempertahankan semua rakyat negara tercinta ini.

Ingatlah kepada anggota keselamatan yang cacat anggota tubuh badan akibat perbuatan ganas PKM. Memberi pengiktirafan kepada perjuangan PKM dalam apa bentuk sekalipun adalah satu pengkhianatan terhadap jasa bakti semua pahlawan negara.

Oleh itu tidak perlu pun kita cuba menghidupkan nostalgia Chin Peng.

Kita mengharapkan Kabinet dapat membuat keputusan bagi menamatkan cerita tentang musuh negara itu. Yang penting sesuatu perlu dilakukan bagi menghalang sentimen Chin Peng dan propaganda halus ideologi komunis daripada meresap ke dalam fikiran anak-anak muda.

written by wan zaharizan, May 27, 2009

Inilah realiti! Utusan Malaysia sebagai wadah bangsa sudah ketinggalan. Mengapakah masih kita di tahap lama?, mengungkit pekara yang dah lama? Lihat apa kata pemuda melayu sekarang contohnya Fahmi Reza yang mengatakan bahawa pemuda sekarang tidak bertaut pada emosi dan cerita lama! Mereka do not carry anymore baggage about the past. Sejak tahun 1989 selepas perjanjian damai di Hadyai tidak lagi ada permusuhan dengan MCP. Kegiatan subversifnya telah tamat yang tinggal hanya kenangan orang tua2 yang berumur semuanya sekitar di alam senja.

Jadi Chin Peng nak balik apasalahnya? Betul MCP telah membunuh banyak perajurit tetapi waktu itu ialah waktu perang bagi mereka. Kita juga telah bunuh orang2 mereka yang lebih banyak terkorban. Perang sudah tamat maka mengapa masih beremosional?

Puak puak kiri yang bersimpati degan Komunis adalah seperti Boestaman, Aziz Ishak, Pak Sako dll lagi. Malah Tan Sri Samad Ismail pun dianggap Komunis oleh Lee Kuan Yew. Silalah baca buku dia. Kita boleh terima Musa Ahmad dan Shamshiah Fakeh balik apa tidaknya Chin Peng yang sudah berumur 85 tahun? Apa salahnya dia balik tetapi dengan syarat2 tertentu. Orang sudah tua sebagai orang Islam dan orang melayu kita di ajak bertertib terhadap yang tua. Ini selalu di asuh sekarang ini di media tv. Biarlah dia pulang atas dasar kemuniasaan tapi dengan syarat tertentu.

Kita sudah menang, perjanjian keamanan sudah ditandatangani pada 1989, biarlah orang tua2 in hidup dengan angan2 mereka kerana di kampong mereka di selatan Thai ada masjid ada balai hanya diadiami oleh orang tua. Apakah Utusan dapat dari megabori mata orang melayu, memainkan sentimen yang bodoh. Fahaman Komunis adalah berputik dari fahaman ekonomi yang berprinsipkan kerja untuk negara dan negara berkerja untuk anda dan memperjuangkan class struggle yaani dunia tidak mempunyai kelas penduduk. Nyata prinsip ini telah gagal tapi bibit bibit eknominya telah diterapakan oleh banyak negara moden.

Kini dengan adanya internet anda dapat membaca Das Kapital dan mentelaahnya. Jika pemimpin dan akhbarnya tidak dapat lagi bersemuka dan berdialog dengan penuh bijaksana dengan pemuda yang lebih bijak maka satu hari terkuburlah UMNO!


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