Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ive ask myself many times was Gadaffi's death right? He was murdered as far as I am concern. His death cannot speak for Arab spring crusade. It cannot speak for justice, more so for Islam. It was not right.

When Osama was killed by the US Army all Muslims, especially the Ulamak call the death as cruel. Many said the Wild West Era of the West shows their barbaric nature and condemn them. Many were angry that Osama was buried at sea. Many doubted that the funeral Islamic rites were not held for him in fact here in our country a small demostration was done in front of the US Embassy. Osama was never a leader of a country, he was proven to be a terrorist and proven to have carried out bombings where civilians were killed both in Yemen and US. Some of the dead were Muslims. His spheres of influence reach across the globe. The Bali Bombing and the JI activities are closely related to Al Qaeda which he head. Yet we protest his death as barbaric but when our own did that to another person Gadafi, a head of State of a Country, who no doubt was cruel, yet we remain muted. Where is the Ulamak, where are the Muslims to condemn this atrocities? Where is Mahathir and Anwar? Why the mute silence? When he assume power in 1969 the literacy rate in Libya was 10% when he died after 42 years it was 90%! Infant Mortality rate decreases from 125 per thousand birth to 15 per thousand the best in Africa.Life expectancy rose from 57 to 77 years.He irrigates large tract of the desert turning it into green fields so Libyans could plant food and raise cattle. He provide free medical and free education and when he was topple, unlike us Libya was debt free!!

Yes he was despotic leader but so too were others but we cannot deny he did good for the country and he nor does his son deserve to be murdered without trial. I prefer to send him to exile but then I am not Libyan. My fear is how Islam is perceive by the west although the act was Unislamic but it was done by Muslims to another Muslims. We call them Jahilliyah but are we not one? He was buried in the desert in the cover of night. He and his son. To me Alfatihah goes to him and his sons. I wish that to all Muslims both living and dead, for what was done is tragic. To lay his corpse for all to see in a Meat Room not even a freezer until it was starting to rot and the smell permeates the air and then buried was cruel. I am sad that he was treated less than a dog, for all his weaknesses and transgression he has done good for his country and for that we must respect him.

But I am more sad When the Muslim leaders went mute. That spoke volume on them and for me all these leaders do not understand the meaning of Islam and thus I am very disappointed!!!!



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