Saturday, July 27, 2013

I have not written for so long. I was in a long hiatus.I oprn a shop, a sundry shop, it is like what you find in England or the states a small shop selling newspapers, tidbits etc.Long hours and dreary days. I was trying to prove a point Malays can hack it. They can work. I fail it got me sick and I found out i suffer from Cardio Myopathy Non Ischemic to be exact. What it means is my hear is weak and not due to blockage.They also found out that my heat is swollen. In fact my heart was pumping at below 25%!! I was in dangerous situation. I still am. Beside that i got Diabetic Asthma High Blood and Eczema all of them chronic!!! That is life. I knew it 2 years back and I sort of lie low ever since. When I open my shop i have no day off but now so many days off yet i did not write because i was recuperating. And I still am. I decided to begin writing now because who knows i might just croack so i better pen my thoughts at least someone would read it.



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