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This is a letter I wrote to Dr Syed Alwi. My verbal spate with him is something i cherish

Dear Syed Alwi

I too an avid watcher in what’s going on in Singapore. And I am so dismay of the repressiveness of the junta regime that the so call democratic elect government has done.

The Malays face restrictions on the practice of their religion and the celebration of group holidays. They also remain disadvantaged in the economic arena in comparison to Singapore's other ethnic groups (ECDIS00 = 1). Group members are disproportionately represented as urban laborers and low-level service workers and they are the least likely to achieve higher education. Compounding these problems are significant drug usage by community members and their involvement in criminal activity. Public policies to further the Malays= economic status have achieved some success. In the mid-1990s, it was reported that 38% of Malay families earned $3000 or more monthly in comparison to 23% in 1990. There are few Malays in high-level political or civil service positions and they are underrepresented in the armed forces. This political discrimination is the result of social exclusion by the politically and economically dominant Chinese (POLDIS00

A question of loyalty: the Malays in Singapore

NEARLY 13 years ago, then Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew triggered a debate about Malay loyalty with televised comments he made before a university audience (December 1986). Lee stated that the government had taken two opinion polls prior to and following the visit of Israeli President Chiam Herzog (November 1986) to the republic.

The poll found that the number of Malay respondents who were not against the visit fell sharply from one poll to the next, while the proportion of non-Malays who did not oppose the visit rose marginally.

Lee interpreted this to mean that "in certain circumstances, the Malay Singaporeans react with the emphasis on Malay/Muslim rather than Singaporean.

An article in the Far Eastern Economic Review Asia 1998 Yearbook (pg 222f) says, "To Lee this came down to a question of loyalty : "Are we sure that in a moment of crisis, when the heat is on, we are all together heart to heart? I hope so. But we ought to have a fallback position and quickly fill up all the missing hearts if some go missing."

The same article says, "In February 1987, Lee's son commented further on the status of the Malays in an open forum on why Malays do not hold sensitive positions in the armed forces. Explaining that there are no Malay fighter pilots, for example, because their religion might conflict with their duty to Singapore, he provoked a backlash of criticism from the Muslim community in addition to Singapore's Muslim neighbours."

The article goes on to say, "these statements represented some of the most frank public commentaries ever made by Singapore's political leaders on the role of the Malays, which continues to stir emotions among the Malay community."

As recently as September 18, Mr Lee, speaking at a Singapore 21 forum said, the reality is that while Singapore has made progress in integrating the different races, certain emotional bonds are instinctive and cannot be removed overnight. (Straits Times September 19, 1999)

Asked by a polytechnic student if Singapore could overcome this and become a nation, Mr Lee said: "Yes, I think so, over a long period of time and selectively. We must not make an error.

"If, for instance, you put in a Malay officer who's very religious and who has family ties in Malaysia in charge of a machine gun unit, that's a very tricky business.

"We've got to know his background. I'm saying these things because they are real, and if I didn't think that, and I think even if today the Prime Minister doesn't think carefully about this, we could have a tragedy."

"So, these are problems which, as poly students, you're colour-blind to, but when you face life in reality, it's a different proposition."

Reports in the Singapore media this year refuting Indonesian Presidents Habibie's remarks in February that Singapore was racist because Malays could not become military officers only stated that there are Malay officers in the armed forces.

The reports made no reference to the documented remarks (above) of the two Lees regarding Malay loyalty.

The reports also did not state:

  • 1. if Malays hold sensitive positions in the armed forces;

  • 2. if any Malay officers in the Singapore air force are fighter pilots; and

  • 3. if the Lees have changed their expressed position regarding loyalty of the Malays.

While meritocracy is still maintained in the island and the Singapore armed forces appoints and promotes Malays, there is no evidence that Malay Singaporeans hold sensitive positions in the Singapore armed forces.

Enough said at least in Malaysia “semangat Ketuanan Melayu” is proctected. You know Syed you flaunt your doctorate as something important but to me you are nothing, you are men of letters no doubt besides gurgling mouthing words and being pedantic about you are still nobody. Perhaps even your PHD comes from a third rate university from Singapore, so be it that is what Singapore churn out always!! A EUNUCH! Those two articles reprinted prove for a fact the stupidity of the malays of Singapore. But then perhaps you are not Malay an Indian Mamak (usually for the Indian Muslim those born on Friday are call said or syed depending) or a displace Arab whom in their land are pariahs. They came to the land of milk and honey, made their fortune cohort with traitors manage to form a state and now dare to teach us how to lead our life!!!!

According to Mensa I belong to the top 1% of the world does that made me special no!! the world has a population of 5 billion and I am just one of the 50 million existing in the world nearly twice the number of Singapore and Malaysia Combine. I feel so small I will never flaunt my PHD even if I have one but not Singaporeans especially Syed Alwi. If I am a doctor a real medical doctor at least I don’t mind. I am special, I have attain certain skill but PHD aahhhh I beg to differ. You must be bald wear glasses the horn rimmed type, with a belly nothing to do but smoking a pipe sitting smugly in your leather high back chair most probably married with a Chinese wife believing you have made it with the 5C’s in hand. Bull!!! Yes I am profiling you hope it is not to off but usually man of letters are cowards.

I don’t see why Malays Apostate should go down to Singapore I believe they be happy in Indonesia but Singapore, Thailand is much better off even Cambodia for that matter! Have you forgotten the thesis written by your fellow PHD the daughter of your former minister Rahim Ishak Zalinah? I mention earlier to you in one of your letters and you remember the name I’m not sure of her name but she wrote her thesis paper for her PHD which was later publish in Australia. Very unkind at least I must admit the non malays are second class citizen in Malaysia but the Malays in Singapore are even worse they are third class citizen.

My dear Readers do you know the National Language of Singapore is Malay but the Official language is English and now Mandarin. Malays are only in the national anthems and in the emblem Majulah Singapura. The Muezzin call are totally muted at least here you have the Chinese hungry ghost festival with their ding and the Indian Thaipusam!!! Singapore regard the muezzin call as pollutant a noise pollutant!!!! Remember you cannot call people to prayers you call them to make SIN in SINgapore!!!!

Yes Tun Tan Siew Sin did say we are twins but you are the evil twin, who never cares for her brother very selfish and a bully to boot. Sometimes I wish I could nuke you but then the Brother is always been kind we are dealing with a baby who has ADD(Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder).

But I am not so kind I am a Malay am proud to be one I am throwing my gloves to you. Pick it up let’s have a duel. But in my soil Raja Petra could be the referee. He could arrange the old palace in Jugra as the fighting ground. We could pay a visit to the Sultan Abdul Samad Mouseleum and I dare you to put your hand through the opening and see what happen. Do you know my ancestor was the warrior bugis who kidnapped one of the princesses of the royal Selangor Sultan!! So I am Raja Petra are distantly connected by blood!!!

Bring your dagger(kris) don’t worry if you do not know how to use them. The Gelanngang will be chanted the malay traditional way and if you have malay blood you will know how to fight. Your Ancestor spirit will guide you, mine would I know. Remember this word:-

I am a Malay by Birth

A Muslim by choice

An Islam by faith

And a Malaysian by (In My )heart always…….

This is my phone 019 xxxxxxx.. I am not afraid are you!


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I dont get you wrong. Kekadang kita terpaksa mengatakan apa yang kita fikirkan betul walaupun ianya sememangnya menguris hati kita.

Anyway I'm not old free school but I'm old Edwardian.

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